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The Sceptre of Ages


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Time Travel


The Spire of Rappan Athuk



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About The Sceptre of Ages

Aura overwhelming transmutation; CL 25th; Slot none; Weight 8 lbs.


Strange metal prongs and rune-marked teeth jut at weird angles from this sword-length key. At one end, numerous gem-studded hoops and disks make up a head similar to an orrery.


Weapon The Scepter of Ages can be wielded as a +4 heavy mace with a critical threat range of 18–20. In addition to the damage this weapon deals, any creature struck by the scepter ages a number of years equal to the damage taken. On a critical hit, not only does the scepter deal greater damage, but the victim ages 2 years for every point of damage taken. Creatures aged in this manner might have their physical ability scores reduced. Any creature aged to greater than its maximum age immediately dies. Constructs, outsiders, and undead are immune to the effects of aging. The mental abilities of those affected by this form of aging do not increase. Creatures that gain abilities dependent on their age gain these abilities as normal. The spell regenerate restores 1 year of premature aging for every hit point it heals. Creatures killed by aging can only be restored by true resurrection, miracle, or wish, but even these spells do not heal aging, returning the target to life only 1 year younger than his maximum age.

Time Portal In addition to its use as a weapon, the Scepter of Ages can open a portal through time. To do this, the scepter’s bearer must spend 10 minutes precisely aligning the delicate mechanisms within the artifact’s head to the exact dates she wishes to travel to. This requires a DC 30 Knowledge(history) check minimum to program a precise date or a DC 30 Wisdom check to travel to a general period (these checks are rolled in secret by the GM). The bearer can rush through calibrating the scepter, activating it in 1 minute, but doing so increases the associated DCs by +10. Regardless of whether or not this check is successful, a 5-foot-wide glowing tear in time opens within 15 feet. This rift cannot be used as a weapon or to destructive effect. What time the passage opens to is determined by whether the bearer succeeds at the check (opening a portal to the desired time) or fails (opening a portal to the incorrect time, determined by how significantly he failed). The time beyond the portal cannot be viewed and can only be discovered by passing completely through. The rift remains open for 1 minute before closing.


Adhering to laws beyond those of this reality, The Scepter of Ages cannot be destroyed, only carried to a time beyond the reach of modern users. Some say this has happened dozens of times, yet still the scepter has been rediscovered ages later, unearthed among ancient ruins or by geological upheavals.


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