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My favorite indulgence


Top notch stuff. Packed into this little badboy are a compelling mini-history of dueling, new weapons (rapiers), and solid feats that beg to be played.

For players/DMs who love the swashbuckling archetype, this indulgence will help you capture that essence with ease.

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Just short of 5 stars


Great art, a fun and simple mechanic to enhance the plot (the AP's), a very exciting monster in the Flame Drakes, a tough big bad, cool side quests, and some non-standard reward possibilities for your characters make this adventure stand out as high quality. I think players will get a kick out of being heros of the vale. The only thing, and I mean the only thing, that limits this from being 5 stars is the odd encounter with the King of the Sprites. It comes off as a little railroady and illogical. However, it is such minor thing and quick fix that this module is still a MUST HAVE.

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Classic stuff


A lot of good stuff here. A unique kobold compound that meshes well with D0, a duo of interesting and cool new monsters, and a nice smooth plot; all of which adds up to a quality dungeon adventure.
If there are any negatives, they are small. The treasure in some cases seems a bit odd or much, and the art is not as good as the other modules, but neither of these things obscure a very fun module with well-thought out encounters and tough low-level challenges. Get it!

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Obviously a delve


The best art in all the GameMastery Modules so far. Just exquisite, eye-catching stuff; this coupled with GameMastery's standard clean, slick look is a big plus.
The traps and rooms of this dungeon are all interesting and unique, but it is hard to justify them together . . . it is a little too much and doesn't match the plot as well as it should. I think it shows that it is a delve, and as such the flow of the adventure is a bit offset by odd characters and rooms that don't seem like they belong. That being said, anyone looking for great individual rooms and traps should definitely check this out.


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Can't be beat . . .


Considering this has been offered as a free product and download, it is impossible to overstate the value here. The layout and artwork is some of the best I have seen in an adventuring module and bodes very well for the upcoming Gamemastery line. The story, while nothing groundbreaking, leaves room for exciting and detailed encounters that should challenge a low-level party.

This is a quality product.