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i'm melting
melting into myself
into my head

what's real?
the reality that you share?
the reality that you perceive?

the depth of the ocean
the depth of your mind
melting together.

you see life is a game. a game that we all play. and no one knows the rules.
but you that's the thing about this game. that there are no rules.

fine lines
the rules of social interaction.
the rules of yourself.
fine lines
the rules
upon you

melting together in a pool of layers

by a society and a thought, an ideal, that if i may, that you and i and they never agreed or signed up for.

a set of rules to a game that everyone is playing

i choose not to play the same game. i've played it. i've seen how it ends.

i'm not three and this isn't candyland. this is my life.

everything is layers it all melts together. fight it. embrace it. own it. deny it. own it again.

we keep coming back to the beginning of not being sure.

we can open up our own minds and be inside ourselves thinking, i've got a handle on this.

but we don't and we never will.

that's why we melt until we're clear.

got bored. made some recordings. click to play. let me know what you think. :)


The Fake Fantastic will be at Bill's Records August 6th. It would be rad to meet up with some of you. Maybe game as well. Facebook Event if you're on facebook you can go there and invite yourself, get directions and all that.

We are opening the show at 1pm. It is free to come so bring as many people as you like. Listen to some awesome music and browse a fantastic record store.