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Full Name



Human Agility D8 Smarts D6 Strength D6 Spirit D8 Vigor D8


Seasoned Militant Monk







Special Abilities

Enlightenment, Martial Artist


Path of Enlightenment


Imperial, Lhoban Secrets(n),Ancient Kheronian, Valk



About Tenzin

Agility D8 [1pt plus 2 pts from Hindrances]
Smarts D6 [bought up with 1st advance]
Strength D6 [1pt]
Spirit D10 [2pts][bought up with 7th advance]
Vigor D8 [1pt]+ 6th Advance

Charisma +1 to Persuasion only
Pace 6
Parry 13
Toughness 6

Rank:Seasoned [35XP.7 advances]


Arcane Background[Enlightenment][Bought with 2 pts from Hindrances]

Path of Enlightenment
Arcane Skill: Enlightenment (Spirit)
Starting Power Points: 15
Starting Powers: 2 [Deflection, Smite]

Available Powers: analyze foe(N), armor,
banish, boost trait, dark-sight, deflection, detect
arcana/conceal arcana, dispel, environmental
protection, far-sight, fly, invisibility,
legerdemain(N), pummel, quickness, smite,
speed, telekinesis, wall walker, warrior’s gift.

The followers of the Path of Enlightenment
are usually monks from the far
country of Lhoban. Through discipline,
intensive training and meditation, they are
capable of incredible feats. They maintain
that their powers aren’t truly magical and
any man, with the right training and true
devotion to self improvement, can achieve
the same abilities.

But, in truth, many years of training are
necessary to follow the Path of Enlightenment.
That’s why very few of these skilled
individuals exist.

The Path of Enlightenment Powers usually
manifest themselves as personal abilities,
not as true spells. So, all the powers,
except banish, detect arcana, dispel and
pummel have a range of Self.

Backlash: An Enlightened One who rolls
1 on the Enlightenment Skill dies, regardless
of the Wild Die, temporarily loses his
spiritual balance. He is Shaken and all his
Enlightenment rolls suffer –2 for an hour.

Martial Artist[Free Edge]

Never considered unarmed in combat
+d4 to strength roll with unarmed attacks

Monk [bought with 3rd advance]
Requirements: Novice, Enlightenment d8+,
Spirit d8+
Monks are men of faith and humble followers
of the Path of Enlightenment.
They take vows of poverty, so a character
taking this Edge automatically acquires
the Poverty Hindrance. Monks are usually
respected, gaining +1 to Persuasion rolls.
Monks can embrace either the contemplative
philosophy or the militant philosophy.
A character taking this Edge must choose
a philosophy and cannot change it later.

Militant. A militant monk is more involved
in the world than his contemplative counterpart.
He is a skilled martial
artist and spellcaster. The militant monk
can activate a Power with range Self
without suffering a multi-action penalty.
A militant monk may only attack with
bare hands or a Monk weapon (see Gear
chapter on page 89) to apply the effects of
this Edge. Militant monk’s Powers with
Range Touch are considered Range Self


Major: Code of Honour

Minor:Loyal, Cautious


Fighting D10 [5]

Stealth D8 [3]

Intimidation d6 [2]

Knowledge (Religion)D6 [1pt and bought up with 2nd advance]

Notice d6 [1 pt and bought up with 2nd advance]

Enlightenment d8 [3]

Healing d4 [4th advance]


Lhoban Sword Str+d6 Monk Weapon, +1 Parry, This highly decorated
sword is typical of the monk warriors of Lhoban.
It is made with particularly flexible metal that makes it ideal for parrying blows.
Monk vestments.

50' silk rope

Camp gear(bedroll blanket etc)

Savings 50 Moons