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Great for n00bs


My thoughts are based upon comments by the fng in my Shadowrun game:
If you are trying to learn the game on your own by reading the core rule
book like a text book, then this product is a life saver. It demonstrates
how you "should" correctly layout and think about your character.
The starter-mechanics-guide is great for a new player getting her mind around
the flow of dice pools, and why and when to add/subtract dice in your pool.
However, the core rule book should be read and consulted too. <-- yup.

This product is good for pure beginners, and the guy trying to start a
game group on his own (having to recruit new players).

If you have ever played a session of Shadowrun with a group, or created
your own characters using the 5e rules, then only get this Beginner
Box if you are a collector/fan of the game, because there is nothing
new in it (and apparently the dice inside suck.) Remember, you can use
it help new players enter your game.

(I'm basing my rating upon the feedback from the n00b in my group who
bought and read its contents before having the courage to ask to join
our group.)


This is my favorite Paizo product.


I was first introduced to hard-core drinking games by the movie 'Indian Jones – Raiders of the Lost Ark.' Marion Ravenwood (played by Karen Allen) imbibed shot after shot, and could drink any man under the table. In her bar, located in the remote icey mining camp, I remember her clear, empty shot glasses lined up on the table as she dueled for more than pride in a drinking game. The only drawback was she did not use undefeated shot glasses.

I have counted on Paizo's Undefeated shot glasses many times, and have rounded out my collection to an even dozen. For those counting, that is two loaded six-shooters.

The name says is all.

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