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Starfinder Power Armor is currently just a curiosity in the rules. Some fleetingly interesting frames and rules that mostly are just place holders for future splats since there's currently not enough options for a PA build to be remotely considered.

However, lets pretend for a moment that some people are trapped at say L2/10/15 and that PA is a possible and viable choice. What's the niche PA is intending on filling? It's certainly not doing favors for CC Soldiers or Solarians who will be investing heavily in strength and thus outpacing the inbuilt strength mod the frames have. Ranged combatants may find the weapon mounts amusing but are unlikely to appreciate the lower dex caps they have to AC. Other classes (gun solarians, envoys, operatives, drone mechanics, and the casters) are pretty much dead in the water due to the extreme feat requirements (2 for PA +however many you want for Adv melee, longarms, and/or heavy weapons)

The only places I can vaguely see PA being palatable are for exocortex mechanics and switch hit soldiers where they're MAD enough to appreciate the fixed strength mod but they still run into issues with the dex cap.

And this is without going into the other disadvantages PA has already (batteries, possible size issues, WBL issues to arm the thing and have a decent set of light armor under it).

So I open this to the rest of you. What's Power Armor's purpose supposed to be? At the moment it simply doesn't look like it fills any niches and even if it did, it's simply far too expensive to take advantage of the few pros it does have.

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So I'm currently brainstorming a setting and one of the concepts I was toying with the idea that the PCs come from a nation where there is one capital G god (for simplicity, lets call him Deus). All other divine figures are presumed to not exist or are unknown.

Now, a lot of Pathfinder and its related classes (clerics, inquisitors, etc) are pretty heavily designed around there being multiple varied (demi)gods for there to be a proper variety. So the question I pose to you lot is how can you convert the pathfinder divine classes to work with a single god without necessarily gutting them entirely.

My ideas anyway:

1) Deus Almighty: Deus is almighty and covers all domains and alignment combinations aka basically everyone is a cleric of a cause.

2) Aspects of Deus: Rather than worshiping Deus in entirety, his divine casters instead choose a particular aspect of him to worship who in turn is treated as a deity of their own (IE Deus the Healer would be NG with Good, Healing, Protection, and Fire while Deus the Destroyer would be CN with Chaos, Strength, War, and Death domains as examples)

3) Saint Worship: Similar to the above but with the difference that rather than directly interfacing with Deus, divine casters instead work through a particular saint that embodies certain virtues of his. A convienent way to handle this would just be to have everyone pick an Empyreal Lord refluffed to a saint.

Any other ideas?

Hey all, I have a bit of a query concerning the various sources that grant you charisma to AC and potentially doubling (or tripling depending on generosity)

Now, Paizo in general FAQed it so you can't do this with untyped bonuses.

(relevant faq here)


"Do ability modifiers from the same ability stack? For instance, can you add the same ability bonus on the same roll twice using two different effects that each add that same ability modifier?

No. An ability bonus, such as "Strength bonus", is considered to be the same source for the purpose of bonuses from the same source not stacking. However, you can still add, for instance “a deflection bonus equal to your Charisma modifier” and your Charisma modifier. For this purpose, however, the paladin's untyped "bonus equal to her Charisma bonus (if any) on all saving throws" from divine grace is considered to be the same as "Charisma bonus (if any)", and the same would be true for any other untyped "bonus equal to her [ability score] bonus" constructions."

But here's the rub. Humor me and say I'm playing some horrible multiclass abomination of scaled fist/lore oracle/mystery cultist of Arshea which grant respectively: Untyped cha to AC (Monk), swapping your dex bonus with charisma to AC (Ora), and charisma as armor bonus (2nd Arshea boon).

Out of those, only one is untyped and the others are either replacing or adding a separate bonus which makes me question if the faq applies or not. Thoughts/insights?

Bonus points, add in devoted muse or Osylth Guile for more cha power!