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Ok guys, I want people to read the info and gameplay tabs, please stay updated. If anyone goes inactive, I will replace you unless you forewarn. I will bot a character for a day when needed, maybe even a week, as lomg as you tell me beforehands. Post atleast once a day, although I'd prefer more!

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A stone building, with gargoyles and many other statues decorating the front stands at the middle of Ceropulizon, the Drow city. Upon inspection, most of the statues are in a state of disrepair. This building is one of the few buildings in a somewhat good condition. One of the others include The Temple to Abraxas, and House Hu'ill.
Ceropulizon is a very poor, sad looking city, by Drow standards. Many Drow and slaves alike walk the streets, in the gloomy way of the underdark. This is a normal day for them. But what is about to happen will change the lives of many...


The group has gathered in te meeting house, with the first eight Matron Mothers; 1. Matron Hu'ill, 2. Matron Buont, 3. Matron Luealille, 4. Matron Ghuoe'ed, 5. Matron Fhy, 6. Matron Eudile, 7. Matron Kiledel, 8. Matron Mielid

"Today, is the final day. You have all been preparing, for weeks. Today you will go, to storm the OverWorld!" Matron Mother Hu'ill cheers. Drow never seem happy. Or work together. But today was the only exception. Our group has been tasked to go the above world, and slaughter the Elves. The Elves being our evil cousin. Terrible Folk.
"What are you waiting for? Go!" Matron Mother Hu'ill, the leading Matron Mother snarls, as she waves you off. 

We are starting when you leave. You will leave through the NW exit. If you have any Questions, ask, I will happily answer. Until we continue, I need everyone to check in. Go

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Hello, I've been reading the Drizzt books, and have been thouroughy enjoying them. If you haven't read them, I reccomend them. Basicly, it's about the life of a drow noble, named Drizzt. But I'm getting away from myself.
I have been reading up on the drow and other evil creature, and thought it'd be cool to play in a game with them. If no one wants to GM, I can, but would like to play.
Please comment with an interest or if you'd be intersted in GMing something in an Underdark style game.

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I haven't been on the forums long, but I have noticed acouple of things that I think may help if they were changed, so lets just get right into it.

1. There is no place to put Ability Modifiers.
I realize this isn't a real big deal, but it'd be nice if the space for each ability score was extended to also hold your ability modifiers.

2. Also, many players use the gender area, which works fine, but it'd be nice if there was a designated area that you could put small stats so that the GM could easily get to them. Although you can use a gender section, it'd be nice if there wasn an area for this.

Thank-you, I realize you are all very busy, but would just like to ask if this was a something others think may be helpful.

Thanks for setting up this forum and all, it's been a great part of my life, it's wonderful, thank, an keep up the great work.

-The Small things,

Tanis Half-Elven

PS, my real name is Tanis

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This is a forum for our school gameplay.

Ok guys, I need you to post what your real life name is, and then we can start character creation and submission, ok, Go!

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Been tossing around an Idea lately, a futuristic era, you know, laser guns, exploding crossbows, lightsabres even... Dot if it sounds cool, if so, I'll get on it...

Of course we will be using pathfinder rules though, so we'd just be re-skinning all of the items to how we want them, you know...

Here is a link back to the main page, for your conveninence...

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Ok Chimera's, this is our discussion page...

Also for your convenience, here is a link back to the main discussion page

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You all wake up to a strange clinking noise, it must be the strange engineered bell that Terxu installed into each of your guest rooms. As you get up and get dressed, you remember, todays the final day you have before you leave. Oh, yes Terxu also has stressed that this morning would be your briefing, so you all quickly are off to the other side of the estate, cutting through the courtyard to speed it up. You enter the dining room, each of you sit down.
The old man stands at the end of the table, dressed in seemingly un-extravagent clothing, or at least less than you would think he would be. He isn't very tall, probably about 5 feet each of you measure, he is completely bald well, except for ligh black hairs that are growing out of what seems every crevice in on his head. With a nod and a wink, he looks over all of you.
"Before we begin, I would like each of you to give your preferred name, what you offer to the group, a little bit of your backround but not all of it, we don't have that much time to spare, and any special ablilities you might have that would overly impress us." he smiles as he almost seems to recite the words.

Please be descriptive

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Ok, when should we start?

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I will be DMing Master of the Fallen Fortress, First level characters, 15 points for point buy, 2 traits, first come first serve (unless you repeat class) and I will allow up to 5 players, also, only use Advanced Player Guide or Core Rulebook, I will need your cooperation and you being able to reply at least once a day, please comment soon, also email or PM me for more info or if you have any specific questions at racwolf@yahoo.com

Thank You, and please comment soon!

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I recently played a halfing chavalier, but I wanted to play a tiny character, so I made him the victim of a wizards error, where he was Permanently effeced by reduce person, so as a normal halfing, he had a pet rat, but this was also effected by the spell, except enlarged him to a dire rat, my character, as a joke had previously equipped him with armor, so my charcter retraied the rat as his mount, and now is a tiny halfing, who rides a dire rat, wielding a Greataxe, thoughts?