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Good value for the money


I got a set and have to say I am impressed. The cardstock is a good thickness so no worries about damaging them from bending. I haven't had a chance to use them in play yet, but you get a nice wide variety of pawns. I look forward to the forthcoming sets as well

New take on WFRP


Having played all the various other incarnations of WFRP over the years, I was curious how this version was to look and what if any major changes were in it....to say there are some is an understatement. Going the route of a Hybrid board-game/Pen & Paper RPG. Not that this is a bad thing, but it takes a few to get your head around. Overall I like what is included, and the mechanics are cool, not to mention they don't use standard dice, but rather different colored dice with different symbols, and you interpret what happens by the symbols on the dice you role for a check. They include a good amount in the box too.

Not too bad out of the gate......


What's included is good, althought I would have like to have seen more material from the 70's and 80s era. But I liked the Book overall. The included artwork was nice, although I wasn't too keen on the inside front cover art, but overall the included art was very good. (but some of it is rehashed from other sources) The Jester class was a good read as I was able to reminse. I remember almost buying dragon that had that issue when I was a kid....lol. For 40 bucks I think you get your monies worth and I want to see want the next volume has in store. The monsters update was nice as was the magic items / equipment section too.
Rogues and Assassins should love the poisons that are in here...very cool. And the updated crictal hits and misses table...

Overall a good deal.

Excellent quality product.


If there is only one suggestion I could have made, I would have liked to have seen a CD included with the art work on it for DMs making Campaign newsletters etc etc Other than that This IS THE BAR. WOTC should look at you guys as how to properly make adventures. I thought City of the spider queen was epic until I saw this baby....this blows that adventure away by miles....you guys have really raised the bar in the industry as a whole...ALL I CAN SAY IS SIGN ME UP ON THE PREORDER for the AGE OF WORMS ADVENTRUE PATH Hardback....This will keep any gaming group busy for MANY MANY months....if not at least a year or more.