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klonac wrote:
I have a question for the rest of the group. What do you think of players using very off-the-rails tactics? Things like burning down the adventure location in order to kill the enemies inside since they don't have hostages or a fragile macguffin. Do you like this because it can create an interesting battle, or hate this because it ruins the hard work you put in building the adventure location?

I have typically run PFS scenarios where there is set mechanism to handle this type of thing. However, should a group of PCs decide to pursue a course like the one described above - burning down a building to destroy a group of enemy NPCs - I would offer them the opportunity to design and detail such a plan.

Working with them I would point out areas where the plan could fail and leave them with a destroyed building, but very alive and very mad enemies. If they wish to further improve the plan, I set a time limit for the plan in game terms (i.e. how long their window of opportunity is within the context of the campaign/adventure)

If they make it through to a final plan, I would then explain "tit for tat" and upon receiving agreement that what is fine for the NPCs is also fine for PCs allow them to execute the plan. I would then shortly afterward execute a similar plan against the PCs undertaken with the same depth and level of precision.

I don't know if this makes me "like this because it creates unique and interesting situations" or if "it ruins my wonderful plans". It does reinforce the natural consequences of escalations and demonstrates checks and balances to the PCs.

Looks like the backlog is beginning to emerge if you are willing to deal with Audible (and by ownership) Amazon.

From Audible release sent out by email today:
Start Your Adventure Today and
Pathfinder Tales search on Audible

15 volumes plus the two previously released.

Our group exists to serve! We stand beside our Inner Sea brothers and Sisters in combatting this great evil of which you speak, No force can withstand the chosen few from the Dragon Empires!

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Parabolica wrote:

this wording change is even more ambiguous now

Average Party Level

In order to determine which subtier a mixed-level group
of PCs should play in, you must determine the group’s
average party level (APL). You should always round
this number down
. In addition, because encounters
are designed with four players in mind, if there are
six or more players at the table, add +1 to the APL. For
example, if a table consists of six players, two of whom
have 4th-level characters and four of whom have 5th-level
characters, the group’s APL is 6th (divide 28 total levels by
six players, round up, and add +1 to the final result).

Did this ever get addressed in another thread. Am I correct in assuming the always round down is correct and the example just failed to get updated?

Ross Byers wrote:
I poked a thing. Give it a try now.

I just successfully downloaded it. I couldn't get it to work yesterday either.

Half-Orcs Favored Regions on Page 29 includes "Land of the Mammoth Lords, Nidal, Realm of the Mammoth Lords". Campaign Setting on Page 15 had "Hold of the Mammoth Lords, Isger, Katapesh, Nex, Nidal, Realm of the Mammoth Lords". You updated Hold to Land, but left the Mammoth Lords. Is this meant to be a reference to "Lands of the Linnorm Kings" or some other location?

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I would be excited by a "Spanish Armada/ Mongolian Invasion" fleet which could threaten the shores of all the current factions. Early adventures could be to discover the reality of such a fleet in foreign lands, to root out implanted agents in local Inland Sea agents. Mid-period adventures could be to attack fleet elements at sea and in outlying harbors. End of the year could deal with stranded forces from the fleet or guerilla actions against a successful invasion.

I would like to see Paizo look beyond the box/booklet on how to retain these new players. Integrate any adventure in the intro product into Pathfinder Society Play. Have them register the character to get updates and continuing feedback and messages by email following their initial experience. Make a good web experience that new players can easily use that will also benefit the established players.

The Pathfinder Aid Society reporting needs a make over that could be integrated with this new player welcome. In the days following their initial report send suggestions for other scenarios designed for the characters they played. Ideas on how to modify the characters they played in the initial scenario for a new experience during a second playing. Two additional set-piece battles beyond those in the initial scenario. Use it to integrate them into the online Paizo community and through that to the full RPG.

[1. Apart from Chapter Two, which is the best chapter to read to folks who haven't yet read the book? I'd like to read a different chapter and point folks to the Chapter Two available free at

I think Chapter Eleven would be good for an audio rendition. Plenty of voices, building suspense and a temporary resolution with Varian heading off to additional adventure. Chapter 2 is also a Radovan chapter snd this is a Varian chapter.

2. Help me settle a bet: Are you a member of "Team Radovan" or "Team Jeggare"? More importantly, why?

Team Jeggare. Radovan has little mystery and even less after this book. The reader "knows" him and can predict his actions. The reader learns information as he learns it. There is no mystery and no hint of things not fully disclosed. Jeggare is much more enigmatic and knows much that the reader will never learn. We learn only tidbits and snippets that leave us wanting more. I would expect that Jeggare is a bit tougher to write well because of the need to maintain a sense of mystery, but he is the much more enjoyable to read and discuss.

3. Which of the secondary characters would you most like to see again? Why? The "why" is the helpful part.

Carmilla. I don't think you want to develop long term attachments for either of the two major characters which serves to rule out Marlena and Azra. Those two are also much more tied to the locale ofrince of Wolves. Carmilla would be much more likely to travel aboard and also highlights the sense of mystery Varian possesses and give a chance to look back in Varian's life.

Are these going to ship together? Why is 1199488 still pending? what should I have done to have avoided this rther large assualt on my funds?

Thanks for looking into this...

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aikisenshi wrote:

My husband and I and some friends are contemplating starting a monthly Pathfinder gameday in Salt Lake City, in the tradition of the Living Greyhawk gamedays we used to run a few years ago.

We're looking to see what kind of interest there would be in a Pathfinder gameday in SLC, and if there would be people willing to both play and be DMs.

I would definately be interested in a bi-weekly or monthly game in either Utah or Salt Lake County. I would also be willing to DM at least part of the time. I would like to use a public venue for play however. Perhaps a gamestore or public meeting room in a library.

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I would definately be interested in a bi-weekly or monthly game in either Utah or Salt Lake County. I would also be willing to DM at least part of the time. I would like to use a public venue for play however. Perhaps a gamestore or public meeting room in a library.

Count me in as another voice in favor of dropping the Heavy Armor proficiency. Anything that helps further distinctions between classes that are visible in early levels is a plus for me and my game.

I would also be in favor of further casting clerics as agents of large scale change (beyond the typical and frequently visited Armageddon). In my mind the more arcane wizard classes are essentially in it for themselves. They might have high and noble goals or base ignoble goals but they are essentially individualists. There are Wizard's tower, but communities of clerics. Make clerics able to enhance the effectiveness of their spells by acting in union with other similarly minded clerics. One cleric will never have the power of a similar wizard at the same level of progression. But two clerics acting as a single group might have more power than two wizards acting as individuals. A typical cleric would increase in power, more slowly and never reaching the power of wizard, but would also grow in ability to enhance spells by working in ever increasing larger and larger groups. Status would come from coordinating the effectiveness of larger groups and not from a simple increase in individual power.

A new announcement went up over on Hero Lab site late last night. It appears that a great deal of support for Pathfinder will be added to the Hero Lab product. I would expect the announcement to be posted here very soon as well.

Just personalized and downloaded my copy. You should be getting mail soon.

Saurstalk wrote:
Did you download your copy before July 7? We relaxed the security settings for all of our PDFs on that date, specifically to allow comments/annotations, but that might be the trick to bookmarks, too. If you want a copy of any of your assets with the new options, just repersonalize and redownload them.

That change is not sufficient to allow the creation of bookmarks. Assuming you are using high encryption, bookmarks require enabling "Inserting, Deleting, And Rotating Pages" which I suspect you would prefer not to do. However, please count this as another vote for inclusion of bookmarks in the .pdf versions.