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At 5:00 Pacific Standard Time, The Empyrean Order and The Seventh Veil successfully cleared a Tier Two Escalation for the first time in the history of the game! Many thanks to all of the people who turned out to take down the escalation in the last few days, it could not have been done without the effort of each of you. Special thanks to Fierywind who put in a lot of time coordinating the raids on the escalation, our crafters for supplying the many sets of gear, those who guarded the raid groups, and all the dedicated people who scouted the hex for events!

Here stands the valiant group that defeated the Ustalavian Champion!

We look forward to future events and clearing further hexes!

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GW Staff,

The commoner roles have been implemented only in part, and as we approach the begginings of Tier 2, what is the plan for these classes?

As it currently stands, one cannot progress further than skill rank 7 without dabbling into other classes for attribute points. Fighters can learn more attacks, clerics can learn more spells, but if gatherers pick up other gathering skills, the attribute points are scattered. You can take the armor feat and strongback, but those are largely the only related features. So, my question is, what is the vision of the Developers in regards to what gatherers should be doing with their experience in Tier 2?

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TEO and Golgotha had a merry time chasing each other around tonight, fighting for fun.


Several things became *very* apparent. Energizing field is a must have for PvP, as otherwise people can get clear, heal, and come straight back in. That is not fun in the least.

Targeting. There were an *incessant* stream of obscenities about the lack of targeting and the fact that all we could do was try desperately to click something.

PvP could be a lot of fun, and I'd like to thank Golgotha for an instructive experience that was both fun and frustrating. I'd like to think that PvP will get far better soon, and I look forward to future skirmishes! Thanks again to Phyllain, Tink, and Flynn Something-Or-Other.

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Pathfinders, a foul construct has invaded our very lodge! Only with the Prayer of Flagging can we repel it!

In the name of Abadar the great Judge, TO THE FLAGS!

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Out of curiosity and a desire to see some camaraderie on the forums, lets discuss our favorite scenarios!

I'd love to see your:

Top 3 Scenarios to Play

Top 3 Scenarios to GM

Top 3 Scenarios for New Players

Top 3 Scenarios for New GMs

Feel free to detail why you chose your top 3, but please try to avoid spoilers!

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Mighty clerics of the Customer Service domain, hear my plea!

I placed an order a week ago for Burnt Offerings and downloaded it that day. Now when I check my downloads folder, I don't see it anywhere. I would like to have it on multiple devices and locations, but I can't locate the file.

In hopes of a positive reception to my earnest plea, I offer virtual cookies and real accolades for your help!

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List off what you would like to see as a stretch goal, and at what tier. Please be reasonable, so that we might convince the dashing and generous Ryan Dancey to agree with us. Have I mentioned how beautiful and charming Lisa Stevens is? And that Vic Wertz goodness!

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I'm averaging 3-4 a minute. Because the numbers are rising just that fast.

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As the development team works on making the various classes, my question is, what makes a Cleric a Cleric? What is a Paladin? What features does a barbarian have? Should a 20th level equivalent Fighter look like all other level 20 Fighters?

This thread has two aspects: List the core of what makes a class unique to you. Describe what qualities a cleric should have, in your mind.

Secondly, how do we differentiate classes? Do we require all level 1 merit badges before we can hit level 2 merit badges? Should there be 4 or 5 trees of talents, and a character has to only fill out 4 before reaching the next "tier" of skills?

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I've got a question from a game last night. I need an actual PFS verdict, and as usual the Rules forum is giving 2-3 different answers. So please, don't bump this thread out of the realm of PFS.

Anyways. We had a magus using a 2h weapon. The magus would "hold" the weapon one handed, cast, put both hands on the weapon, and then deliver the attack through a 2h weapon.

I don't think that the magus (or any other class) was meant to be able to cast spells while wielding a 2h weapon. Otherwise, there is no purpose to the text requiring a free hand to cast spells. Can anyone give me a "hand" here?

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Career Opportunities wrote:

We are based in the Seattle suburb of Redmond. We commenced operations in mid-2012. We're growing, and we'll employ about 30 people by the end of 2013, doubling in 2014.

Now, I could be making a mountain range out of a molehill here, but that looks to me like it hints at a launch date in 2014. Now, they already have about 7-8 staff, and want to hire 15 more. That puts em fairly close to 30. 30 staff to round out the tech demo sounds about right, and doubling that staff would make it far more viable for a launch and the rapid code/updating required by a live game.

Anyone else agreeing with me here, or am I tilting at windmills again?

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Howdy all!

I know I tend to do this fairly frequently, but I'm working on yet another character (i'm a professed alt-a-holic).

This one is to be an Aasimar summoner. My question is, would people have an issue if the Eidolan she summons is her father? For some reason, saying in character "Don't make me call my daddy on you!" just sounds awesomely fun.

The other option for it would be for her to be a synthesist, and roleplay it as her focusing and temporairially summoning forth the more angelic side of her.

So, would the PFS community have issues with this? I'm willing to be flexible with it all, as I want to create a fun character that doesn't drive other players crazy.

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I'm looking through all the legal material for PFS, and I'm having a challenging time of coming up with an effective way to play a bodyguard type in PFS play.

So far, I've taken a look at Paladins, Cavaliers, and monks. I'm just not seeing a way to make it work, and I'd *really* like to make this character type work.

So, I appeal to the crowd of PFS players out there. Can you help a fellow society member find a way to make a new character?

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Part of the established Pathfinder lore is the fact that deities exist. A whole lot of them, in fact. And they do intervene in the world. The question is, how do we want that to be done in PFO? Obviously, clerics should get their spells, but beyond that, how should the gods of pathfinder interact with the world?

I would personally like to see small bonuses to a town depending on what deity they choose to revere, and based on donations to the church. For example, a town could choose to worship Abadar (law, trade, merchants, travel) who is also the god of the town watch. This town could have up to a 10% boost in efficency of its town guard. A town could also have a secondary deity, with a cap of 5% to something else.

These bonuses would have a minimum level, as long as you have a temple. The more people donate to the temple (cash sink), the more the benefit rises. Please note, the percentages were not hard numbers, but merely easy ones to use.

So, lets discuss the gods and their place in world!

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This thread is for suggesting new boon ideas. Keep it focused on ideas for boons, not on how they get distributed.

For starters, I'll be working on a list of boons for all the major deities of Pathfinder.

And I'll start with Abadar, since he's the best. And its alphabetical too.

Abadarian Connections: Your character has connections with the Church of Abadar, which serves as the courts. If the party is captured, you may use this boon to clear you of said charges and be set free. Once used, cross off this boon.

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After having read over the various blogs, I have a question for the community: Do we think NPC's should be more than bags of loot just waiting for collection? Should we be able to, for example, pay that orc encampment to raid the guys in the next hex over instead of us?

Long story short, I want to have options beyond "kill it" where it comes to NPC's. Am I alone in this desire?

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A friend and I are contemplating playing a rather interesting pair of characters at an upcoming convention. I'd like to double check that no one sees any problems with this in PFS before we arrive. Please, do not punt this to the rules board, all that gets is homebrew answers. I want a PFS answer, thank you.

The concept is that one of us will play a synthesist summoner with the mount evolution, and the other a small paladin. Our question is, is there anything that would make that a not valid option in PFS? Second question, could the Paladin make a ride check to potentially negate an attack on his "mount"? Curious to see what other Society Members think of such a concept.

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Howdy folks!

I know this is a bit of a cross reference on the forums (don't shoot me yet, mods!), but I'd like to see if there is an interest in getting PFS going in Pathfinder Online. It would be highly interesting to see the Society take root in Golarion's virtual version. Anyone interested?

Also, there is some pretty *sweet* swag for jumping in on the kickstarter for PFO's tech demo (up to and including a Pathfinder session run by a list of Pathfinder Celebrities, including James Jacobs!). I'll drop the link here, just in case anyone feels like kicking in a bit.

Awesome stuff.

Game on, ladies and gents!

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Just for the fun of it (and to grow a sense of community), spout off your favorite moments in PFS that either made you or your players have a reaction of basically "Oh CRAP!". We've all got a few glory/horror stories, so lets hear em!

Probably the top story for me was as I was running First Steps Part II. The players had gone through all the intro text, figured out what they needed to do, and headed in.

And then....:

They met the "friendly" ghoul, and despite having been told by a faction head "KILL UNDEAD THINGS, ALWAYS", they trusted it. They stroll along, scouting out the place (nearly dying to the wind trap, one character asked another how "wind" was pronounced in Kelish. WHOOSH!). They get to the beetles, clean that out, and head towards the room with the blindhelm. However, they had first noticed the pile of refuse, and detect magic showed there was something magical. No one wanted to climb in, so they had the ghoul go crawling in. As they fight the blindhelm (blinding half the party), they totally forget about the ghoul. The party of 5 is withdrawing back towards a larger room so they can get some decent flanks, when the cleric gets hammered. At 0 hitpoints, and had been the rear guard. Well, the cleric full action withdraws...adjacent to the ghoul. The blindhelm follows, misses with its attack, and the player thinks he's safe. And then, in my best creepy voice (about a 3/10 on the creepy scale), the ghoul says "But you look sooooo *tasty*....and I'm sooooo HUNGRY!!!". The table drops dead silent, and then the cleric's player announces "Holy S***!" Full attack ensues on a blinded flanked foe. More than enough to perma kill the player's character. The rest of the party is just stunned. The party falls back to absalom, and I let the slain cleric take a whack at the scenario with a new pregen (more than 3 encounters left, and its a repeatable scenario). Long story short, it turned into a rather epic 5.5 hour module...but the party felt supremely victorious when they returned to Absalom.

So, lets hear your stories! Tell them in a group, or space them out over several posts, its up to you!

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Should there be a mechanic that promotes taking occasional downtime at a tavern or some such? I'm talking about a buff for being rested, or a battle fatigue mechanic? I'd like to see some *reason* for a tavern to exist way out in the countryside, and having them provide a service should go a long ways towards making taverns be a thriving location.

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Mike is currently looking at the whole concept of the faction war, and reevaluating it. This thread isn't for discussions of if we need a faction war, it is a spin off to discuss *if* we do a faction war, what is the best way to implement it.

This is all theory crafting, let's keep it nice and civil. Constructive criticism is great, idea bashing is not.

To me, a well implemented Faction War must do 3 things:

1) Make factions matter. As is, I feel no real loyalty to my faction, since all faction missions are "Fire and Forget" events.

2) Make the War interesting. I'm not talking about a purge of Cheliax if they fail, I'm talking about bragging rights of having the Eagle Knights running Security in Absalom.

3) Avoid causing PvP and hard feelings. Players of one faction shouldn't be screwing over another.

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Of late, I have seen several threads discussing the very high lethality of some modules, and the lack of challenge presented by other modules. What I would like to see here is a brainstorm of ideas on how to make modules that are both challenging and survivable. Please, be respectful of the various ideas.

My personal idea is to use more NPCs of less lethality. It lessens the odds of the dreaded one shot kill, while increasing the action economy of the NPCs. It also serves the purpose of making the PCs feel more heroic, as 6 vs 1 isn't that inspiring.

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Having recently read through Ultimate Combat, I do have a few concerns for PFS play. The number one concern involves arcane bond and its potential usage with guns. A first level wizard could take gunsmithing and choose to bond with, say, a culverin, and start with 4,300 gp weapon. That is a rather painful advantage over anyone else in the party.

Additionally, as to guns in general: what is the logic in letting any class use guns as long as they take gunsmithing, but restricting the archetypes that use them? I have players who took a one level dip of gunslinger just to use a gun, and that was using the Beta version. If you don't want guns in Pathfinder Society, that is entirely ok. If you want guns in Society play, that is fine too. But this half-and-half measure is just puzzling. It doesn't make guns rare, or hard to get, it just makes it convoluted.