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I don't see this mentioned in the FAQ and tried to search for similar post.
On Page 275 of the core rule book, it states that to stabilize, you use 3 RP.
On Page 251 of the core rule book, it states that to stabilize, you spend 1/4 of your max RP (1 Min, 3 max).
Which one is correct?

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This app is no longer working on my ipad... and it is no longer in the Itunes store to download something newer. Is this being worked on?

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Axial wrote:

16 pages?

How long would that actually last, like an hour and a half?

I just got finished prepping it today. Dungeon crawl. There are 11 encounters, plus a few traps and one puzzle... This would fill a 4 hour session easily.

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Will there be PFS credit for playing/GMing this module, much like there is for the "We Be Goblins" modules?

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Umbranus... I'd like to know the same thing... I'm in an on-line campaign currently and this situation came up.

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I have a related question.
Can I GM Silent Tide (Tier 1-5 with subtiers 1-2 and 4-5) multiple times and get GM credit for different characters each time?