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Greetings All,

Thanks to everyone for their suggestions and comments! A member of my group has the "Shattered Star" AP so we are going to end up running that. I picked up the Magnimar setting book as well as some of the maps to supplement the AP. "The Dragon's Demand" looked really cool, and I would actually like to run that some day, so thanks for the suggestion. Once again, I appreciate everyone's input!

Greetings All,

I haven't been a GM/DM since Ad&D 2nd edition in high school, but I have been playing in Pathfinder games recently with a face-to-face group as a player. I would really like to get back into GMing, especially as my regular GM rarely has a chance to sit back and play a character. Having seen the PDF sale, I really want to pick up one of the APs that is discounted and try my hand at running it for the group.

So far, the contenders are looking like: "Shattered Star", "Council of Thieves" and "Carrion Crown". As I have recently relocated to China from the US, this is going to have to be done via Roll20 and Google Hangouts. Does anyone have any advice about these APs that I have listed, or is there one that would be great for a new GM that I haven't put up there? I know the group I am in has already played through a number of APs including: Runelords, Legacy of Fire, Kingmaker, Jade Regent, Crimson Throne, Second Darkness, Serpent's Skull, and Reign of Winter.

Now, honestly, I am not the biggest fan of the Pathfinder rules, as they seem to emphasize "roll-playing" over "role-playing" but it is what the group is used to. I would also be interested in picking up some setting material to flesh out any AP adventures. Do any of these APs emphasize actually playing your character and interacting with the setting as opposed to bashing monsters and stealing loot? Is there one that seems more forgiving of a noob GM?

Thanks so much for any advice, it is much appreciated!