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They're supposed to eat up resources, but anything under the 100 xp budget doesn't seem to do much to a party. What's up with that?

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For one thing, it has a very negative impact on a sense of progression and player buy in. Nobody likes having to balance 5 different unexciting feats, races, and class features. It makes the game overly complicated and messy.

People should be excited to take an option. Flipping through page after page of boring options that give you +1 to save DCs while doing backflips next to a goblin isn't going to do that. In fact it's going to do the opposite.

Please, PLEASE make the base feats in the core more interesting, especially at low level. So many are so terribly boring that they should be thrown out.

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I'm not talking about good or bad, I'm talking about interesting or fun choices.
Grand majority are overly wordy that give tiny bonuses in very narrow circumstances so when they do come up it won't be "oh hey, that's so cool!" it's "ah, a +1 bonus I forgot about."
Just do away with so many things that give a measly +1 bonus it makes everything feel grindy and hard to keep track of. If a player isn't going to be excited to take it, it shouldn't be an option.

Would like a basic fantasy campaign, you know? There are so many to choose from. What's good?

I don't really know what to expect. I'm playing a level 1 Druid. Anything I should know about, that you wish you had going in the first time?

I'm just wondering because the default druid companions are pretty boring.

I have a party at level 8 and the Witch and Sorcerer are already making the Barbarian, Fighter, and Rogue feel more like speed bumps than contributors.

Any suggestions?

Just wondering. Just switched over my 4E campaign to Pathfinder and some of the players might want to keep their race as Dragonborn. Has anyone had any luck with the race builder from the ARG?