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Full Name

Soaria Downydeer


Muse-touched Aasimar


Mysterious Stranger Gunslinger 5 / Life Stargazer Oracle 5






Chaotic Good

About Soaria Downydeer

Despite her best research efforts across Golarion, Soaria has found no traces of her lineage in any records or personal accounts. All she has of her past is a simple kapenia made of lavender threads, along with a note found with her when she was left as an infant at the Grand Lodge in Absalom. While the words on the note have faded with the passage of time, Soaria keeps them in her mind and close to her heart: Soar above the evils of this world. Living by this mantra Soaria has strived to do good in her life wherever she goes. She spends long hours working in the Grand Lodge libraries assisting other Pathfinders with research, and can often be seen trailing the Master of Spells Aram Zey around at a hurried pace. Soft-spoken and gentle in nature, Soaria is a friend to any who seems to need one. This has gotten her into trouble many times with less caring creatures.
In recent years Soaria began training under the guidance of Aram Zey, learning more of how to manipulate her spells to achieve less disastrous results. She relished in the personal training, even when she was the victim of sharp words from the Master of Spells. During this time she also took up firearms training and became quite skilled with a pistol. She enjoyed shooting targets almost as much as she enjoyed studying proper gun care and the different types of firearms that are used across Golarion. Never thinking she would use her weapon for more than shooting inanimate objects Soaria often would decline carrying her weapon on quests that took her outside the lodge grounds. But after a nasty run-in with the Aspis Consortium on a particular mission she learned that sometimes force is necessary against unsavory scoundrels. This grudge only deepened when the Grand Lodge was assaulted by the Aspis Consortium and her beloved Master of Spells was killed. It was after this event that Soaria took on a particularly deadly reaction when encountering members of the rival group of adventurers. Now out for blood, Soaria stalks named members of the Aspis Consortium in hopes to bring justice down upon their heads for the crimes they have committed against the Pathfinder Society.