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I submitted it to MGM the day before Pixels came out. I haven't heard back from them yet.

The next poster was seen combing the beech.

Sliska is banned for escaping the magic mirror.

IHIYC sat on the egg for 6 months.

I'll send my daughter over there.
If she can clean up after those pesky dwarfs, your place shouldn't be too much of a strain.

Who sits on the empty throne?

That would be me.

Ivan the Teary Bull only watches chick flicks.

The closet jester is banned for backing out of his ban.

Monica is banned for using an odd number of W's.

1d122 ⇒ 60

Doomskull the King of Fear

*I glare at Doomskull and it backs down.

Spare the rod, spoil the child.

Quit while you are ahead.

Yes master. One Volga on the rocks coming up.

Minions, sing me to sleep.

Ventnor bought the first autographed copy.

I'm making my special apple pie.

Why me?

Anonymous Warrior wrote:


Any relation to That Girl?

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That is because Molten Dragon melts all his modern computers whenever he gets a new one.

KenderKin is a door to door salesman of mixers, power tools and fireworks.

KK faxed me the secret original recipe.

KenderKin eats three round meals a day.

...Those <Censored> dwarves.

Now, Now. We will have none of that.
You can all stand with your noses in the corner until you learn proper manner.

GM_Beernorg is banned for getting ninja'd by I'm Hiding In Your Closet.

I'm Hiding In Your Closet is banned for what he does while in the closet.

Your questions:
1. What is often heard the morning after a party at Good King Wenceslas' castle.
2. I heard you won a great door prize?
3. Are these sugar plum fairies?

Your answers:
1. Cupid
2. Heart shaped arrow.
3. Love is in the air.

GM_Beernorg is GoatToucher's half brother once removed on his mother's side.

384. Because someone left my cake out in the rain
I don't think that I can take it
'Cause it took so long to make it
And I'll never have that recipe again, oh, no

Been there, done that.

Goat Toucher: So awesome at losing.

Off with his head.


What is the protocol for posting in the wrong thread?

Off with their heads.

KahnyaGorc placed the first order.

The Fiend Fantastic wrote:

Don't you have apples to poison?

Working on a new spell. This one will let me poison all the apples on a tree.

Having partial success at the moment. Only 1 out of 10 apples come out poisoned.

While disappointed with the success rate, I am enjoying watching the trees play their version of Russian Roulette.

Isn't that where you reside?

Why does that upstart queen always get credit for saying that.
WE ROYALS have been saying it for centuries.

Off with their heads.

The Seamstress is banned because black is the new yellow.

Would'nt a wand of fireball made from a unicorn's horn only work on virgins?

I am winning!

Four days of mourning is over.

My turn to win.

Spiced Apple Strudle for everyone who sat through it all.

The next poster wanted a freeby.

Spiced Apple Cake.
Here, have some.

I smell a conspiracy to commit treason.

Here, have an apple.

I Nominate Myself.
Qualifications: Coal Black Hair; Pasty White Face; Black Pouty Lips; Dark Gaze That Can Make A Nun Quake In Fear; Dressed All In Black; Daughter Issues; Hates People Who Have Happy Childhoods; Do Everything I Can To Make Sure Kids Have Unhappy Childhood.
Abilities: Can Get Close To People, Only To Betray That Trust Without Them Know It Was Me; Can Disguise Myself So Even People Who Know To Fear Me Trust Me.

The Next Poster Is A Recipient Of My Attentions And Will Second My Nomination.

Burning Staw Man is banned for burning the evidence.

GoatToucher and his goat recently got kicked out of Wrigley Field for trying to reapply the curse.

Banned for having a pastier face than me.

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