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Congrats Tavis! :)

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Thanks. Yea, I was just looking at these very warhorn sites and very impressed at the quantity of games. And, I saw on the google group how a few games got planned -- and instantly filled.

That seems to be an active group though who was really looking for those particular modules though, so I'm not discouraged. ;)

I will have to consider things and plan my schedule accordingly. But this is extremely promising! Thanks again!

You guys can't see it; but I have a big-ass geeky grin on my face.

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This is some great info!
Thanks all! I will be looking into doing some PFS (Online) at least once a week to supplement my gameplay and this gives me plenty of info to move forward.
Well, it will when I have a little more time later on today to actually fully read through on it. :)

But thank you again, this is an awesome start to my day & exactly what I was looking for!