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Hi guys,

My buds and I had a day of gaming this past weekend using the guild rules. I had a couple of questions. Scenario 0-1 has 6 adventures in it, do you have to advance to tier 2 after completing 5 of the 6? We completed all of the adventures, as the guide I believe said you had to finish all of the adventures in the scenario to get the scenario rewards, and the die bump. I am just looking for clarification as to where we should be at now for taking all of the rewards for that scenario.

I figure we are either suppose to be just starting Tier 2, or one game into tier 2 (receiving the skill feat).

Looking ahead to 0-2, there are only 4 scenarios. Do you get the die bump for completing all 4 scenarios, or do you have to complete 5? (all 4 adventures + 1 from somewhere else)

Any clarification is welcome.

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Feiya has some cool abilities in the witch deck. Just wondering what others were planning on focusing on with her.

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Hi again,

I know some of you helped me when I questioned regarding ships earlier this week. My next question is, when I move in to the first expansion the Wormwood mutiny, how many of those cards do I use when setting up one of the scenarios? They have a 1 listed on them, do I just mix them in with the B and C cards at that point and pick from all of the cards when setting up the location decks? If this is the case, does that continue into the later expansions 2-6?

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Hi there,

I am relatively new to the pathfinder card game (i have only played a couple scenarios in rise of the runelords previously), we just purchased the skull and shackle box set but the whole ship angle confuses me.

Who is in control of the ship at any given point? How does one move the ship/anchor it? So I need to move the ship card, or is there a token as to where its currently docked? Can people move to other locations when not on the ship? How important is the ship mechanic to the game and is it worth playing a character that benefits more from it?

Probably lots more questions to come since I could not seem to find a comprehensive guide to figure out how it works.

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Hi guys, just wondering if we have heard any news about a new retirement arc coming around this season. Trying to plan progression for some of my level 12 characters and would like to have all the information possible when making those decisions.

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Hi there, I was just wondering if I were to take a level in each, if I would have 2d6 sneak attack at level 2.

The writing on Snakebite Brawler seems to make that seem the case, as its written differently then other sneak attack archtypes.

At 1st level, the snakebite striker can make a sneak attack. This is as the rogue ability of the same name. At 1st level, her sneak attack damage is +1d6. This increases by 1d6 at 6th, 10th, 12th, and 20th levels. If she gets a sneak attack bonus from another source, the bonuses on damage stack.

by RAW i would think it would have to work, but I am looking for some insight.

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If you can make a character shaken and sickened in the same round, would both take effect? Or would I have to make them shaken in the first round, and then sickened in the second?

If anyone is wondering its because of Enforcer and a Cruel whip.

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Hi guys,

I was just wondering if the spirit guide and Dual cursed Oracle archtypes can work together? One adds to the revelations you get, and one takes away from it.

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Hi guys, I know half-elves count as both human and elves. Would being a half elf allow me to qualify for taking the elven FCB on Oracle?

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Hi guys, I was wondering if you can help me with a ruling. I was looking through FAQs and I couldn't find what I was looking for. So if someone has the link or could help me find it I would appreciate it.

Anyways heres what I am looking for. I had my PFS GM deem that my level 5 Magus could not use Spellstrike and Spell combat together to deliver a frostbite spell, because I did not have a BAB of 6 and thus unable to make a second attack. It should work as I would get a free melee again to deliver the spell through spellstrike, much like two weapon fighting.

In a normal around I would get 1 attack. I would also get one attack if I chose to move and spell strike. However I would get 2 attacks if I were to cast a spell and and attack. Why should I not be allowed to cast a spell into my whip and get two attacks with it.

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It seems like this forum gets a lot of the PFS people in here. As a society player myself, I find myself stumped on what to do for my next character. I figure making this thread so people can post their builds for others to see/draw ideas off of would be good. I am hoping we can make quite a thread with them. I also want to hear about some of your major success/weaknesses with your characters.

So I guess I will Start! I currently have 4 PFS characters.

1 - Paladin 2/Oracle 2 [High Charisma synergy character]
2 - Paladin (Oath of Vengeance) 7/Shadowdancer 3 [mobile scythe wielder]
3 - Magus (Kensai) 4 [Whip wielding debuffer]
4 - Monk (Zen Archer/Qinggong) 5/Evangelist of Erastil 6

I need some inspiration for my next character, so lets see your builds. I am actually surprised this has not been done earlier. If this catches on enough, I might make a chart of everyone's character who posts.

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Hey guys, I want to make a character with profession baker. What would be a good class for this? I want to still be effective at something else, i just dont know what yet lol. I was thinking a halfling, possibly gnome. What would be a class for a baker backstory.

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Hi guys, I wanted to play a supportive character in pathfinder society. I had thought of two options, can I get some opinions on them? I have the Aasimar grandfathered in, so no worries on that front.

Classes: Aasimar Paladin 2/Lunar Oracle 10 (Tongues/Haunted FCB Primal Companion)

Str: 12
Dex: 7
Con: 14
Int: 12
Wis: 10 (8 + 2)
Cha: 20 (18 + 2)

1. Noble Scion (War)
3. Extra Revelation (Primal Companion) (Possibly Retrained Later)
5. Skill Focus (Knowledge: Religion)
7. Eldritch Heritage: Arcana
9. Improved Initiative
11. Toughness

3. Prophetic Armor
5. Misfortune
7. Mantle of Moonlight
9. Touch of the Moon
Extra: Primal Companion

This would give me 1/day smite, charisma to saves, AC, and a level 15 animal companion that i can buff with spells such as divine favor.

The other option is more supportive for the entire party.

Classes: Aasimar Paladin 2/Lunar Oracle 1 (Tongues)/ Bard 9(FCB: increase inspire courage)

1. Noble Scion (War)
3. Extra Performance (retrained possibly, or 1 level of Bard at level 3)
5. Master Performer
7. Flagbearer
9. Improved Initiative
11. Grand Master Performer

Prophetic Armor

This would give me charisma to saves, AC, 1/day smite, +2 morale bonus with flagbearer/banner of the ancient kings. Inspire Courage +6 (2 performer feats and with items and FCB treated as level 17). 1st level oracle spells, 3rd level Bard Spells (Haste! :D), as well as boss social skills.

Let me know what you think.

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Hey guys, I was looking at the Evangelist class a little closer in Inner sea Gods. Is there any reason a Zen archer shouldnt go into Evangelist? Seriously, if you play up to level 14, you get wis to hit (a second time) and damage within 30 feet. You only lose 1 level worth of stuff, and it all picks back up again effective the second level of Evangelist.

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Hi there,

I have a Paladin 2/Lunar Oracle. My plan on taking Boon Companion when I hit Paladin 2/Lunar Oracle 5, to make up the 2 levels of Paladin I missed. However the favored class bonus on Lunar Oracle means I will be able to get 1/2 level on my animal companion each level I go up.

Will taking the favored class bonus make the boon companion ineffective? Or will the boon companion be applied first before any FCBs are considered?

Thanks in advance for the help.

Hey guys I need some advice on my Whip-weilding Frostbite Kensai Magus.

The build I have currently is.

Str - 10
Dex - 16
Con - 12
Int - 18 (16 + 2)
Wis - 12
Cha - 7

Traits: Bruising Intellect (Int to Intimidate), Magical Lineage (Frostbite)

1 - exotic weapon proficiency (whip) - not an actual feat, but kensais get 1 exotic weapon of choice
1 - Weapon Focus (Whip)
1 - Weapon Finesse
Human - Rime Spell
3 - Whip Mastery
5 - Enforcer
Bonus (5) - Combat Reflexes
7 - Improved Whip Mastery
9, 11, Bonus (11) - Some combination of Dazing Spell/Dazzling Display/Toughness/Arcane Strike/any other ideas you might have

Arcana 3/6/9 - No clue what to take, being that I have never played a magus before

My goal is to eventually be able to combo Rime Spell and Frostbite, with enforcer, and the Cruel property on my whip.

I would start levels 1 and 2 with a Scorpion Whip, as a regular Whip wouldnt do much good while I dont have Whip Mastery. I was also thinking of being a from the Cheliax faction, seems like it would be a decent fit. I originally wante to go Elf, but it would just put my further behind. If anyone has a way I can make this work, I would love to hear it. Also if you find anyway to make this build overall, better, please let me know.

Hi guys, my last pathfinder session ended with the campaign finishing. Our next one is going to be a Gestalt, I have only played 1 Gestalt game previously, and it was a lot of fun.

My idea for this character would be to Start Ranger/Rogue and then eventually switch over to Horizon Walker/Assassin. The rules we use for gestalt is if you are progressing one set of classes, and you want to change (whether it be prestige class or a Dip), you have to pick a different class with it, rather then one you are advancing. So If I were advancing Cleric/Wizard, I couldn't Do Cleric/Druid as a level, but I could do say Druid/fighter since neither is gestalts already.

Anyways back on topic. My idea for this character was to utilize Horizon Walkers abilities in the terrain to set up death attack. I was basically just going to take as many terrain mastery rogue talents as possible, using favored class bonus to get an additional one by level 6.

My problem is I don't know what to do for feats. I know two weapon fighting would be the obvious answer for this build and the sneak attacks. But I dont really want to focus on getting so many dice. I want to be able to land a killing blow.

This is what I have so far with Current stats:

Str: 10
Dex: 20 (18 + 2)
Con: 14
Int: 16
Wis: 12
Cha: 12

Human Rogue (Chameleon)/Ranger (Guide) 6/Horizon Walker/Assassin 10

Human Feat: Weapon Finesse (everything else ??)

Rogue Talents:
2. Terrain Mastery
4. Terrain Mastery
6. Terrain Mastery
Bonus (6): Terrain Mastery

Combat Style:
2. ?
6. ?

I really do like the 2 archtypes I have so far, but as far execution of the build I still need a lot of help. Can't figure out a combat style for ranger, maybe natural attacks (this gives me aspect of the beast at level 2 for low light vision, and a weapon focus at 6?). I was thinking either a Scorpion Whip (would need to take exotic weapon proficiency) or Rapier for fighting. I guess Pirhana strike would work.

Please feel free to give me any and all suggestions!

Hi guys,

I was just wondering what some of your iconic complimentary builds you've run in games were, for a duo. A friend and I are looking at possibly going to PFS together (both of us are experiences pathfinder players now)

We want our characters to work well together, so looking for some ideas and success you guys have had in your games!

I came across this Jinxed Spell metamagic. I would love to see a character revolving around the ideas of just flat out causing someone to have bad luck. I am assuming this would have to be a sorcerer.

Does anyone have any ideas on a build?

Hi guys, I know this should probably be in the Shattered Star forum, but I was hoping you guys would help me rebuild her.

I am DMing Shattered Star right now with 3 people, we have added mythic to make up for the lack of character. The characters just finished the first book with hitting level 5/Mythic Tier 2, and the Bard took the Mythic ability that gave him leadership, i allowed this even though he was level 5. Nothing in the Mythic path says he can't do this. Anyways Natalya is the only one they can take as a cohort right now. I was hoping you would help me rebuild her into something that would help the party. She will be Level 3, Mythic Tier 2.

The current party:
Cleric 1/Fighter (Brawler) 4/Guardian, focusing on shield fighting
Bard (Arcane Duelist) 5/Marshall, Archery focused
Alchemist (Beastmorph/Vivasectionist) 5/Trickster, natural weapons

Ideally I would keep her in the Sorcerer/Rogue route. Was trying to think of a possible build to make her build around Storm of Blades spell, maybe turn her Sorcerer bloodline into Sage. But I really want to give them something that will really help them out.

Please thoughts!

So I settled on what I want to play for a character in my Gestalt game. I want to play a bard/inquisitor. I have spent a long time thinking of how I will make this work, and I think I came up with a great story.

The character will be a Vetala-Born Dhampir who is a Dawnflower Dervish Bard/Kinslayer Inquisitor. I know what you are thinking a Dhampir worshipping Saranrae. My story would be that she has turned her back on the evil she has seen with her dhampir-kin and has vowed to stop them. So she turns to Saranrae, who may not accept her, but will spend her life trying to prove herself.

Str: 8
Dex: 20 (18 + 2)
Con: 16
Int: 8 (10 - 2)
Wis: 14 (12 + 2)
Cha: 14

I have not decided on a build yet, I am thinking with these archtypes I am making the character more individual by taking the team aspects of the bard and inquisitor and making the character more self-sufficient. The double bonuses with battle dance and powering up the brands by giving up teamwork feats, I feel will make this character very tough.

So that is my concept, I still need to put together a build.

Would love to hear some thoughts on this.

Hey guys I need some opinions. I am trying to make a druid for my next game that will be Plant themed. I know for sure there will be some Mythic tiers in the game, and hierophant has some cool flavor with plants.

The game has an Urban Barbarian, and a Seeker Sorcerer. So my primary role would be spell caster, but be able a capable second-line fighter. I really want the plant theme, and that's ultimately the most important aspect to me. Summoning/Animal companion I don't necessarily know if I want to have that many character sheets.

Archtypes I have looked at:
Treesinger (would be allowed to use Half-Elf) - would be cool to have a plant animal companion, wildshaping kinda sucks though.
Green Faith Initiate - cool I guess

Prestige Class:
Green Faith Acolyte (Don't know necessarily how I feel, its very flavorful, but kind of blah)

Sort of want to make a poison ivy inspired character. However not evil.

Really would love all opinions.

So since I've started pathfinder one mystery has always caught my eye, the time oracle. It does not seem to be one of the most popular options on this site. I was hoping to see what kind of builds we could come up with that utilize all of the cool effects the time oracle offers.

Hi guys, so my group has been playing for the last 6 weeks or so these characters. This weekend we did 1 long campaign and wound up getting two levels, and the GM surprised us with a Mythic Tier. Now my character has been taking levels of Ninja and Umbral Sorcerer in order to become an Arcane Trickster. She specializes in Rays.

I essentially need help in deciding my Level 7 feat and my mythic Tier. Its gotta be either Archmage or Trickster. Archmage has some nice options for path abilities. Mythic Bloodline for one. Trickster was something that came to mind after a little thought. Which path do you think would provide me optimization on my rays. Also which Mythic feat should be taken?

This is where I am at currently at of Level 6: Human Umbral Sorcerer 4/Ninja 2

Str - 8
Dex - 18 (16 + 2 on belt)
Con - 14
Int - 12
Wis - 10
Cha - 23 (18 + 2 for human + 2 belt + 1 level 4 boost)

Story feat (special feat given to us by GM for our characters. Mine does +1 level for spell casting for every 2 levels of non spell caster taken)
Human - Point-Blank Shot
1 - Precise Shot
3 - Weapon Focus (Rays)
5 - Improved Initiative
7 - ??

So with now being level 8 I will be taking 1 more level of Ninja, and my first level of Arcane Trickster. I am contemplating taking another level of sorcerer at level 9, so I can grab a rob of Arcane Heritage and have access to the 9th level sorcerer ability.

If anyone can give me advice on the path and feats (assuming it goes to 20) We are to assume we will hit Mythic tier 3, as per the GM, so I want to plan those out as well.

** I plan on grabbing improved critical for Rays once I hit +8 BAB. Its only +4 right now. Mythic Improved Critical will be fantastic, trying to save that for the third tier maybe**

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I did some looking around, and was not able to find a good example of one of these characters. I am trying to make one of these as an enemy in a game i am running but I am at a loss on how to go about it.

What kind of feats would one use for this kind of character. (focusing on Force magic, and telekinetics) Also trying to figure out what a good bloodline would be for the character too.


Hi guys, I had an idea for a character. I wanted to make a Fey Kitsune Sorcerer utilizing all that they get for the mind affecting abilities, but I also wanted to give it the ability to use some ray spells as back up. I was just hoping for some advice regarding the build and what should be changed. The best way for this to really work would be crossblooded with the Arcane school.

Bloodline Powers:
Arcane Bond (Arcane, Rabbit Familiar)
Metamagic Adept (Arcane)
Fleeting Glance (Fey) - both options are solid for level 9 though
School Power (Arcane, Enchantment)
Arcane Apotheosis (Arcane) - however the Fey one would be great as well

1 - Spell Focus (Enchantment)
3 - Greater Spell Focus (Enchantment)
5 - Weapon Focus (Rays)
7 - Point Blank Shot
Bloodline Feat (7) - Precise Shot
9 - Empowered Spell
11 - Maximized Spell
13 - Arcane Strike
Bloodline Feat (13) - Quicken Spell
15 - Spell Perfection (Dominate Person)
17 - Improved Critical (Rays)
19 - Improved Familiar
Bloodline Feat (19) - Improved Initiative

I wanted to fit Spell Penetration and Greater Spell Penetration in there, but I couldn't find any room. Persistent Spell is going to have to come from a Rod, as there is no room for that either.

Wayang Spellhunter (Scorching Ray)
Magical Lineage (Dominate Person)

Str - 10
Dex - 18 (16 + 2)
Con - 12
Int - 14
Wis - 12
Cha - 20 (18 + 2)

Thoughts? Am I looking to accomplish too much with a sorcerer when trying to optimize 2 different kinds of magic? I really would love some input on this!

One of the things that has intrigued me about Pathfinder is you can make just about anything. One of my favorite series growing up is final fantasy. I was wondering if anyone has thought about making characters based off that series at all.

More specifically there were a couple main characters I had no idea how to make. I would love to see your builds for any of characters based off the game that you've made. I really want to know how I would go about building Red 13 (FF7) and Vanille (FF13), most.

Hey guys, so I have an idea to make a spirit Totem Rage Prophet. My goal is to have the character be a Suli. With the release of the Occult mystery, it definitely caught my eye for this character.

My question is how do make a spirit totem rage prophet viable? If Occult doesn't work for the build to make it a decent fighter, then I Dark Tapestry, Battle and Metal all would work as well.

Any suggestions?

Hey guys my DMs next game is going to be fast forwarded to the future. Meaning Psionic classes are going to be added. I was looking at a way to make a good knife thrower, and it seems like the only 2 classes capable of that are the Soulknife and the Marksman. I feel like due to the # of feats required for a knife thrower to be viable I would need to play a Marksman. For those who are not familiar with the class it is here ty

I was thinking of plan an Elans or a Human (mainly for the extra Feat).

I was looking at stats of:
Str: 12
Dex: 14
Con: 16
Int: 12
Wis: 20 (18 + 2)
Cha: 10

GM has warrented guided to be allowed on the property so it would be a big focus. The key equipment would be a +1 Guided Starknife (eventually with Distance on it), and a Blinkback Belt with Quickdraw in order to throw it continually by drawing it into the other hand (the one way to get away with not using 2 weapons).

My main question is with what style technique to take. -styles I am pretty sure Sniper is out. It would be either Finesse or Volley. I am thinking Volley might be smarter for the bonus to perception/extra knife to throw. My next question regarding the character is what order to take feats. We are starting at 3rd Level meaning I have access to 2 Feats + Psionic Talent (or 3 Feats if Human). The problem is that the characters are so feat intensive it is hard to determine which is most important.

Here is what I have come up with, but I need some more thoughts on optimizing it.

Race: Psionic Talent/Bonus Feat
1 - Two Weapon Fighting
Class - Point Blank Shot
3 - Quickdraw (This is where I would start)
5 - Rapidshot
Bonus (5) - Precise Shot
7 - Improved Two Weapon Fighting
Bonus (8) - Deadly Aim
9 - ??
11 - Greater Two Weapon Fighting
Bonus (11) - Weapon Focus (Starknife)
13 - Improved Precise Shot
Bonus (14) - ??
15 - ??
17 - ??
Bonus (17) - ??
19 - ??
Bonus (20) - ??

For my two traits, I was just thinking of making the character worship Irori and taking 2x Wisdom to Flesh traits. 1 for Stealth and the other for Acrobatics.

Also looking at making it the Shroud Archtype!

Trying to make a thrower work seems like it is going to be extremely hard to play at low levels. Any advice you have would be greatly appreciated.

So I am trying to figure out the ultimate way to build a character around charisma. 2 of which focus on dips into Paladin and Oracle. That 2 level Paladin Dip for Charisma to saves and that 1 level dip into Oracle for sidestep secret.

I also want to make him semi functional in the front lines so I was thinking Arcane Duelist where he can do sizable damage. This character is based on charisma based abilities first while supporting and some fighting second.

I was looking at this for a build:
Angelkin Aasimar Oracle of Lore 1/Paladin 2/Arcane Duelist X

For stats: (using our groups standard stat distribution package)
Str: 18 (16 + 2)
Dex: 12
Con: 14
Int: 12
Wis: 10
Cha: 20 (18 + 2)

For feats I was looking at:
1. Noble Scion (War)
3. Lingering Performance
5. Weapon Focus (Longspear)
7. Leadership (looking at potentially getting some Noble Scion prestige class instead of this)
9. Flagbearer
11. Discordant Voice
13. Speardancer (would be 7, if I were to take some Noble Scion)
15. Improved Initiative
17. Toughness

Am I missing any other ways to utilize charisma to optimize this kind of character? What are thoughts on getting some levels of Noble Scion in order to grab Leadership.

With the use of Aasimar favored class bonus and banner of the ancient king, I essentially need 10 levels of bard = 15 levels of Bard + 4 from banner to hit the level 17 requirement for +4 inspire courage. If I went with Noble Scion, At level 5 my bardic performance counts as 2 levels higher meaning I only actually need 8 levels of bard with favored class, banner and 5 levels of noble scion. That would look like a character level 16 (8 bard, 2 paladin, 1 oracle, 5 noble scion), not to mention it would free up some feats for me being able to take improved initiative as a 4th level noble scion (with regional expertise) and Leadership for free. (gives me the opportunity at that point to put up to 4 more levels in noble scion, to allow me to have another mini cohort of sorts,2 additional feats and an additional dilettante study which he could apply to bardic performances or to his spell casting)

Sorry thats some simple math going through my mind. I will take any thoughts you guys have!

Hey guys, so a couple weeks ago I took over DMing our group and we decided on running the RotRL anniversary addition. They have finished Misgivings and next session will be heading to Magnimar, likely to play out the remainder of the chapter.

One thing I have tried to emphasize to the group is to try and create a story for your character. As a result the cleric that plays, is a Cleric of Asmodeus. Going into level 7 at the start of the next campaign he is taking Leadership, which I am fine with. He also has expressed his interest in becomign a diabolist. So Hiding in foxglove manor, I put one of Vopels scrolls as lesser planar ally, so that it fits the pre-reqs for him to take diabolist going forward. He wound up using the scroll and summoning a devil to help take out Aldern Foxglove. He also started utilizing his command undead feat to try and turn the ghouls in the farms to use as meatshields in foxglove manor. As a result he was forced to go evil from neutral.

Now with his levels of Diabolist coming up and leadership, he wants to have some interactions with Asmodeus. Reading about the demonlord himself it sounds like the followers the cleric/diabolist claims will be essentially slaves for Asmodeus.

So I will probably have some sort of communication to him through a vessel bestowing his hellfire channel abilities and an imp to watch the cleric. This imp will report back to Asmodeus, so that we can see if the cleric is worthy of going up in Asmodeus' legion.

But I am trying to figure out how the city of sandpoint will react as the cleric tries to follow through with what his mission in converting the city. Also from the start I have forced the PC's to have a lot of interaction with the Shayliss Vinder. So much so that the cleric wants her to act as his cohort.

So how would Shayliss react to learning about someone she is interested in becoming progressively more wicked. Also what class would you think Shayliss best plays as? The clerics goal is to eventually turn her into a general for Asmodeus, or some sort of mage.

Just need some insight on what road to take regarding this PC in particular and his goals in the game. Anything you can give me would greatly help.

So I have an idea for a merfolk character. My last character kinda bit the dust at level 1, a long with 2 others of our party at first level. In fact there was only 1 survivor who made it to level 2. So the rest of us get a new character at level 2.

My thought was to play a merfolk, with the 15 movement trait. I was heavily inspired by Ravingdorks level 10 seaborn sorcerer, who lives out of a cauldron of flying fishbowl.

I wanted to play her as an Oracle of Heavens 1/ Wildblooded (Seaborn) Sorcerer.

Her main focus would be Pattern spells and Water magic.

I think the DM plans on having her trapped in ice (we are up north right now).

I just wanted to get some insight, if this would be a good combination of Oracle and Sorcerer. Her goal will be to rebuild her fishbowl of flying.

The Revelation would clearly be Awesome Display. Was thinking of using some of the feats for extra revelations, but none really appear to be worth it with only actually having 1 level of oracle.

My thoughts on feats then would be:
1. Improve Initiative
3. Craft Wondrous Items
.... Spell Penetration/Greater down the road?

But for the most part I am pretty dumbfounded on what to spend feats on for this kind of character. Looking for any suggestions!

Oh and her stats array (based on the standard package we use) would be:
Str: 10
Dex: 18 (16 + 2) could be switched with con...
Con: 16 (14 + 2) could be switched with dex...
Int: 12
Wis: 12
Cha: 20 (18 + 2)

Edit: If I give up 2 more levels of sorcerer, and play her lawful good I can have 2 levels of paladin for the boosts to resistance. Would hurt my spells, but robe of arcane heritage can make up for the bloodline level losses. Thoughts?

Hey guys I am about to take on the tasking of GMing and it is a little daunting. Lots of things going through my mind, such as will they like the campaign I come up with, will I be able to answer there questions. I was just wondering if you guys had any advice for someone taking the first attempt at hosting the game.

I need some ideas.

My DM has ruled that the shadow companion takes levels like an animal companion. So I am level Shadow uses half my life, and my base saves. All the other things it gets come from the animal companion guide. Thus it is level 3. If I get boon companion near end game + my 10 shadow dancer levels. I wind up with a level Shadow Companion.

However as it stands, my shadow gets 2 feats. Any ideas what a shadow should take for feats? Lol!

I wanted to find a way to increase his strength damage, but I cant figure out a method to make that happen :(.

We are starting a new campaign next round and everyone has to start new characters. My Shadow Dancer has 2 levels of Monk of Many Styles. My question is can she use a buckler for AC benefits while still gaining the ability to use crane style/wing/riposte? Are there any negatives that effect this?

So my party has hit level 9 in our campaign. The characters are currently adventuring Dungeon island. I am looking to retire my witch from the party. We have about 6 people who consistently play with a couple people who join periodically. I am trying to think of a character to take my witches place. Her main roll was a Buffer/Debuffer, and being the only source of craft wonderous items the party has. The big downfall I have for retiring my witch is the huge amount of wealth she has accumulated over her couple levels in this campaign. (57k in the last dungeon, trumps my 46k starting gold) So if I were to make a new character it would have to be something thats could fit easily into the current roles.

Party consists of:
Fey template - Oracle of Life
Shield specialist Fighter
Scout Rogue
Archer Alchemist

So I am looking for ideas for something that would fit with this group. Witch fit nicely since I was the only source of debuffing, and the consistent fortune on the party made them much stronger overall. I just find that I am consistently getting knocked unconscious/ finally killed but the party wound up getting me resurrected.

I was contemplating some sort of sorcerer, possible a Kitsune Fey Sorcerer. Or maybe a Lion Shaman. Maybe some dips in paladin/oracle to make my character live. Open to some crazy suggestions for a character to try out!

Hi guys, so I have discovered the witchguard archetype for rangers. They are meant to protect the white witches, and I figured why not make one my new cohort this! (We had a bard cohort, but he met a tragic end when he pulled my unconscious witch away from a pimped out treasure golem) So now she has the opportunity to pick her new man from a lineup of adventure on Dungeon island.

To give you some background, my witch likes to put things to sleep, and we have recently travelled to Dungeon Island on our new campaign to become Rich SOB's However Dungeon island is not without its disadvantages, the tasks are amplified that much more being an island of greedy people who want to not only take from tombs and caves, but also will target those exiting these areas carrying many valuables. We can not be harmed in the main city once we get back to it, but stepping out of the city limits means trouble could literally be around any corner.

My witch has been knocked unconscious three times in the 4 dungeons we have ventured, and looking for some personal backup seems to be in order. The Witchguard feels like it could fit thematically, and be helpful in keeping her alive while on this island. I originally thought about making him a switch hitter, being that our stats ditribution via or GM is higher then most games (18-13 in the 6 stats, each getting one of the values in between), but as a result he ups the difficulty a lot more for our party. We are on the verge of hitting level 9 (should happen in the next campaign), meaning the cohort based on calculations will be level 7.

I have my cohorts old equipment to give him. This includes:
+2 Amulet of Natural Armor
+2 Chain Shirt
+2 Vest of Resistance
+2 Buckler (which he is unlikely to use)
+2 Longspear (not likely to use)
Banner of the ancient kings (not likely to use)
+2 Belt of Mighty Strength (I grabbed better)

So realistically some of this equipment will be sold off, and he comes with enough money to buy him a +1 Adaptive Compostive Longbow made of Greenwood.

While in the last dungeon i nabbed a +2 greatsword that I could give him, and a +2 Belt of Physical Perfection (+2 all physical stats).

My current plans for him is:
Human - Power Attack
1 - Cleave/Point blank shot/Quickdraw leaving 3 for Craft Magic Arms and Armor
Combat Feat - Rapidshot
3 - Quickdraw
Bonus - Bodyguard
5- Deadly Aim
Combat Style - Manyshot

At 7 I don't know what I would pick for him. I don't even know if this is a viable build for a cohort. His purpose is he will be staying at my side and protecting me.

If you are interested in my feats:
1 - Ability Focus (Slumber)
3 - Extra Hex (Cackle)
5 - Accursed Hex
7 - Leadership

at 9 I plan on taking Craft Wondrous items/Improved Initiative/Improved Familiar, they are essentially 3 of my next 4 feats (with Split Hex at 11).

So we essentially walked out of a dungeon we were in for something like 3 long sessions now, with 57k (at level 8, huge! But massive danger lead to big money) gold a each (after selling what people didn't plan on taking). Which I am trying right now to use to get a quickening Rod, and the rest probably putting towards the cohort to beef him up. If need be sell my cohorts old gear, and use the money

What I am looking for is a build I can give to my cohort, with equipment suggestions, in order to make not only my cohort useful, but make my witch not die !

Anything useful I will gladly use!

I had a question about this. I have read that a lot of people say its good, I am having a hard time finding why. Wounding enhancement on a weapon is a +2 enhancement for a 1 bleed damage that the character her the ability to heal on their turn. I was just wondering if someone could fill me in on why people think this is good, and under what conditions it could be efficiently utilized.

I was contemplating getting a rapier of Puncturing on my character. But the Wounding seems kinda irrelevant at the moment. I clearly am not understanding this well enough.

I was trying to figure out how to go about upgrading this weapon. I understand that it is a specific weapon that can be created. But how would one go about upgrading the weapon when the time is right.

I am under the impression that it would qualify as a +4 (+2 and wounding) weapon for the purpose of upgrading. So applying a new enchantment such as agile on to the rapier of puncturing would be 18k right?

If anyone can give me some clarification on this I would appreciate it!

Hey guys I am trying to figure out a mage optimization for a friend, in a homebrew campaign. He wanted an Ice or Fire mage. I figure sorcerer is the way to go for this, but I couldn't really find a way to max a cold sorcerer without cross blooded boreal/elemental (cold) Crossblooded, and rime spell. So I am trying to figure out a fire spell.

This is kind of what I came up with.

Oracle of Flames 1/Crossblooded and Tattoo Sorcerer (Primal [maybe Elemental]/Draconic) 19

What I have come up with to optimize:

Oracle 1: Human: Spell Focus (Evocation)
1. Greater Spell Focus (Evocation)
Sorcerer 1: Bonus: Varisian Tattoo, Tattoo Familiar
3. Elemental Focus (Fire)
5. Greater Elemental Focus (Fire)
7. Craft Wondrous Item/Leadership/Extra Revelation/Improved Familiar (could use some suggestions here)
9. Dazing Spell
10. Bonus: Enhanced Varisian Tattoo (Fireball)
11. Spell Speciialization (Fireball)
13. Maximize Spell
15. Spell Perfection (Fireball)
17. Special Penetration
19. Greater Spell Penetration

Level 1 Revelation: Cinder Dancer

Curse: Tongues (Ignan)

Bloodline Feats:
7. (None ~ Tattoo Sorcerer)
13. Quicken Spell
19. Toughness

Bloodline Powers: (Adjusted for level of Oracle)
2. None (Tattoo abilities - Varisian Tattoo/Tattoo Familiar)
4. Dragon Resistances
10. None (enhanced varisian tattoo)
16. Fire Movement
21. Elemental Body/Power of the Wyrm

Traits: Magical Knack/Magical Lineage Fireball)

Items I was considering: Headband of Charisma, Robe of Arcane Heritage,
Belt of Dex/Con, Glove of Storing (for potential Persistent, Intensify Wands), Boots of Striding and Springing, Ring of Revelation.

With Cinder Dancer Boots of Striding and Springing, and the Fire Movement, the character would move at like 80 feet (lawl).

Thoughts? I want to help him make a awesome fire mage, and I think I am well on the way to it. Open to any and all suggestions for the character. Also if you have a way to make it an ice version, that would be cool too.

I think one of my favorite, non-common mysteries has to be Wood.

However my favorite Revelation has to be Awesome Display from the Heavens mystery, such a fantastic ability.

What about you. I want to hear your favorite revelations, and your favorite mysteries.

So I have recently come across the time theif class, and noticed there isn't much discussion about. I wanted to know if any of you had played it, and those that have, your thoughts on it?

We are suppose to be starting a campaign on Wednesday, and I was considering Time Thief as one of my options.

My thought was maybe make her use Dervish dance feats since she is proficient with Martial Weapons, and it would kind of fit the character, giving it a Prince of Persia kind of feel.

So yea Weapon Finesse/Dervish Dance, maybe crane style feats. She doesn't appear to have any combat oriented maneuvers, so this might be a good way around having to do a huge amount of damage with her, yet still give her the capability of getting into melee range.

I would love to see some of your builds!

I didn't know where to put this, so I thought here was appropriate. My Wednesdays have opened up and I was looking for a way to get into a pathfinder game on that evening. Does anyone know where I can find a site or forum recruiting people to play campaigns, via skype? Sorry if this is the wrong forum, but there isn't much in the way of campaigns in my area aside from my group that meets on saturdays.

So we are starting a new campaign soon and I was considering the Vishkanya archtype for Deadly Courtesan.

What are peoples thoughts on this class? I wanted something that resembled a Bard/Rogue type class and this looks surprisingly close to it. Could think of a cool story about a gypsy woman. One thing she doesn't seem to have that I wanted was Inspire Courage, so that makes me sort of sad. I don't really know how I would play her. Maybe some sort of Crane style assassin? Maybe I will see if there can be a house rule that the Kukri can be used with the dervish dance feats.

I've never built a rogue type, so and this kind of character seems appealing to me. Any thoughts on the archtype?

So my last campaign ended after we saved some Kingdom. The DM made all of our character knights of the kingdom with large amounts of Land Etc, thus ending their careers. For the next session we had to make new characters, the Son/ or Daughter of the character we were playing before. (Same Race, different class)

My previous character was a Half-Elf Ranger. So I asked him if I could make the next character a Master Thrower, and he agreed to convert it over from 3.5, as he knew I was not pleased to lose my other character (kind attached it was my first pathfinder character). So these characters are starting their journey at level 8 (same level the other campaign ended on), and we were allowed to keep one piece of equipment from our inventory.

I selected the Celestial Armor, as my add on from my previous character. He claims this is suppose to resemble the parents adventure and passing down something meaningful.

That being said, I need some help with the character. This is what I have for her currently.

Half-Elf: Feats/bonuses
1 - Rogue (1) Point Blank Shot
Racial - Skill Focus (Stealth)
2 - Rogue Talent - Weapon Training (Dagger)
3 - Precise Shot
4 - Rogue Talent - Weapon Finesse (Finesse Rogue)
5 - Eldritch Heritage (Shadow)
6 - Rogue Talent - Sniper Eyes (for ranged)
7 - Rogue (7) Two Weapon Fighting
8 - Master Thrower (1)Quickdraw -> Throw Trick (Palm Throw)

I didn't really know what to do with Skill Focus, so I figured I could dip into shadow bloodline at later levels in order to hide in plain sight for sneak attacks.

Statwise I gave her: (We get 18-13 and get to assign them as we please)

Str = 13
Dex = 22 (18 + 2 racial + 2 from level 4 and 8 increases)
Con = 17
Int = 14
Wis = 16
Cha = 15

Now what I had sort of planned out for the character in terms of feat are the following.

9 - Master Thrower (2) - Improved Two Weapon Fighting
10 - Throw Trick - Sneaky Shot/Trip Shot
Evasion (upgraded to Improved Evasion) - as per GM
11 - Improved Eldritch Heritage (Shadow)
Snatch Arrows
12 - Master Thrower (5) - Throw Trick - Weak Spot, Critical Throw
13 - Rogue (8) - Improved Precise Shot
Rogue Talent (Combat Trick, specifically saving it til then for this reason) - Greater Two Weapon Fighting
15 - Rapid Shot
Advanced Talent - Crippling Strike

Prob won't get this far but if I did:
17 - Greater Eldritch Heritage ( Shadow)
Advance Talent - Familiar

19 - Improved Familiar
Advance Talent: Feat - not sure doubt it gets that far

The Traits I was going to take for her were: Reactionary and Elven Reflexes for more initiative. (Willing to take suggestions and change this)

As for items. We have access to all the pathfinder books, So this character already picked up the blinkback belt.

Now I think I need 1 or 2 daggers (2 I think for use with palm throw, or can one dagger just count twice), anyways I was thinking a Seeking Dagger as I can't get improved precise shot for awhile, and I don't get to do touch AC until level 12.

Any thoughts you can give me would be greatly appreciated. One Dagger I was thinking about eventually getting that would work with this build from Ultimate Equipment is bloodthirsty dagger, whenever i can afford 60k!

I would appreciate any and all insight you guys can give me, on stats, feats and equipment to put on her. Remember that her sneak attacks do d8s instead of d6's with her daggers, so that is a little more damage.


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