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I think Kevin hit the nail on the head when he said:

"I guess you get points for taking 'thematically linked' to heart, but these guys are almost thematically bound."

It seems of the four entries I've read so far I'm seeing more of the thematically bound monsters. I don't see how I can use Bloodbound Decriers without heamogoblins, and The Bloodless are only useful if you've got plans for a Decrier in there somewhere. Perhaps you could spring the heamogoblins out of the pack, but I want to feel like all three monsters are unique enough to stand alone, but even more spectacular when combined to form the basis of an adventure.

I also second the thought of the Decrier being weaker than his own pack of haemogoblins. Technically the little goblin ticks could turn on him and he wouldn't have much of a chance against them.

I'm still reading through the entries before casting my votes, but I'm not so sure this one will make it for me.

I think that ancientsensai hit on a point that I was noticing when reading through this entry.

The hook of this monster is it's combination. You're talking several 8+ of the little guys, a swarm, maybe two, and at least a few of the Patal's. That makes for a fairly high level encounter, but none of these things on their own would really make an interesting encounter. If your party encounters a few of the ghosts, it doesn't have the same dramatic effect.

That being said it means a lot of math for the DM to come up with (especially with clunky stat blocks and things like psuedo-feathers to keep track of). Since most DMs aren't used to running combat with tiny monsters that means they'll more than likely be struggling with attacks and provoking attacks of opportunity, not to mention the swarm which is another kind of unique monster type that DMs may not be inherently familiar with, and then given a blind zombie template tossed in there. That's a lot to keep track of as a DM. I'm fairly new to DMing I realize, but I got a little overwhelmed the other night running a combat with 10 humanoid opponents vs 6 PCs forgetting bonuses and aoo's and what not. Throw in the additional complexities of these monsters means even more of a headache for me as a DM.

Yours is the third monster entry I've read thus far so I can't say for sure if this is going to get my vote or not, it's on the borderline for sure.

I know this might be moot at this point, but I just started reading through these and thought I'd add a little variation.

I think it would be interesting if Hetty's poison she was slipping to the young kids was Ghoul blood or some other undead turning toxin. The children die, and then rise from the dead 1d4 days later as undead servants. Think about that. You eliminate the need to care, feed and control the babies because they're now undead and they become fearsome opponents, especially in numbers. Perhaps behind it all is some twisted necromancer. Just a thought that popped in my head when I first read this submission.

ManPig wrote:
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...except on Sundays when I play right-sided midfield for my local football team!
So...would that make you a guard or a linebacker? ;-)


I'm an office manager at a small business providing custom forms for other businesses.

I would like to start with this table. Check This Out

Right now we use a standard dining room table, but it's a bit small for our group of six plus DM. Once we get the wet erase map, character sheets, DM screen, minis, books, drinks, snacks, pencils and dice there's barely room for anything else. It gets kinda tight. Unfortunately, there's not much room in my apartment for a bigger table.

I guess a table for me would feature something similar to what FakeHealer was saying with a 4 x 4 raised platform in the middle. It would also be nice to have recessed areas lined with felt for rolling dice in and cup holders as well. As long as it was long enough to sit DM at the head, two on each side and one at the other end I think it would be very accomodating. It would also be cool if the raised section was also on a lazy susan device meaning it could rotate around to give the best vantage to each player as it became their turn. Also a strip of metal mounted on the nearby wall with magnetic plates to be used as an initiative order tracker.

Lastly, purely astethic I would like the table to be dark wood with some ornately carved legs and some scroll work along the edge of the table. Mmm, I'm drooling.

As per the PHB when a Barbarian rages his/her constitution increase grants them additional hit points. These, however, do not act the same way temporary hit points do meaning that when the rage ends those hit points are subtracted from the total.

Now, whether a barbarian is raging or not any character knocked to -1 to -9 hit points falls unconscious unless they have the Die Hard feat which is also in the PHB.

So, to summarize if your barbarian was raging and had a bonus of lets say ten hit points and was knocked to -1, when the rage ends (after the duration of rounds) they lose ten hit points and die. Kaput. Like Istar said, it might be a matter of your DM's ruling however.