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Lemme start this one! I may learn a thing or two

One thing that bothers me...
They give a Chirurgeon Alchemist Breath of Life as an extract with no practical way of using it.

"A character can carefully administer a potion to an unconscious creature as a full-round action, trickling the liquid down the creature's throat. Likewise, it takes a full-round action to apply an oil to an unconscious creature."

So, unless a Chirurgeon has extract in his hand, and is already adjacent to the character-and that is if you do not charge a move action for the Alchemist to lower himself to the dying PC-there is no practical way of administering the extract-

Barring the cost of 8000+gp for a Merciful Syringe Spear filled with said extract and hurled at the dying PC for NL damage that is subsequently healed instantaneously (I am guessing that how it works)

The addition of Breath of Life text includes: "His infused curative ability applies to this extract" and yet James Jacobs himself said that the extract does not qualify for healing bomb though -as it is not specifically a CURE extract- "Ask James Jacobs Anything" thread, I'm not going to find it because reading and quoting it would simply miff me more than I am simply thinking about it

"Hear me Mr. Jacobs...I AM MIFFED!"

Now a Wasteland Blighter, if he is also a Chirurgeon gets a free Touch Injection- and yeah okay, I just answered my own gripe- Touch Injection=A worthy use of a Touch Injection extract would be to hold an extract of Breath of Life...but isn't that some sort of tax?
"Yeah, you get Breath of Life, but really you have to have Touch injection to use it.

So I guess the one thing that really bothers me is that an Chirurgeon cannot use his Breath of Life extract with Healing Bomb-even though that said extract states, once again-
"His infused curative ability applies to this extract"
Which would go along with Healing Bomb-
" A creature that takes a direct hit from a healing bomb is healed as if she had imbibed the infusion or potion used to create the bomb."
Even though Breath of Life is not technically labeled a true "CURE" spell due to a bunch of red tape B.S.

And while we're here, If a Chirurgeon is:
"An alchemist who studies anatomy and uses this knowledge to heal "
Why aren't they automatically given Healing Bomb as a bonus at second level? Grenadiers are given Precise Bomb, and a freaking martial weapon proficiency!

Thank you for listening to me! Feel free to retort and/or post your own rule gripe...I may learn a thing or twenty.

Bonus Gripe i thought of in time to re-edit: Why aren't Sacrament Alchemist's given proficiency in their deity's favored weapon...or are they?

When i started this site, I was a bit overcautious and signed up under an alias for anonymity purposes and accidentally ordered three books under this name. The correct name is the one presented on the payment cardholder's name and billing/shipping address. This is the name that should be reflected for any identifying clerical purposes for ownership of said items for official PFS use. Thank you.

You are all sitting in a wonderful tavern enjoying the anticipation of the coming holiday! Yeah, you can sense there are others there like you-avatars of your deity. You know there are a few diametrically opposed that you would just as soon slaughter in the name of your own respective faith, but it's can give them a pass this time.

A gaunt and scratched up elf enters. He walks up to the counter and says to the barkeeper,
"Gimme a shot of the strongest stuff you got! Make it a make it a triple...JUST GIMME THE WHOLE BOTTLE!"

Shaking, he sighs and slams a few.

The elf's drinking is purely for storyline purposes. I am not advocating the consumption of alcoholic beverages for RL players-Please drink responsibly and stay safe and alive this holiday season!

"It's happened! Revenge has been served everyone! Treerazer himself has possessed The Jolly Old Elf and thrice hexed him. Believe me when I tell you this...Santa Claus is Coming to Town!!!"

He pulls a red sack out of thin air, "I was able to get away with this, but I can only use it to a limited degree!"

He takes another shot...or two,

"The first goal is to end the overt possession itself. No, you won't be expected to fight Treerazer himself at first level-Santa was able to retain enough Christmas cheer to prevent the demon from physically wreaking havoc-but he will release the Twelve Curses of Christmas. For those that survive the tournament of death that is the Twelve Curses, you will gain a level after each curse is beaten...that's the first stage!"

He takes another shot...or three,

"After the Twelve Curses are complete, and Treerazer's physical manifestation is exorcised, you will be left with a super-lycanthrope! Treerazer sent a demonic werewolf on a suicide mission to attack Santa...we killed it-but not before it slaughtered all the reindeer and bit Santa, obviously! Although conventional cures will help your will have to kill it. tThat is the second stage"

He produces Silver Bells from Santa's Sack, "With these, I can lace each of your deity's favored weapon, or ammunition in a silvered fashion for the duration of the stage. While they are silvered, though, all magical properties of the weapons and ammunition will be suppressed!"

He slugs the rest of the bottle,

"That will leave you with the third stage...A Mega-Zombie. It's not your typical undead creature! By this time, with the magic of Santa's Sack, I will be able to bring back anyone who died in the early stages, but only at the strength you were slain at. Once you defeat it, Santa will be returned to normal!"

You all look around, and notice the tavern has gone from a bustling and cozy establishment to a barren and run-down cantina-much like you would find in a ghost town abandoned for at least a century. The entrance doors glows red...and opens.

Better watch out! Better not cry! Better not pout, I'm telling you why...wait, I guess I already told you why!

Character Parameters: Please note: This is my first time doing anything like this. All restrictions are simply me trying to keep it as thematic as possible to the particular holiday arena. I am not savvy to a lot of all the rules and obscure ins and outs-I am trying to create something fun for people that I can also keep a grip on and learn from the experience. I am open to saying yes to cool ideas for your hero-especially if they keep to thematic elements

You are a Gestalt Cleric/--?

Choose a Deity, Race, second class-first come first served-once each is chosen that specific Deity/race/class is unavailable- All Paizo material accepted: Third party races accepted-
As of now there will be no multi-classing-you are the cleric and secondary class you choose at the beginning the whole way
Monk/Brawler must choose a deity that has Unarmed Strike as their favored weapon to use their Flurry of Blows Class feature.
Druid/Hunter/Shaman: If you choose/have the Animal Companion Class Feature you may choose any deity that has Animal as a domain to get Natural Weapons as your deity's favored weapon.
Cavalier: For builds based on mount you must be a quadruped race
Gunslinger: If you choose Cixyron you start with a musket, otherwise you take an early firearm of less than 800gp and pick a deity with a ranged projectile weapon-Gunslinger is the only class allowed a firearm
Alchemist may choose Norgorber, Haagenti, Orgesh, or Urgathoa if you wish to have bomb as your deity's favored weapon.
These are the only deities who have any thematic relationship to Alchemists I can find-any help on that is appreciated!
If the person who chooses the Alchemist class also chooses the Goblin race, they may instead Gestalt in Warpriest instead of Cleric. If I have to explain why, then you probably won't be choosing this option anyways.
Drow Noble locks out Drow completely and must make a build off Cyth-V'sug-I will have further info in PM, otherwise...
Treerazer and the rest of the Nascent Demon Lords are not available.

Psychic builds note: the mobs you fight are under the control of Treerazer himself-trying to manipulate their actions psychically(or by any means through "WILL" for that matter) will be really hard to near impossible!

As you are in an extradimensional-type area there is no space per se-There will be no AaOs on those casting or using ranged weapons (under normal circumstances), but you are always considered within melee attack range and the mobs will not receive any AoOs based on the proximity of their attacks either.
After the initial "hero" attack of the first round everyone else in melee is considered flanking for the rest of the fight stage-no delaying unless it directly compliments another's action/attack or you are bracing vs charge on an expectant special move attack action (flyby, spring attack, extraordinary charge ability, etc.)
If you brace vs charge, you are doing it in anticipation of the creature's action, either you bettered its initiative or initiating in in expectancy of what it will do the following round and the mob does not use a special movement attack action, you lose your standard action that round. Whether or not a monster uses their special move will be a random percentage roll-it won't be "someone is bracing vs charge so I will choose not to do it in order for them to waste their round"-subject to the naughty list rules below!
Special move attacks are the only attack actions that put anyone or anything out of melee range for the rest of the round-If a character braces for a special move attack (with a brace weapon) and the mob performs one, each side will make an attack roll against the other-if the character hits, the mob is prevented from moving outside of melee range.

Recharge Rules Special attacks inflicting bonus damage that depend on flanking and other special circumstances(rogue's sneak attack et al) that have unlimited uses per day are always up for the first round of every stage-then recharge on a 8 on a 1d8, a 7-8 the round after (if the attack hasn't recharged successfully) and that range keeps expanding until a successful recharge (automatic when the counter reaches 1-8) then starts back at 8.
Abilities that that have a certain number of uses per day only start recharging when the total number is used per stage unless attainable circumstances allow them to recharge themselves (e.g. Swashbuckler Panache, Gunslinger grit, etc.)
Arcane Spells reset every stage and recharge on a descending d8-The value you roll on the dice and the low end of the range is the max spell level you can have recharge-you may only recharge 1 spell at a time this way.
Alchemists are arcane casters and have a caster level!

Prepared arcane spell casters-If you wish to change a prepared spell to any other one you know on a recharge: Levels 1-2 delay you for 1 round, 3-5 2 rounds, and 6-7 3 rounds 8-9 4 (if it gets to that) When changing spells you are considered in full defense and will not lose any progress if attacked.
Spontaneous arcane spell casters-
You are assumed to have all spell components (mundane and premium) and Focussessessesses necessary.
Casters may spontaneously cast any spell from the Healing sub-school from both classes

No Cleric Archetype unless you convince me it is intrinsic or thematic to your race, deity, etc- if you are granted a Cleric archetype you may only choose 1 archetype for your secondary class
Secondary Class you may choose 2 archetypes if they don't conflict.

You are the Alignment of your deity- you were sent to this to represent your deity in a cooperative effort to bring the Holiday Season back to balance.

As a cleric, you will be able to choose to one channel energy specialization as follows: These apply only to channeling energy against a monster enemy, otherwise everyone channels positive energy as it applies to healing yourself and the other players
Lawful and Good clerics may choose Positive Specialization- +/- WIS MOD on the d6 value of Channel Positive Energy (as normal), Channel Negative at 1/2 max of your d6-no mod (flat 3 for every d6)
Chaotic and Evil may choose Negative Specialization- +/-WIS MOD on the d6 value of Channel Negative Energy (as normal), Channel Positive at 1/2 max of your d6-no mod (flat 3 for every d6)
Neutral clerics may choose Grey Specialization- You may choose to do up to an exact amount up to 1d6 of either type, roll the d6 value on either type +/- WIS MOD, or do exactly 3 points of both per die at the same time.
It would behoove you all to do some coordination to ensure each is properly represented.

If things work out the way I picture it, you will see why this is the way it is, and why having Channel Energy class feature is a must. A

Ability Scores: 18 CON +/-racial value, 18 CHA +/- Racial Value, 16 on one other ability +/- RV, 12 on one +/-RV, rest are 10 +/-RV

HP:MAX Secondary Class every level +/- CON MOD + 4

Traits: 2 Starting traits-all restrictions apply
To have been adopted, you will have to convince me it ties in really well with your concept thematically.
Heirloom Weapon-
Archetypes that are Two weapon fighting builds get heirloom weapon as a bonus trait as it allows you to start with your secondary weapon in addition
Alternate favored weapon builds-Druids natural attack build, alchemist bomb, etc may start with deity's normal favored weapon in addition

No drawbacks

Weapons You start with your Deity's favored weapon-not masterwork
Ammunition 5 x Current Level- Recharges in 5s

Armor: One set of Non-masterwork Armor of which you are proficient with under 400 gp base.

Siganture moves Trait will allow (1):
-Elf to start with leaf Armor
-Drow to start with Spider-silk bodysuit
-Masterwork quality deity's favored weapon (includes natural attack/bomb/unarmed strike)
-Masterwork quality armor

Taking Signature moves for both traits will allow any combination you qualify for:
-Racial restrictive armor above + masterwork deity's favored weapon
-Masterwork deity's favored weapon + ability to transform it into 1 racial specific weapon
-those with no race-specific weapons-Masterwork deity's favored weapon + ability to transform it into 1 other weapon of which you have proficiency
-Masterwork set of armor + masterwork deity's favored weapon
-TWF builds to start with masterwork deity's favored weapon + masterwork secondary weapon you have proficiency with

Any reasonable combination i am missing

"He's making a list, he's checking it twice!"

Naughty/Nice List:

Strongly connected with the season of giving, Santa still has a bit of influence through his unfortunate situation. He will be keeping track of who plays naughty and who plays nice!

Channel Positive Energy
Channel Positive Energy on a single ally other than yourself: swift action/1 point on the "Nice"
Channel positive Energy solely on yourself: move action/1 point on the "Naughty"
Channel Positive Energy on everyone else but yourself: standard action/2 points on the "Nice"
Channel positive energy on everyone, including yourself: full round action/no point move

Other actions will be graded respectively and by discretion.

Your "Nice" score may give you such things as DR/bonuses to AC/etc.

Your "Naughty" score may give you vulnerability/the proximity of your point value may change a random attack on another person to yourself/etc.

Attacks in the first and second stages will be completely random, barring a few possible thematic circumstances. Stage 3, when the ability to cast spells to bring your allies back starts, things will get meaner: the "Naughty/Nice factor comes into play, mobs will go after those fallen in battle to specifically slay them and knock them out, etc.

Resurrection/Restoration Rules:

Lesser Animate Dead: Will bring the PC back as a free-willed skeleton only able to execute 1 basic attack per round. No Levels gained for completing a stage
Desecrate + L Animate Dead: (Can both be cast together as a full round action by the same caster) 1/2 level gained per stage
-Good: basic melee attack capability and secondary class features
-Neutral: basic melee attack capability + either secondary class features or the ability to cast spells of the Healing sub-school
-Evil: basic melee attack capability + full cleric abilities
Consecrate + Animate Dead: (Can both be cast together as a full round action by the same caster) 1/2 level gained per stage
-Good: basic melee attack capability + full cleric abilities
-Neutral: basic melee attack capability + either secondary class features or the ability to cast spells of the Healing sub-school
-Evil: basic melee attack capability and secondary class feature
Animate Dead: As Lesser above but you are a Zombie and you earn full stage level advancement
Raise Dead: Raises a PC fully to life at the level they were slain at. (+ advancement as above rounded up) A PC animated without Consecrate/Desecrate must have Lesser Restoration cast on them first. Max 9 levels difference from Current Stage value
Resurrection: Raises PC to full stage level

*Atonement must be cast on Good PCs animated with Desecrate and Evil PCs animated with Consecrate to regain full abilities
Casting Atonement on yourself is not considered "Naughty"

Good PCs may cast 2 Consecrates for the entire event
Neutral PCs may cast 2 total of either Consecrate or Desecrate for the entire event
Evil PCs may cast 2 Desecrates for the entire event
Animate Dead: PCs may cast 1 of each lesser/normal the entire event
Raise Dead: PCs may cast 1 the entire event
Resurrection: Will be handed out on specific cases

Limitations above are for base Cleric class only, Secondary class, domain, etc allows you to supersede these limitations. Only 1 Resurrection can be gained from secondary sources

Alignment is really in name only-to have all sides represented and tie in your character thematically. This is a cooperative effort!

Looking for a few good sports: This is more of an experimental holiday event with a heavy emphasis on combat, than a campaign-I am hoping the mechanics work out in execution as much as they work out in my head. Consider the restrictions as Tournament Entry Guidelines for thematic reasons and to help me measure what different character classes are capable of-I hope to be learning a few things in the process of this whole event. Any suggestions you see that may make the mechanics work better will be graciously appreciated!

Any restriction may be modified or completely thrown out by me if you tie in a race/class/deity concept in nicely!

Mobs of each stage will be overpowered CRs increasing in number-(think along the lines of what "The Twelve Curses of Christmas" equates to) you will need the help of your allies!

Does this qualify you for human traits such as Varisian tattoo in legal PFS?

The Exchange

eldritch heritage states you get the first-level bloodline power treating your caster level for that power as your character level-2. The first level arcane bloodline gives a familiar for the first level power.

So may a 9th level alchemist take Eldritch Heritage (arcane bloodline) gain a familiar as an effective sorcerer level of 7 and thus get an improved familiar?

I understand you aren't supposed to be able to have two familiars, (though there has been some debate as to this by a few due to tattoo familiars and archetypes that allow for companions etc.) but assuming the Eldritch heritage route above is valid, is an alchemist then locked out of the tumor Familiar Discovery? And if you take a level in Wizard may you then get a bonded object as well...the Eldritch Heritage feat (arcana) says that "this ability doesn't let you get a familiar and a bonded object, but it seems that it is simply stating that you don't get both from the bloodline itself and taking a level in wizard is getting it by a different means.

And while I have your most gracious attention...just for may not take a cross-blooded line for the eldritch heritage feat giving you two 1st level bloodline powers even if you have the proper skill focus requirements for each bloodline.

I have also heard that the spell knowledge has been given the green light for Alchemists to gain an improve familiar and item creation feats as well by giving an effective caster level.

And if alchemists were not supposed to be considered Arcan Casters to begin with why does the Hidden priest false arcanist power specifically list Alchemists in there/

So many questions...

I have a Wayang Alchemist(chirurgeon) with lofty aspirations and was wondering if anyone knew any contradictions in the RAW to any of them.

DISCLAIMER: I cannot figure out how to link things so if you do not feel like taking the time with me I understand!

1. Tumor Familiar Discovery-Monkey with Valet familiar archetype to help with crafting.
2 Spell Knowledge Discovery to count as an arcane caster at my level and/or Eldritch Heritage feat (Celestial Bloodline)once I get skill Focus:Heal at 5th
3. Take a level in witch after 6 levels in Alchemist so I count as a 7th level arcane spell caster...get a second familiar with Improved Familiar at 7th level power as my witch's patron familiar

4.Tear of Nuruu'gal Construction and bonding: 1 Level In Druid with Ooze Whisperer feat + Craft Ooze Feat which states: "even normally intelligent oozes like slithering trackers that are created this way have no Intelligence score" it allows for intelligent oozes to be crafted and gives it the prerequisite Int score to be affected by Ooze Whisperer...but would it have the associated powers as they were originally spawned by Nuruu'gal and "contain a portion of the creature's essence and foul sentience" I was wondering if it was far out of the realm of possibility of using the Awaken spell in conjunction with the appropriate power-related spells during crafting and infusing it with my own essence and sentience to make a "Tear of Lil Boom Boom" if you will...especially since infusing things like bombs and extracts with our magical essence is what we Alchemists do!

Lofty goals indeed!