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I really thought he meant buying, as in magic shop.. which I fully endorse. :)

That's good news Eric, probably why it's not in the system. :)

Are the Iconics in this or are they only going to be features as part of the D series?

Sect wrote:
Hm... now we find out even more about our beloved iconics...

Yes indeed, all because I noticed something that was over looked by many.

I HOPE that Paizo finds a way to publish a lot more about the personalities, histories, and such of the Iconics. Not just leave them as pregen'd characters for novices to play.

A novel would be nice, a few short stories every pathfinder or two would be even better. :)

Sadly the ISBN doesn't come up for Waldenbooks (employee), that doesn't mean Borders won't have it... but typically we can't order things the big store can't get.

ISBN: 978-1-60125-035-3

Note that it's a 13 digit ISBN and it's the "official" ISBN for the book. Many book stores are still on 10 digit systems though. Not promising anything, but might want to write down the 10 digit conversion.. 1-60125-035-5.

Ask your local Borders if they can order it for you.

Always about buying. I don't remember Drizzt buying his scimitars or Arilyn buying her moonblade. Did Blackstaff or Raistlin buy their staves?

Oh well, probably unbalance the adventure if it was just looted early on off a corpse of a wizard enemy. Keep in mind that "buying" isn't always the way heroes get stuff. :)

Fake Healer wrote:
tdewitt274 wrote:
You're right. I didn't see it. Must have been distracted...

Wonder how much implants cost in Varisia? And check out the nose.....looks like someone is playing in the "snow".

Implants? Why do they have to be implants? She's a sorceress after all, high Charisma and all that stuff. 10 is the human average and at 15 those certainly look above average. ;)

James Jacobs wrote:
The "sword" she's got on her back is not a sword. It is, indeed, some sort of magic rod or wand or other sorcerous geegaw. Seoni'd probably cut off one of her fingers if she tried using a sword. And Merisiel would laugh until she passed out.

Sure does look like one but ok. So when we going to see that particular item stat'd? :)

Maybe.. maybe not. She is level 2 in D1, and it's not listed there either.

Whatever the case maybe it's worth noting/discussing/speculating. Maybe they didn't even think about it or notice it like others here hadn't. :)

I prefer options. Why can't we have both? :)

I myself would download the whole thing in 1 file, cuts down on the file opening I have to do when looking for something, but being able to take specific parts like the monsters, the towns, etc. could be useful for when I DM (and other DMs too.)

I need to get me Seven swords! :P

So I was looking through the portraits and I noticed something..

Click Here

A picture of Seoni.. and the title of that picture..


Future product or something to come for our hot little sorceress?

A wakazashi is right. But if it's a sword, a rod, or a wand, why isn't it on her character sheets?

I got the first issue and I like what I see. But I have a small problem, since it's not Wizards material, most of the campaigns I play in will never use any of it, or even allow it, so right now I'm getting Pathfinder to get something out of my subscriptions. I did sign up for the 1 year subscription and it looks like I'll be getting them just to enjoy them.

But see, that's my problem.

Pathfinder #1 seemed to be all Dungeon and no Dragon. What I mean is the typical content I read Dragon for isn't there.So if Pathfinder is just going to be a more expensive Dungeon magazine.. well.. guess what I won't keep getting?

I'd love to see some fiction about Valeros, Seoni, Kyra, and Merisiel and their adventures.. you know, the kind of short stories we read in Dragon. There's also prestige classes and class articles. I mean.. if Pathfidner #1 represents what'll be in Pathfinder from here on out, then I might as well save my money and subscribe to D&D Insider when it goes live.