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A must have..


I just finished reading this and it's great. It offers great insight into the minds of the creators and for such a small books covers an array of different topics to help make adventures.

Bad wings


I don't know what the deal is, but every one of these I've seen has the wings bending below the base of the mini.. making it not stand flat. Annoying.



Easily one of the best minis in the set.

it's beautiful!


First of all this is an absolutely beautiful book. That's just placeholder art here on the Paizo webpage, the actual cover is there..


First thing you'll note is the book has no dust jackets. It's a beautifully embossed cover with all 3 original Elminster novels in it. Each page is Ivory stock, making the book feel old and warn (but it's not.) Unlike the Annotated Dragonlance books, they left the extras from Ed until the END of each book. So you get to read the story, Ed's story about writing the novel and the Realms lore we learn from the novel. There's also some great sketches drawn by Ed himself in these sections that delighted me.

Any realms fan will love this for their collection.

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Pathfinder gets better


Not only is the beautiful Seoni on the cover, a plus for any fanboy, but The Skinsaw Murders is another great adventure. The art is greatly improved in this issue. If you liked the Pathfinder Journals you're in for a treat with this one. The info on Desna is just what we needed and hopefully we'll get more on the other gods soon.

I can't wait to see next issue.

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A classic adventure.


This adventure has more depth then you'd ever find in your standard issue of Dungeon. First off, it introduces us to a new campaign setting. One with people, history, and personality. All the characters presented in the adventure are memorable with personalities and personal motivations. The town of Sandpoint is one that you could easy lose your group in after the adventure is complete, even if you don't get issue 2. I like it.

I just wish it had more stuff for players, perhaps some fiction to make up for the loss of Dragon as well. Otherwise it's 96 pages of delight!