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A terrible module complete with useless pregens


I played this yesterday at Free RPG Day with a group of seven consisting of four pregens. The pregens did nothing through the entire module because they were so poorly built. The pregen wizard was able to use his wand of magic missile and that was about it. This made him the most useful of the pregens.

Our party waited for three days before our ambush finally worked. Why did the designer even have a chance for the killers to not show up? It just ended up wasting more time. The first encounter wasn't hard, really. It was just annoying.

I can't believe that it was written with a succubus to fight level five characters. As a gunslinger, I was the only person who could even hit the thing because its AC was too high for anyone to manage. Well, the fighter may have been able to if she hadn't been dominated. Our party ended up retreating because her at-will 12th level vampiric touch was restoring her for about as much as my damage.

The plot was boring too. All we got was that there was a cult that hated Sarenrae because they like demons. Good job, writers. This was the worst module I have ever played and I really wouldn't want to see anyone else subjected to it. It is very likely to cause a TPK unless the group has a paladin and it is absolutely awful to introduce new players to Pathfinder due to its shortness, poor writing, difficulty, and lack of roleplay options.