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Anyone else who is building a character for the higher level scenarios having trouble finding PERMANENT items of the appropriate levels given in the character building guidelines?

If not, do you have any suggestions?

Reference to building a playtest character:

Will we be able to build our own characters to test this scenario? If so, is there a document that guidelines this? (Mostly wondering about money and equipment purchasing.)

The first edition of Pathfinder is very much like D&D 3.5. What's wrong with Paizo being inspired by other editions as well? If you don't like it, you're allowed to stick with first edition.

Cool. Thanks for the feedback, you two!

Now I know the axe musket gets no love, but I love my characters with flavor and flaws. With that out of the way, my question:

When using the full attack action with the aforementioned weapon, can you switch between shooting and slashing, or do you need to choose one? I feel this may have been answered implicitly in posts about how it's not a true double weapon, but I am still confused on the matter.

Hey, everyone. I'm attempting to design my first class, and I'm looking for suggestions from you experienced folk on how I can make the class more balanced. Any suggestions on what needs to be buffed or debuffed would be appreciated!