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Thank you all so much for the advice. I'm leaning towards the rogue/fighter build even more now after a conversation with the DM about being roughly a 50/50 role play vs. combat.

I need to read some more about the alchemist though. I'm very familiar with the Core Rulebook, but not as much with the APG.

So we are starting a new Pathfinder game with 5 players and a DM. Three of the players are new to the Pathfinder game, but familiar with RPG games. We are only allowed to use the Core Rulebook and the Advanced Players Guide. We have a homegrown game and our DM loves randomness so we are all going to have to roll for our stats (which usully means we will be better off that a point by system). We will be able to arrange our stats however we like.

I know that the other four in our party are going to play the following:
Barbarian (new but a very good Warmachine player and tatically sound)
Oracle (new to PF but played a 3.5 druid - wants a healer build)
Sorcerer (the other experienced player)
Zen Archer (brand new - loves the idea of a kung fu archer)

+Me as the undecided fifth (kinda leaning toward a rogue/fighter TWF type build)

What do you think is the best fit?