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Hi there,

I'm wondering if there are any good alternatives for combat rules. I've read Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay rulebook, and I really liked the combat system there. It allows players to actually hit different parts of the body (i.e. legs, head, torso, etc.) and literally CHOP OFF ARMS and POKE OUT EYES of their enemies.

Does anybody know if there are any similar homebrews in Pathfinder that could make the combat deadlier and more realistic?

Falcar wrote:

I would agree with you on the Nord being an Armored Hulk barbarian.

The Altmer Mage would probably be a blaster sorcerer, maybe an elemental bloodline to to fit the power she was throwing around there.
The Breton Thief would end up as a rogue, maybe an acrobat because he was jumping round doing flips the whole time looking cool.

Are you looking for actual builds of these characters of just ideas of what they may be. Each one would be a high level person given what they can do to the "common" folk, the Mage was incinerating multiple people with a single spell (Chain Lightning?) while the thief was doing some very impressive acrobatic checks on the rope bridge and could kill people with a single knife throw without breaking a sweat. The Nord did not get as much action in the early trailer but in later ones he was not doing anything spectacular as far as I recall other than refuse to die when everyone else was going down so Barbarian fits there with the hit points and survivability.

Hope this Helps.

This is what I was looking for! Thanks, bro!

Hello everybody,

I assume many people have seen awesome trailers of TESO and i I'd really like to create a Nord or Breton actors. Can you please help me identify what classes are they?

My assumption is that Nord is Armoured Hulk Barbarian, and Breton - maybe a rogue?

Thanks in advance!

Rosc wrote:
Hazrond wrote:
(haste lets EACH natural attack swing a second time per full attack, bulls strength buffs the damage, blur, displacement, you get the idea)

I am very, very certain that Haste grants, at best, one extra attack with a single natural weapon of the Eidolon's choice.

Anyway, as mentioned before, doubling your actions per turn is the biggest strength of the Summoner. Granted, the Synthesist FEELS more powerful what with the advantages of the Eidolon gives a PC with natural armor, natural attacks, and that temporary hit point pool. It'll make the fighter feel inadequate. The potential to cheese your stats FEELS awful, but honestly it just means having 16 Int on a non-Int-based frontliner if you decided that's a thing you need in your life.

Out of curiosity, are we talking APG Summoner or Unchained Summoner?

Not sure what APG means, but I think we're talking about him.

Hi all,

Our GM has banned all summoner archetypes, but not the class itself. So, my question is: do I have to be a Synthesist in order to be super powerful, or can I still be powerful as a regular summoner?