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Current Campaigns

The ARA Table 2 (inactive)

Table 2 of the ARA campaign

GM Rennai's The Midnight Mirror (inactive)

Can a group of intrepid Pathfinders figure out what is happening in the city of Karpad?

Karpad overview map

House of Night maps

LegitGM's Artifact Retrieval Agency (inactive)

This isn't the Army. It's way worse.

Reign of Kingmaker (inactive)

With a Kingmaker Chassis this game mixes in Reign of Winter, Tales of the Old Margreve a variety of modules and tons fo custom content from the GM's company Flying Pincushion Games.

Team Love Game play (inactive)

Team Love is centered around Evan and Kejal's riomance and is rollicking around the stolen lands facing a mix from Kingmaker and Reign of Winter. Sometimes linking up with Team Rock and Roll