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Lone level 3 monsters make for terrible bounties.


Please, please, please, Paizo, please get this clear: having the only fight in a 1st level adventure be against a level 3 boss is completely antithetical to having a good time. Even if the PCs win, it doesn't feel good; it feels like you got ground up and spit out, and if nobody died it was just sheer luck. Blood of the Beautiful and The Sandstone Secret have the same exact problem that way, with the latter having single-handedly made some potential players at our local game store decide PFS just wasn't for them. I have no doubt that Blood of the Beautiful would have the exact same effect, were I so unwise as to attempt it. This may be a repeatable, but there's no way I will ever run or play it again.

A desperate hope for victory


Took my first run through this game last night. Unsurprisingly, we lost. Badly. And yet, my first thought after playing it was, "Next time, things will be different!"

Shadows Over Camelot is an intense game of teamwork and strategy, in which all players must work together in order to have a hope of victory. And yet, one of the players is working to make sure that never happens, leading to a complicated negotiation of power and betrayal. Each of the game's subquests works on a unique mechanic that makes decisions about where to put resources absolutely vital - and where one misplay can not only kill a player, but cost everyone the game.

Give it a shot. You won't regret it! And next time, we're going to win!