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Thank you all for the great suggestions, I will be looking into them. :)

Can I use a Construct Rider and give the Animal Companion the Shapeless Familiar?

According to Construct Rider documentation the companion acts as a druid animal companion. That means it gets feats and the animal companion feats explicitly list "Shapeless Familiar (Animal Companion Feat)".

Hello everyone,

I need a bit of help building a character. I'd like to have a dwarf crossbowman with a construct "companion" to block for me - something like a metal/stone/clockwork golem. I thought of going 5 Level Bolt Ace Gunslinger to boost the crossbow, that leaves me with 15 levels for anything else.

Flavour-wise I would prefer some non-magic and more mechanical way to achieve this, but
I cannot find a (good) way with enough hp for the golem to actually block. Our ruleset is all paizo+unchained rules+path of war.

Things I considered:
1) Master craftsman + craft construct: Seems to be hard to achieve without magic and doesn't scale. Is craft construct feasible for one construct?
2) Tinkerer alchemist with evolved familiar: Is there an option to enlarge the familiar to large size or improve its hp apart from mauler archetype/maulers endurance?
3) Construct rider alchemist: Which options are there to adjust this companion? Can it be altered with craft construct? (e.g. if I could change the horse into a gorilla, I get pretty close to the golem, hp seem ok)
4) Any other options?

Thanks for the help! :)