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Great Addition to the Pawns Line!


This is an excellent set with a large number of potential PC pawns as well as a few monsters never seen in pawn form before. It's great to have all of the non-CRB iconics available as well. When you need to run pre-gens, your players will have all the options. Lots of the Golarion factions are represented with multiple pawns as well.

Just as an aside, with many different Golarion factions represented in multiple pawns, including Pathfinder Society (including a specific Eando Kline pawn), Aspis Consortium, Shackles Pirates and Red Mantis Assassins, along with the first appearance of kuru cannibals, charau-ka and the Gorilla King, you nearly have the next best thing to a Serpent's Skull AP pawn set. When the new serpentfolk pawns arrive with the up coming Monster Codex pawn set, you should be ready to go!

The Shackles Pirate pawns represent different looking pirates which will come in very handy differentiating nameless pirate baddies in a Skull & Shackles game. Four of the pirate pawns in the Skull & Shackles AP pawn set and the veteran buccaneers from the NPC Codex pawn set were identical. This set includes 12 new pawns for pirates with three different designs, not to mention a new pirate captain and a second pirate captain that is a repeat of the ship's officer from Skull & Shackles.

Overall, a very useful set.

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It can basically make three ships. A three tile long, one tile wide viking longship. A four tile long, one tile wide galley that can reasonably be configured to be as small as two tiles long, in which case it looks more like a keelboat. Finally, the one that most people running a Skull & Shackles game will be excited about is a four tile long, two tile wide sailing ship. This is a very big ship and could easily represent a large battleship. Overall, this is a good buy.