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Full Name

Shard of the Silent House


Male Fighter 18 | Perc. +28 (M; Gr. Darkvision) | Speed: 35', Fly 35' | HP: 278/278 | AC: 42 (43) (Blind-Fight, Resist Slash 4) | Fort: +30 Ref: +31 Will: +30 (Success=crit on fort, ref, fear) |


Spells: F: 1/1 | Exploration: Scout & Avoid Notice | Status: Flying (35'), Fright 2 | Hero Points: 0

Strength 20
Dexterity 20
Constitution 18
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 18
Charisma 12

About Shard of the Silent House

Ancestry Male fetchling sylph fighter 16
Background raised by belief (Back Butterfly)
Deity Back Butterfly
Languages Common, Shadowtongue


Shard's voluminous cloak is darker than black. His bare chest, eyes, and hair are dusky grey — the only slash of color on his body is a razor-thin red ribbon around his neck. His shadow opens doors for him and snuffs out the candlelight. It walks his polearm, a shadowy branch tipped with a petal-shaped blade and black thorn.

When Shard dances in the shadows he is worshiping in his sacred place, what he calls the Black Butterfly's Silent House. It's everywhere and in everything — from the eternal gulf between stars to the lacuna between breaths.


HP 278
AC 42 (43: Shield/Dodge Away) (+10+17+6+8=41)
Speed 30’ (35-5)
[dice=Fort (M)]1d20+30[/dice] Juggernaut
[dice=Ref (M)]1d20+31[/dice] Evasion
[dice=Will (M)]1d20+30[/dice] Bravery


[dice=Ghost Touch Fauchard (19-20), Strike 1, Shove]1d20+35[/dice]
Frightened 2 on crit

[dice=Ghost Touch Fauchard (19-20), Strike 2, Sweep, Shove]1d20+35-5[/dice]
Frightened 2 on crit

[dice=Ghost Touch Fauchard (19-20), Strike 3, Sweep]1d20+35-10[/dice]
Frightened 2 on crit

[dice=Returning Starknife]1d20+31[/dice]

[dice=Returning Starknife Strike 2, Agile]1d20+31-4[/dice]


Shifting Rune (Meteor Hammer):

[dice=Meteor hammer, Strike 1]1d20+33[/dice]
Frightened 2 on crit

[dice=Meteor hammer, Strike 2]1d20+33-5[/dice]
Frightened 2 on crit

Shifting Rune (Halberd):

[dice=Halberd, Strike 1]1d20+35[/dice]
Frightened 2 on crit

[dice=Halberd, Strike 2]1d20+35-5[/dice]
Frightened 2 on crit


[dice=Acrobatics (L)]1d20+31[/dice]
[dice=Arcana (U)]1d20+3[/dice]
[dice=Athletics (L)]1d20+35[/dice] +1 item to trip from +3 weapon (+36)
[dice=Crafting (U)]1d20+1[/dice]
[dice=Deception (U)]1d20[/dice]
[dice=Diplomacy (U)]1d20[/dice]
[dice=Intimidation (U)]1d20[/dice]
[dice=Medicine (U)]1d20+1[/dice]
[dice=Nature (U)]1d20+4[/dice]
[dice=Occultism (U)]1d20+0[/dice]
[dice=Performance (E)]1d20+22[/dice]
[dice=Religion (U)]1d20+1[/dice]
[dice=Society (E)]1d20+23[/dice]
[dice=Stealth (L)]1d20+33[/dice]
[dice=Survival (U)]1d20+1[/dice]
[dice=Thievery (T)]1d20+5[/dice]

[dice=Desna Lore (T)]1d20+19[/dice]


◈◈ Shadow Jump (8th)
Guidance (At Will) (8th*)
◈◈ Pest Form (bat only, 1/day) (4th)
◈◈ Prestidigitation (At Will) (8th)
Shield (At Will) (8th)


1. If a creature attempts a flat check to target Shard while he's concealed or hidden due to dim light or darkness:

Shadow Blending: Increase the DC of the flat check by 2.

2. If a creature attempts to Strike Shard, and he cannot use Shadow Blending:

Dodge Away: Shard gets +1 AC and Steps 10 feet if the attack misses (Feather Step). He will move back in a logical way in order to bait the creature into triggering an AOO if possible.

3. If a creature attempts to move through Shard's threatened range, and he hasn't used an AOO yet:

[dice=Fauchard, AOO 1]1d20+33[/dice]
Frightened 2 on crit

4. If a creature reaches him after he takes the AOO

Shard will use reactions 1 or 2 following the same logical order.

5. Else:

[dice=Fauchard, AOO 2]1d20+33[/dice]
Frightened 2 on crit


Attack of Opportunity +1 reaction
Dodge Away
Exacting Strike
Kip Up
◈◈ Positioning Assault
Shadow Blending
Shield Block
Spring from the Shadows
◈◈◈ Whirlwind Strike
◈◈ Wings of Air (1/day)


Acrobat Dedication Scaling acrobatics to L
Assurance Stealth "take 10" for 34
Battlefield Surveyor +2 to Perception when rolling initiative
Bravery Success at Will save vs. fear becomes critical success. When you become frightened, reduce value by 1.
Bulwark Unused
Canny Acumen Will to M at 17
Clever Shadow Shadow can perform basic actions
Combat Flexibility When do daily preparation, choose one fighter feat (8th or less, must meet pre-reqs) to gain until next daily preparation.
Combat Reflexes Extra reaction for AOO
Courtly Graces Use Society vs Nobles
Evasion Successes rolled on Reflex saves are crit successes instead.
Feather Step (Will) Step into Difficult terrain
Fighter weapon mastery Polearms
Foil Senses Always stealth vs special senses
Graceful Leaper Acrobatics can be used insted of Athletics for jumps
Greater Darkvision See in magical darkness
Hauling Shadow Conceal my polearm in my shadow so I can sneak it into masques
Improved Flexibility When do daily preparation, choose one fighter feat (14th or less, must meet pre- reqs) to gain until next daily preparation.
Juggernaut Successes rolled on Fort saves are crit successes instead.
Legendary Sneak Always sneaking unless you choose to be seen, can Hide and Sneak even without cover or being concealed and gain benefits of Avoid Notice even if doing other exploration activities
Quiet Allies, Stealth mod of 16+dex+4 for lowest ally
Shadowdancer Decication greater darkvision, +2 circumstance bonus to Stealth checks within dim light or darkness
Shield Block Block damage
Swift Sneak Sneak at full speed
Titan Wrestler Use maneuvers 2 sizes larger
Toughness Extra HP
Weapon legend Polearms
Weapon Mastery (Polearms) You can use critical specializations all weapons for which you have master proficiency.
Savage Critical You crit on a 19 as well as a 20, so long as the 19 hits.


greater striking shifting ghost touch fearsome guisarme +3 (inside shadow): 12301.4 GP

striking returning starknife: 157 GP
mod elixir of life: 150 GP
Travelers any-tool: 200 GP
earplugs .01 GP
Aligned Oil (good): 140 GP
Dust of Appearance: 50 GP

glamered greater resilient stanching Full Plate +2: 4800 GP; obfuscation Oil (immune to divination magic of 8th level or lower)

1. cloak of the bat : 950 GP
2. greater gloves of healing: 700 GP
3. sleeves of storage: 100 GP
7. persona mask: 60 GP
8. Greater Boots of Bounding
9. belt of giant strength

Dispelling Sliver on glaive

adv pack items 1.5 GP

Spent 19999.91 GP
Coin .09 GP



Level 1:

Ancestry: Fetchling
Heritage: Sylph
Ancestry Feat: Shadow Blending
Background: Raised by Belief (Black butterfly for Stralth + assurance )
Class proficiencies: Acrobatice, Athletics, Performance, Society
Fighter Feat: Exacting Strike
Shield Block

Level 2:

Acrobat Dedication: Scaling Acrobatics to Legendary
Skill Feat: Titan Wrestler

Level 3:

general feat: Toughness
skill increase: Performance to E

Level 4:

Fighter Feat: Lunge
Skill Feat: Courtly Graces

Level 5:

Ability Boosts: +2 str, dex, con, wis
Ancestry feat
Fighter Weapon mastery
Skill increase: Stealth to E

Level 6:

Fighter Feat: Dodge Away
Skill Feat: Quiet allies

Level 7:

Battlefield Surveyor: Master perc, +2 perc to init when searching
General Feat: Fleet
Skill Increase: Stealth to M
Weapon Specialization

Level 8:

Fighter Feat: Shadowdancer
Skill Feat: Graceful Leaper (meet multi dedication pre-req)

Level 9:

Combat Flexibility: Brutish Shove
Ancestry Feat: Hauling Shadow
Skill Increase: Society to E

Level 10:

Ability Boosts: +1 str, dex, +2 con, +2 Cha (train Occultism)
Fighter Feat: Shadow Jump
Skill Feat: Kip Up

Level 11:

Armor Expertise
Fighter Expertise
General Feat: Feather Step
Skill Increase: Athletics to E

Level 12:

Fighter Feat: Combat Reflexes
Skill Feat:

Level 13:

Ancestry Feat: Wings of Air
Skill increase: Athletics to M
Weapon Legend: Polaarms

Level 14:

Fighter Feat: Spring from Shadows
Skill Feat: Swift Sneak

Level 15:

Abilily Boosts: +1 dex, str, +2 cha, wis
General feat: Canny Acumen (Will)
Greater weapon specialization
Improved Flexibility: Positioning Assault
Skill Increase: Stealth to L

Level 16:

Fighter feat: Whirlwind Strike
Skill Feat: Legendary Sneak

Level 17:

Ancestry feat: Wings of Air (perm fly speed)
Skill Increase: Athletics to L
Armor mastery: AC to M

Level 18:

Savage Critical
Assurance Stealth