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Mark Seifter wrote:
magnuskn wrote:

Overall, I am very pleased with this preview. However, two things:

1.) There will be 250 monsters in the Playtest Bestiary? Um, is the Bestiary included in the Playtest Rulebook? The Playtest Adventure? If not, why couldn't we order it together with those? Or will it be PDF-only?

2.) What's with the gorilla orcs in the blog illustration? And if orc lore will be changed to make them more animal-like, how does that affect half-orcs?

PDF only, just because otherwise the schedule would be impossible, but this allowed it to fit in editing and layout after print products went to the printer.

I hope this alludes to the bigger bestiary which was talked about in another thread. If 250 are done by the playtest (or already) that should leave plenty of time for more monsters by release.

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Strachan Fireblade wrote:
Jason Bulmahn wrote:
He does still have armor proficiency, and it does improve a bit for him, but for the fighter, we decided that weapons were his prime focus. This leaves a focus on armor for another class...
You would be referring to Paladin, yes?

I can see that.

Barbarian is the best attacker with least defense, Fighter kinda in the middle with options for both defense and attack, Paladin less offence (unless evil) but highly defensive is how its handled in many other games.

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Heyo, I don't post much but I'm a big forum reader. And Erik I'd like to thank you for taking the time to read this.

Bestiaries are probably one of my fave aspects of the game. I'm someone who sometimes buys the monster books for systems I don't even play for ideas. I bought the Tome of Horrors complete by FGG so that kinda tells you how willing I am to buy a more expensive book. That said I do think I have a wishlist that others have already mentioned.

First and foremost binding is key. These bigger books need to have excellent binding to withstand the test of time. Nobody wants to buy a book and have it fall apart after only 6 months or so. FGG has stated that they do a packetsinto sewn binding and it holds up. So I do think maybe something similar should be done should the book be on the 600 page side.

Second I agree that it needs to have at the very least most of the books from Bestiary 1&2, those are the classic monsters the ones everyone plays with the most. Waiting for these is always a pain because you'll probably end up homebrewing them anyway and you know they'll end up taking up a good large chunk of the second book if they aren't in the first book. Might as well get it over with.

Thirdly I want a good number of historically cool monsters/folklore already in there. Maybe a good 20ish Stuff like the chupacabra or la llorona. These may have less of a Medieval pathfindery feel to them but they're always fun to mess around with and give us an idea of how these would be handled in the future.

Lastly, and possibly the hardest one of them all is new monsters. I want there to be more than a few of these. Not monsters from old editions, not elemental swaps of other monsters, not something that has a different name and appearance but works fundamentally the same as something else, but truly unique monsters that have us going wow thats so neat I love that they came up with it.

I know that last one is a tall order but you guys have done it in the past and I believe in you guys.