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Thank you for your answers. In my mind, the sorcerer doesn't have access to the spells I like to cast such as: restoration, prayer, aid etc. Most important arcane buffs are already taken over by the summoner of our group.

The Mystic Theurge has a very slow spell progression if I would go for Oracle/Sorcerer.

I want to play the oracle like a Holy/Smiter Priest (e.g. Wold of Warcraft) but the option in pathfinder are limited for a divine spontaneous caster without armor. I want to keep the divine spell list, get access to some arcane spells and be armorless based at the background story of my character.
I'm not sure how to balance the lack of armor with any other benefit. Another idea could be an additional arcane spell per level known, but would this be too strong?


I will be playing an Ancient Lorekeeper Oracle for our new campaign. I love casting divine spells but am bored with the medium-armored-melee concept (played various cleric/paladins in the past). I am planning to go for a purely divine caster as a buffer/healer/nuker with some added arcane spells from the ancient lorekeeper archetype and eldritch heritage: arcane for some sorcerer flair. To round out the character, I would forego weapon and armor proficiency and be some kind of divine sorcerer.
My DM now suggested that I add some features to the character to balance out the missing armor. I have some ideas, but I am not sure they will balance the character.
I could i.e., get sidestep secret or add extra arcane spells to the list every time the oracle gets a new mystery spell (such as the magister).
I welcome further suggestions.

(I also looked into other classes such as witch, but they don’t fit my character concept, which focuses more on divine spells.)