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A cry periced the night in the cold winter of 1203, signaling the arival of Sechen the daughter of Jochi the eldest son of Genghis Khan. Though by being born a girl she was welcomed but not celebrated. She was no son and could not pass on the line in their culture. But in time, her worth would be more than proven.

Within three years her grandfather unified the mongol tribes and from then on Sechen knew no hardship. Her years where spent dressed in silk with jewels in her hair and the best toys. Sechen got along fairly well with her siblings and half-siblings and cousins, enjoying horseback riding and archry with them though she was never allowed to hunt with her brothers and male cousins.

However the world that Sechen knew was thrown drastically out of balance when upon Sechen flowering at the age of ten. A time the would of meant a possible engagement turn into a dramatic change. Along with her new found womanhood voices began to plague Sechen. At first it was only in dreams so Sechen thought nothing of it... Then the visions came. During the day she began to hear voice that had no body from which they came and was able to see little misfortunes before they happened. Finally after a week Sechen stormed into Genghis Khan's yurt while her father, Jochi, was speaking to him about a possible engagement for Sechen. When they questioned the girl on why she would barge in, Sechen couldn't speak back. Every word from her lips meant nothing to her father and grandfather and after a few words she clasped.

Genghis Khan kept his granddaughter in his yurt and set for their doctors. But over the days no one could break Sechen of the tongues she spoke, or the fever that would sweep over the girl from time to time. Finally, fearing the end was near for his grandchild, Genghis Khan sent for the shamans. Upon investigating the girl the shamans found what the doctors could not. Sechen was possed! The spirits of the Khan's familiy had some how been channeled into the girl. They could only know this for sure because of the one name they could understand, Yesugei. Genghis Khan's father.

The shamans told the great Khan that his granddaughter should go with a small group of them to be raised in th Khan's holy place. The woods upon the mountain where he hid as a child after killing his older half-brother and the same woods that saved most of his family when the tribe his mother was orginally engaged to raided his people and took his first wife. Genghis Khan agreed and Sechen at the age of 10, was taken away from her home and family to live in the forests to learn to control her powers the spirits had bestowed upon her.

Years passed, and while the gifted child grew up away from her family she was never forgotten. Her family sent her horses, jewels, silks, and much more. She was even able to see them when they came to the area for spiritual ceremonies and she welcomed these times, but other than that only the other shamans where her company.

One year, her grandfather had gone to their spiritual forest to think and meditate. It was there that Sechen found him and spoke with him, revealing her ability for foresight and aid in such times as this. When Genghis Khan returned from the forest mountains he didn't return alone. A now sixteen Sechen rode at his side, and was reunited with her family before her grandfather gave his decision to his people. The mongols where going to war.