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Chargen synopsis

- 20 pt. buy
- Core races, plus catfolk and ratfolk
- Feat tax rules
- 1 campaign trait, 2 regular traits, disadvantages do not provide more
- Max starting HP, half +1 on level
- Average starting wealth
- Background Skills
- Emerging firearms
- No third-party stuff
- Good and neutral alignments preferred. I won't flat refuse evil, but you'll have to convince me.

Classes not allowed: Summoner (including UC), Occult classes. All others okay. Not much room for riding in this campaign, so while I'll allow cavaliers, etc. you might feel a bit less useful.

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Hello, folks.

As a lifelong fan of HPL and tabletop games, and a person who has been fortunate enough to be included in a few great PbP games here, I'd like to give back, and so I am planning a run-through of the Strange Aeons AP.

A few things I want to get out of the way, up-front:

- I am only planning one run right now, with no more than 5-6 players, not multiple tables. This could change later, but no guarantees there.

- I am currently planning on the following:
feat tax rules, 20 point buy, no 3rd party, core races preferred (but with a sufficiently good character idea, others will be considered), automatic bonus progression (though I am on the fence here and might do some house-ruling), Background Skills, Unchained Classes (except for Summoners, of which I am not a fan), emerging firearms (and I am not flexible about allowing advanced firearms at all, sorry!), and (despite my choice of AP), I am not allowing Occult classes because I don't have the book, and really just can't be arsed to learn them right now.

If any of that makes this sound like not your sort of game, I get it, and I am sure you'll find one to your liking elsewhere.

- Posting - Most of mine will be done during my day (I am in CDT, in the US). I post mainly from work. Sometimes I have more time, sometimes less, but I will always try to post as often as I can. That said, I would like people who can commit to posting something decent at least every other day. Sometimes crap happens, and it will NOT be held against you, but the norm should be no more than 1-2 days between posts. More than that is also fine. I can post on weekends, but it's a bit more sporadic.

- I will not be keeping uber-strict track of XP, and so I will level you when it feels right, or when the AP seems to think you should be. I don't figure that'll matter to anyone, but I mention it up front to avoid any, "Wait, shouldn't we have leveled by now?" posts.

All of that said... still interested? If so, here's what I'd like to see:

- A synopsis of WHO you want to play. Who, not what. I don't mind some discussion of mechanics. I even welcome it. But just seeing, "I'm interested. Drow-blooded/android MoMS Monk 1/Brawler 3/Wizard 5/Arcane Archer X using the variant ruleset that allows me to shoot big boxing-glove tipped arrows which allow me to use my brawler abilites at range since I am technically punching my enemies..." means I will ignore your post. Give me a person, with a story, with feelings, with motivations... even though a good chunk of the story will mean that you can't remember those things about yourself.

- An idea (again, not a detailed 20 level plan) of where you think the character will go as s/he levels.

- A short RP sample. I am seriously big on roleplay, and have no issue with people even engaging in philosophical conversations and the like in game. I don't expect you to write like a pro... I sure as hell don't. But something that shows me that you can put thought into not only who your char is, but what they do and why they do it.

You'll get bonus points in my head if I can clearly see that you've read the Strange Aeons player's guide and used it to think about your character. Also, I realize that I have to use the Honor System here, but I am giving preference to people who have NOT played this AP before.

I will leave submissions open until Wednesday, 10/31, but I reserve the right to close it earlier if I see a group that I like.

Please do feel free to ask any questions.


P.S. - having thought about it for five seconds, I will allow Catfolk and Ratfolk in addition to core races, simply because cats and rats both seem fittingly Lovecraftian (Cats of Ulthar, Rats in the Walls, Brown Jenkin, etc.)