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52 posts. Alias of Oniwaban.


Charm +2 | Cool +1 | Sharp +1 | Tough 0 | Weird -1 | Luck 7/7 | Harm 3/7 | XP 1

About Sean O'Halloran

Background - Fixer - If you need to buy something, sell something, or hire someone, roll +Charm. On a 10+ you know just the person who will be interested. On a 7-9 you know the only person who can do it, but there’s a complication. Pick one: you owe them; they screwed you over; you screwed them over. On a miss, the only person who can help is someone who absolutely hates you.

Crew - You have a regular crew, a team of three or four people who will help you out with pretty much anything. They count as a team (see page 119).

Driver - You have +1 ongoing while driving, plus you can hotwire anything (the older it is, the fewer tools you need to do it). You also own two handy, widely-available vehicles (perhaps a sportscar and a van).

Glock 17 9mm - 2 harm, close, loud
Spyderco Endura 4 - 1 harm, hand
Remington 870 Express 12-gauge pump shotgun - 3 harm, close, messy

Look: A hard-eyed man in street-wear.

A police detective, Rowe, has made it a personal goal to put you away.

You have a rival from your background, Petey Flynn, who never misses a chance to screw you over.

Things went south on a job—including, but not limited to, running into a vampire.