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Uchuujin wrote:
Aww... You got rid of the landscape format... :(

Yes, were is my landscape sheet? (and perhaps with a different color schemes?)

It looks good overall and Im sure Ill get used to the color if I have to but I would still prefer a landscaped sheet!

Fumarole wrote:
Aaron the Paisley wrote:
Sean F. Montgomery 1978 wrote:

What happened to my landscaped character sheets?

Perram over at Know Direction made a great landscape version of the P2 character sheet. It can be found here.
That's a nice sheet. It'd be even nicer if it was fillable.

Thank you for that link,, the sheet looks great to! I think i like it better than the color scheme from the Paizo sheets at the moment. No offense Paizo, generally I prefer your stuff but the new character sheet in the Core book as well as all the sheets from the character sheet pack are not landscaped and the color scheme is somehow a bit jarring to me (and uses more printer ink ;) though I am sure I'll get used to it over time. I would have even been happy with just one generic style landscape sheet so I had the option. I think for now I will be using Perram's sheet as I really do prefer the landscape style.

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Landscape for me as well.
Now I'm just sad the landscape character sheet is gone...
Here is hoping they bring it back as well!

First of all, Thinman, I am sorry I don't know where the downloadable sheet is. I ordered the character sheet pack and am able to download that. In the meantime you should be able to print it from your core book pdf.

A separate critique/question/request about the character sheets...

What happened to my landscaped character sheets? I was so pumped that the play test had moved to the landscaped sheet and I ordered the premium sheets thinking they were going to be so amazing, but now it seems I may need to use the play test character sheets if I still want to use a landscape version...!?!

Similar to GM screens which for me are too tall and leave me feeling separated from the players (where as the landscape version is just right), as a player I feel like the traditional character sheet takes up too much of the valuable table space while the landscape sheets takes up less of the important center table space where the action is often happening. At least for me the landscape sheets are so much nicer for that reason. (Perhaps it depends on table size for people, or perhaps comfort level and familiarity with the traditional style sheet? I still really prefer the landscape style of sheets.

Is there any chance of an official landscaped character sheet coming out? I'd pay for the premium sheets all over again if they came out in a landscaped version!
Tell me its going to happen! Please!

(And by the way, thank you again for the landscaped version of the GM screen!!)

To the man above, that regularly gets in the first word, I salute you. Huzzah!!

Also thank all of you at Paizo for making Society play amazing!