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Hi there, wonderful cs people.

Please cancel my Adventure Path subscription after 150 ships to me.

I'm retiring shortly, and will be switching to mostly ordering pdf's.

Best wishes,

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My question about Construct Armor is does an animated object's Hardness get eliminated once the CA is broken, or does it just reduce AC?

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Sadly, I've not been able to run a consistent game of Starfinder yet, and my funds won't allow me to continue, so please cancel my Starfinder AP subscription.

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Game 5: Pathfinder 2 Delve with GM Whitney

Sadly, this was my only opportunity to play PF2 over the convention. Things had improved over the playtest, but I still didn't get much of a feel for the new ruleset.

Still, a fun little encounter.

Death: Poor, poor Merisiel got crushed after several rounds of maneuvering to get into a flanking position.

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Game 4: Starfinder Beginner Box Delve with GM Cosmo

I played Keskodai in a fun, quick encounter using the stripped down Starfinder rules.

At least, it would have been before Cosmo got a hold of it and turned our opponent into a nanite clown.

Death: Keskodai survived, but my soul died a little when Cosmo attacked with the rubber chicken of doom.

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Game 3: Depths of Despair with GM's Brian Bauman and Erik Keith

We played a crew of an experimental submarine out on a shakedown cruise, when things went horribly horribly wrong. Used the Basic RPG System.

The GM's really went all out with the preparation for this scenario, with great props, lighting, and sound, as well as a solid feel for the plotline.

Between this and Grimmerspace, Friday was my favourite day of the con.

Death: My Communications Officer was slow to abandon ship, and was the 5th to arrive as the 4-man decompression chamber separated. He further failed to pilot the doomed sub in an attempt at a heroic sacrifice.

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Game 2: Grimmerspace Abattoir 8 with GM Lou Agresta

A scenario set in the new Grimmerspace setting for Starfinder. Our plucky band of entertainers set out for a gig in a food production facility, when things went horribly horribly wrong.

I was lucky to game with a really fun group, and we came up with creative solutions and roleplay as we made our way around the facility.

It is always important to look at the equipment provided for your pre-generated characters :)

Death: My envoy technically survived this session, because he was at 4 hp when our time was up, but we were nowhere near completing the scenario. I still got an "I died in Grimmerspace" ribbon.

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Game 1: ACG Core Set Demo

A fun little appetizer for a weekend of gaming. I got to check out the revamped Adventure Card Game. In my opinion, every change to the game was an improvement, from packaging, to wording, to variable difficulty.

Death: We actually survived and succeeded at our goal! So the only deaths wer the happy passing of confusing language, multiple basic cards, and temporary closing.

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PaizoCon was a lot of fun, and I had a great time seeing old friends and making new ones, playing games, shopping, and at the banquet.

It was a bit less successful, however, for my characters.

Not counting the Monday open boardgames with the staff, my characters died in 4 of the 8 sessions I played in, and didn't make out too well in some of the others.

I thought my many failures could serve as an object lesson to my fellow board followers.

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Thanks for the treat!

Goblins is so nutty!

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See you folks tomorrow.
I'm not a PFS'er any more, but may be available to round out a table or join a pick-up game of something.
And definitely available for a beverage.

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Thanks! Info I will be needing.

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I would like to claim one of those last 2.

I last had a goblin brain when you GM'ed "Tide of Morning" for me in good ol' Season 0.

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Oh well.
Thanks for the reply and have fun!

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I will be arriving Thursday afternoon and leaving Tuesday morning.

My first PaizoCon in 10 years.

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Any chance on another session?
Sounds like fun, and I missed out.

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This may be my first PaizoCon under the lottery system (plans currently in flux), as I haven't attended since PF1 was previewed at the banquet.

How long does it usually take to resolve the lottery and have things show up on our schedule?

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These all look good.

I also prefer 3D swarms, but liked them when they were small (like the earlier grub swarm). I put them on a grid intersection to show where they are, and they are usually small enough that you can fit minis around it. And I prefer them over the bumpy coins because you only need one, and you don't ever need to worry about balancing a mini on top of one.

Not a complaint, just a personal preference.

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That's great, Chris!


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Euan wrote:

They can't seem to manage any technology. I worry for the Kingmaker game about to come out, and what it'll be like almost as much as I'm looking forward to it.

Kingmaker is being produce by a 3rd party, Owlcat Games.

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The Archives of Nethys wrote:
Thomas Seitz wrote:
Just curious Blake, but does that mean stuff like Horror Adventures and Planar adventures will be in there too soon? Cause I'd love to see some of that go live soon.

Those have been live for a while (see below for links). If you mean the rules content from them (as opposed to new mechanics/options), then yes, that's coming. We aim to get all the Rules from the RPG line and any other book that includes new rule options.



Grand Lodge

Congratulations to Blake on this well-deserved selection.

Things I love about Archives of Nethys...

  • It has OGL content up to date
  • It has a Starfinder SRD
  • No ads
  • You can reverse the text/background colours
  • It has available content from Players' Guides and Campaign setting material
  • The Item generator tool (generates encounter and settlement treasures)

Things I'd like to see improved eventually...

  • Available filtering of source material
  • Option to organize by book rather than subject.

Still, people should know that this is awesome news.

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Fuzzy-Wuzzy wrote:

I don't know how much damage they do, but I do know that if they do none then the poison does not apply.

page 294 wrote:

Damage and Enhancements

Some abilities that deal damage have enhancements. These take effect only if you deal at least 1 damage. For instance, if you use a poisoned blade to attack a creature with slashing resistance and the creature takes no damage because of its resistance, it’s not exposed to your poison.

I bolded the problem. A strength penalty is not Resistance.

I agree this is probably what happens (if damage can be reduced to 0), but it's another thing where the wording needs to be tightened up. It's another thing which makes me think there is a minimum of 1.

Thanks for the citations, Draco18s. There is also a mention in the Monk section (where they are able to use nonlethal weapons as lethal without penalty).

Grand Lodge

In Pf1, damage reductions from low strength would end up at a minimum of 1 point of non-lethal.
We were unable to find anything similar in the playtest. In addition, if damage were to reduce to zero, would enhancements like poison apply?

Doomsday Dawn example:
For example, one of our companions was attacked by giant centipedes. A few of them bit him for 1d4-1 damage (+ poison), and 3 of them rolled 1's. Do they each do a point of non-lethal? No damage? A point of lethal? Does poison apply?

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The Paizo standard is to use the gender of the iconic for the class being discussed.

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Interesting. I look forward to trying them.

One quibble, Sea Legs would be a better name for the mechanic covered under Pirate Dedication. The original term refers to getting used to the rolling of the deck.

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This is a very timely blog for me.

I'm currently running an AP where the heroes each get their pick of a masterwork weapon crafted by one of the best weaponsmiths in a town of smiths. The smith in question has 5 NPC levels and a forge.

I figure that, under the PF1 rules, it will take this expert smith about 6-7 weeks to craft each weapon, assuming the base weapon cost is low.

rough math:
Assuming max skill ranks (5), Skill focus, Int 12, Masterwork tools will give a +14. So Take 10 (or average roll) gives a 24.
Masterwork weapon cost is 3000 sp at DC 20.
One week's average work gives result 24 x DC 20 = 480 sp in progress.
So it takes over 6 weeks to total 3000.

It's unlikely the party will still be in town long enough in the first adventure for more than one of those weapons to be completed.

4 days sounds a bit better than 6 weeks :)

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As the title says, none of the dropdowns available from play-by-post gameplay threads allow you to quickly call up the PRD.

A minor annoyance, but quick access to the rules would make running that much simpler. Especially if I'm on a device where I don't want to bookmark the PRD (ie public).

Thanks for all your hard work!

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Logan Bonner wrote:
edduardco wrote:
Interesting to see that a simple Skeleton/Zombie is level 0, what exactly is a level 0 monster?
Level 0 is the category that replaces CR 1/2, 1/3, etc. They're close enough in numbers are are a pretty minor threat, so we've just used one category for them.

So would this mean that Challenge Rating is a thing of the past, at least as a term for individual foes? It looks like it has been replaced by good ol' "level".

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Goblins as core PC's is one of two items in previews which concern me from a canon/headcanon standpoint (the other being resonance).

That said, it's certainly not something that is make or break for me until I see the entire system. After all, these are designers who have helped me to have a lot of fun with my friends over the last 10+ years.

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They are called teasers for a reason.

Grand Lodge

Looks like fun to play!

I really like the Power Attack. However, I'm still curious about Feat prerequisites and whether PA will still be needed for many other feats.

EDIT: Also still waiting for a hint on multi-weapon fighting.

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Cosmo played a goblin bard????

Obviously this game is an abomination! :)

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Mark Seifter wrote:
There is no monster with a "fumble" reaction.



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I have concerns about how resonance will mesh with Golarion canon, though of course we are months away from the playtest release.

My first Pathfinder purchase was the variant version of Burnt Offerings, with Karzoug on the cover. Boy, he had a lot of pretty gems on him.

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Doktor Weasel wrote:

Maybe he'll become the iconic of a new class. Kind of like the shirtless evil guy who went from being the iconic Eldritch Knight to being the iconic Magus.

Hrm, speaking of Eldritch Knight. Are prestige classes got to still be around? Or are they basically being replaced with archetypes and alternate class features? I could see them becoming unnecessary if the base classes are as modular as they sound. And Paizo certainly seems to have been de-emphasizing them.

I think you're referring to the iconic multi-class character ;)

(Seriously, Seltyiel was originally the iconic multi-class)

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I'm still missing Strange Aeons 3-6 and Ruins of Azlant 1-5. Maybe more.

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It's very early in the new board roll-out, too early to judge much (though I find them aesthetically appealing).

One thing I do NOT like is no longer being able to click on my name up top to access my various game threads.

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That musk creeper looks like it would also be an Xcellent stand in for an Xtabay.

(Is there an official pronunciation of that plant? I always use ish-TAB-ay, due to Mexican vacation influence.)

Grand Lodge

Welcome to the minis blog, Yoda!

These look pretty awesome. I really want that hydra.

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Thanks for checking, Vic.
I'm not surprised that it's on Canada Post's end, though one of their reps told me otherwise. After all, if it were USPS the charge would vary with exchange rate.
Hopefully my luck will improve with the next few shipments.

Grand Lodge


After chasing Canada Post on this, they tell me the collection fee is actually coming from USPS.

Still, an evaluation of shipping methods may be needed.

Grand Lodge

Unfortunately, I got hit again. The postal worker where I picked up my order told me that far more packages are getting flagged now for duties and the corresponding collection fee.

I'm quite sure this is not Paizo's fault. However, if it continues I will probably have to cancel, as an extra $10 per order for 1 or 2 AP volumes is crazy.

My problem is with Canada Post. I've got no problem with paying the taxes I'm supposed to on the products, as that's only a couple of bucks. It's the $10 fee to collect that small amount that's ridiculous.

I know Paizo is always looking at shipping methods, but could you please look again at alternatives for your northern neighbours? Bypassing Canada Post eliminates the problem.

Grand Lodge

Not NAFTA, I did some further digging.

Packages like this are randomly assessed (for now). If it gets flagged, any book over C$20 has taxes on it assessed by Customs. The $10 service fee is actually for Canada Post collecting that tax.

Price on the item was US$17.49, which they converted to C$20.73, so we got randomly hosed.

We may or may not see this regularly, depending on how the sorting works, changes in technology (they may start hitting every package), exchange rate, price, etc.

Best to take it up with Canada Post/your MP.

Grand Lodge

I had the same issue today.

Note that of the $12.64, $10 was a handling fee.

I don't think this is on Paizo's end, but something new customs has done.

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Ragoz wrote:

Nobody expects anyone to know everything.

There are currently 251 legal additional resource books.

Paizo makes money by producing more content.

There will always be new content and removing a few things is inconsequential from a system mastery perspective.

To be honest it makes it all the more confusing when things you once previously knew and understood, because they were legal for over half a decade, are removed from play or errataed.

The errata part can be especially confusing sometimes because they don't even print the entire feature being changed in the document. You have to Frankenstein the pieces that say "replace this part with this new text" and also "add this limitation".

I agree with every individual statement you have made here but the 4th sentence.

However, I still feel that having multiple legal versions of the same thing increases the workload for GM's, designers/developers, and organizers. IMO, the increase in workload is a bigger negative than the positive of keeping absolutely every option open.

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Ragoz wrote:

This is another conflict still solved by just allowing the material to remain legal alongside the brand new material. It's not like the design team makes that decision. A new version of the archetype being created does not mean you MUST retire the old option.

Paizo can maximize the value to the customer of the products they have sold by keeping the old one legal, legalize options players can use from their newest material, and have an ending result of the most content available as possible for the campaign by including both options.

The problem with this is that system mastery is already a monumental task for GM's. A player can focus their knowledge to the type of characters they want to play. A GM needs at least a passing familiarity with most available options. Expecting GM's to keep multiple published versions of the same thing straight is adding a fair bit of work for some volunteer fun. Discouraging people from GMing is bad for the campaign.

The same is even more true for designers/developers.

Having a big sandbox to play in is fun. Being expected to be able to track every grain of sand is not.

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Thurston Hillman wrote:
Vesk prefer jugbands. Or at least, they will!

Vesk have lips?

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Paul Jackson wrote:
Scribbling Rambler wrote:


Of course, your area also has had problems with campaign organizer burn-out.

(Former VC)

I honestly do not understand why you think there is a correlation.

And I'm the organizer with by far the most longevity in my region, for whatever its worth.

I know, I GM'ed for you when you were starting.

There are many people who did not enjoy the arms race that PFS has become (which speedruns are a symptom of), who ended up leaving the campaign.

This is not to say your fun is wrong, but I want to counter your implication that nobody has had issues with speedruns or the planetouched kerfuffle in your area.

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