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I want to make a Mwangi (Bonuwat (Ijo)) ranger for the PFS, who then multiclasses to an oracle of Waves. (I've been working on the character for awhile, and finally getting more specific.) Of course he'll worship Shimye-Magalla, who is a blend of Desna and the female water aspect of Gozreh (Sargava: The Lost Colony p.27 or Inner Sea World Guide p.17). So, can he have access to Gozreh's trident, whispering wind and whispering waves as a worshipper of Gozreh (Gods & Magic p.19), and to dream and traveling dream as a worshipper of Desna (Gods & Magic p. 13)? I can't find any reason why not both, but I just want to make sure.

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This one seems obvious, but I just want to make sure, since I'm building a PFS character. Let's say that you start out with Dodge, and as a waves oracle with the Fluid Nature revelation, later gain Dodge as a bonus. That means you can choose any feat (that you meet the requirements for) as a replacement, right? Again, it seems obvious, but I can't find it in the RAW.

I was glancing through the Bestiary to learn more about the monstrous humanoids that are the favored enemy of my soon-to-be ranger, when I discovered that some humanoids are unique. The boggard is a humanoid (boggard), the derro is a humanoid (derro), the tengu is a humanoid (tengu), and no doubt there are others. So. Why?

It seems clear to me that the derro is a humanoid (fey), while the boggard and tengu are monstrous humanoids. However, I understand that there can be good game-design reasons for seemingly-odd choices. I don't expect mind reading; just a good hypothesis is enough, or if you disagree with their choice then I'd like to hear that too.

I had an inspiration! You know those movie scenes where someone's face appears in someone else's fire, and they have a conversation? Maybe the evil sorceress is castigating her incompetent minion, or perhaps the evil magician is taunting a driven heroine with plans that she'll be too late to stop. It could even be that a kindly shaman is giving encouragement disguised as an urgent request (or vice-versa) to the uncertain heroes. Well, now you can too!

Fireside Chat:
School divination (scrying), illusion (figment); Level bard 4, cleric 6, druid 5, sorcerer/wizard 5
Casting Time 10 minutes
Components V, S, M/DF (a fire), F (a silver mirror worth 1,000 gp)
Range see text
Effect magical sensor and illusory double
Duration 1 min./level (D)
Saving Throw Will negates; Spell Resistance yes

This spell functions like scrying, except that if there is a fire bigger than your head within 10 feet of the subject at any time while the spell is active, then the sensor moves to it and stays there even if the initial subject moves around; if more than one fire qualifies, then you choose which one. As soon as the sensor has moved to a fire, an illusory double of you appears in that fire (as major image), except that it is visible even if you are not (as mislead). Once each subsequent round, as a free action, you can instantly move the sensor and figment together to another large-enough fire within 10 feet of them; if their current fire is extinguished and you cannot move them to another, then the spell immediately ends. Pyrotechnics and quench may operate normally through the sensor/figment pair, but only on the fire that your image is in.

This is my first time writing up a spell in a very, very long time, so (gentle) advice would be appreciated.

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Hi, this is my first post here. I've always just been a player, so this is more of a thought-experiment than a homebrew (although I'm considering learning how to GM if I can't find a Pathfinder group). I was working on making a Flame Oracle and some things bugged me, at least in terms of the mystery spells. (The revelations seem fine.) In the process of modifying it, I realized that I needed a new spell.

So, here's how I picture the Flame mystery spell list. That's followed by a request for help writing the new spell, since I've never done that before, and then an explanation of the changes for if anyone cares, all spoiler'd for length.

Flame Mystery Spells:
2nd: Produce Flame (replaces Burning Hands)
4th: Pyrotechnics (replaces Resist Energy)
6th: Fireball
8th: Wall of Fire
10th: Fire Snake (replaces Summon Monster V, fire elementals only)
12th: Fireside Chat (replaces Fire Seeds)
14th: Firebrand (replaces Fire Storm)
16th: Incendiary Cloud
18th: Fiery Body

What I need help with is writing that new 6th level spell, Fireside Chat. It's like in that movie where the sorceress looks into her own fire, and an image of her face appears in her minion's fire, so that she can give him new instructions after calling him an idiot, outlining his myriad personal and professional failings at length, and hearing his pathetic excuses for why his miserable existence should be allowed to continue. You know the one. (I don't, but I'm sure that I've seen it before.) So, how do I go about turning that concept into a fun, useful, balanced, 6th-level spell? Preferably as a non-cleric spell, for reasons that will become clear later.

If anyone's interested, here's my reasoning for The Changes That I Would Make if It Were Up to Me. It's a player's reasoning, so I'd appreciate feedback on whether maybe I missed something that would make them bad changes from a GM's point of view.

At 2nd level, I didn't like how Burning Hands is so similar in effect to the Fire Breath revelation; variety is nice, and there's no reason not to have it that I can see. If I want a 15-foot cone of flame, then I'll take Fire Breath, thanks. At the same time, being able to bounce some fire around in my hand and then throw it at something would be a good visual reminder to everyone of what I am.

At 4th level, I didn't like how oracles can already choose Resist Energy if they want to. Since oracles are spontaneous casters, it's different from the cleric/druid domain spells. If I were getting an extra free spellcasting per day, then it would be hard to begrudge whatever it was that I could do with that. That's not how it works for oracles, and so with something like Resist Energy, it feels more like having a choice removed than getting a bonus. Anyway, it was tough choosing a replacement, but Pyrotechnics certainly provides different tactical options than any of the others.

At 10th level, Summon Monster V (fire elementals only) has the same problem as Resist Energy, with the further insult of being even more limited than what I coulda chosen on my own. A bit of an easier decision on the replacement, due to the dearth of good non-cleric 5th-level fire spells.

I'm going to skip over 12th for now, since it was the trickiest question. At 14th level, you might think that Fire Storm is a good Flame spell; but oracles can choose it anyway just two levels later, and could've already chosen the oh-so-similar Firestorm mystery three levels earlier. So no. And -- perhaps surprisingly -- Delayed Blast Fireball is too tactically similar to Fireball, at least compared to the new options opened up by Firebrand.

Okay, so 12th level. Fire Seeds are completely druid-flavored, Sirocco would be tactically different but really fits the Wind mystery a lot better, and I just don't like Contagious Flame. I dunno, it seems weird to me. In attempting to justify my dislike, I noticed that the list is stacked with Ways to Burn Critters Up, no doubt because it's hard to think of other things to do with fire. So, I thought of one: the classic cinematic plot device of the hearth fire as videoconferencing tool, which I'm calling a Fireside Chat. Now I just need to figure out how to write it up as a 6th-level non-cleric spell, and I'll be done!

Incidentally, if anyone likes my style and would like to see them, I've also re-done Heavens and Wind in the same way. However, I work a long shift tomorrow and won't see any replies until quite late. Just so you know.

And to anyone who read the whole thing: bravo! You have my gratitude for putting up with my long-windedness, and I hope that you enjoyed it anyway. :)