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I have at least two PFS characters that are pretty hurt by the voluntary flaw changes. One of them is a human battle oracle. I used voluntary flaw to give him constitution so he could stay in the frontlines better as a battle-hardened warrior, and lowered int and wis because he was always called to battle, and never had time for booklearning or stopped to think about traps or ambushes. My summoner has the same issue. She stayed way back away from the fight while her eidolon went in, so I gave her -Str, -Dex, +Con, so she and her eidolon could live longer. It also made sense with her character. She's a diplomat, not really trained at all to fight, so she's not strong or dexterous, but the con bonus represented her connection to her eidolon being strong, so it had more vitality. While these things can still be explained flavor-wise without a mechanical background to them, I do find it frustrating that both of these characters are losing out on hp and fort save bonuses and are instead gaining ability scores that they will never use, or at least I don't intend for them to be good at anyway. Come to think of it, I don't think my oracle can have taken the Fast Recovery general feat at level 1 anymore, he doesn't meet the requirements. I would have to give up a point of strength, making him worse at melee combat than he already is as an oracle and inducing penalties for wearing his Hellknight armor, or charisma, making all of my spellcasting worse, in order to still have the con and take the feat.

I think that if they're set on keeping voluntary flaws as a pure negative, then ancestries that do not have a flaw in their normal array, such as humans, should have an additional option. I would give humans, fetchlings, kitsune, etc. The option to have either

+Free, +Free.
+(whatever the ancestry normally gives, free for humans, cha for kitsune, dex for fetchlings, etc.), +Free, +Free, -Free.

I personally like this better than what others have suggested as "All ancestries may now choose +Free, +Free, +Free, -Free", because it allows for all ancestries to not fill in predetermined classes or roles, but lets the ancestries made to be versatile even better at being versatile, and doesn't screw over people who had existing characters or planned builds that get ruined by the change to voluntary flaws. It also gives fetchling-like ancestries a reason to keep their natural boosts instead of ignoring them since they can be replaced anyway. Even if it was only given to humans I still think it would make more sense.

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Paizo I love you, but I really wouldn't mind some higher level scenarios

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