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Punished for trying this scenario


The scenario itself is very challenging and fun to play. However, there is no 4 player adjustment and the negative boon at the end is a punishment for anyone who wants to play this scenario. I will never suggest to anyone to try that scenario, never ever, with their PFS characters.

Not having a 4 player adjustment for lower level parties is a killer, and the fights are way too challenging if you are forced to play up because the APL ends up between two subtiers (we ended up at APL 5 with a party of 7; most of us were level 4 and 5 and thus we were forced to play in subtier 6-7, which resulted in the very fast death of all the level 4s in our party). I strongly suggest that your party APL ends up in the subtier you are looking to fight in (APL 7 for subtier 6-7, APL 4 for subtier 3-4, etc.), otherwise you'll have a really hard time.

As for the rewards, the negative boon that you get at the end itself just for trying out the scenario (and probably failing at it; it is a special one after all which calls for a "You will die" disclosure at the beginning) is enough of a reason to NEVER play this one. Of course, if you manage to complete it, then it's all good, but in all likeliness you will fail.

I say again, NEVER play this scenario if you care about your PFS character; you are being punished for trying it out.