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| SP 24/24 HP 28/28 | RP 5/5 | EAC 17; KAC 18 | Fort +3; Ref +3; Will +7 | Init: +2 | Perc: +7, SM: +8


| Speed 20ft | 1st level (0/4 used) 2nd (0/3)


Male Akitonian Settler Kasatha Corporate Agent Mystic 4

About Savat Hadif of Clan Tolar

SFS # 171333-703
Experience 11 XP
Slotted Faction Second Seekers (Ehu Hadif)
Wealth 329 Credits

Reputation 20 Global Reputation
Reputation with Acquisitives: 0
Reputation with Advocates: 0
Reputation with Cognates: 0
Reputation with Dataphiles: 0
Reputation with Exoguardians: 0
Reputation with Manifold Host: 0
Reputation with Second Seekers (Ehu Hadif): 21
Reputation with Second Seekers (Jadnura): 0
Reputation with Second Seekers (Luwazi Elsebo): 0
Reputation with Wayfinders: 0

Savat Hadif of Clan Tolar
Mystic 4
Background Corporate Agent
N Medium humanoid (kasatha)
Init +2; Senses Perc +7, SM +8,

EAC 17, KAC18
SP 24 HP 28 RP 5
Fort +3, Ref +3, Will +7

Speed 30 ft.
Ranged Laser Azimuth Pistol +5 (1d4+1 E&F, Crit Burn 1d4), Diffraction Perforator +5 (1d4+1 Sonic, crit bleed 1d4, penetrating) or flame pistol +5 (1d4+1 fire, crit 1d4+1) analog, line unwieldy,
Space 5 ft.; Reach 5 ft.
Special Attacks Connection power (summon reinforcements, weapons of war),
Spell-Like Abilities mindlink
Spells Known (CL 4rd)
2nd (3/day) - Mind Thrust, Summon Creature (c), Remove Condition
1st (4/Day) - seeking Shot(c), Mystic Cure, Charm Person, Life Bubble, Fear
0 (at-will) Detect Magic, Telekinetic Projectile, Stabilize, Detect Affliction, Psycokinetic Hand, Telepathic Message

Str 10, Dex 15, Con 10, Int 10, Wis 16, Cha 14

Athletics +1, Bluff +9, Culture +6, Diplomacy +10, Intimidate +8, Life Science +5, Mysticism +10, Perception +7, Profession (Movie Producer) +10, Sense Motive +8,

Starship-Combat Version of Skills
Diplomacy +9, Mysticism +9

1st level: Great Fortitude
3rd Level: Spell Focus
Languages Common, Akitonian, Kasatha, Azlanti

Other Abilities
Desert Stride, Four Armed, Historian, Personal Traditions, Healing Touch
Combat Gear Defrex Hide, Communit, Lazer Azimuth, Diffraction Perferotor, Flame Pistol, 2 petrol tanks, 4 batteries, Thermal Capacitor, Synaptic Accelerator mk 1 (Con)
Other Gear Industrial backpack, flashlight, personal comm unit

Special Abilities
Weapons of War: As a move action, you can call upon the insight of great warlords to gain an insight bonus to attack rolls equal to the difference between your base attack bonus and your mystic level (if your mystic level is greater than your base attack bonus). To use this ability, you must expend one mystic spell slot of 1st level or higher, and the effect lasts for a number of rounds equal to the level of the expended spell slot. Additionally, you always treat your mystic level as your base attack bonus for the purpose of meeting feat prerequisites.

Summon Reinforcements: Whenever you cast a summon monster spell to summon multiple creatures, each creature you summon gains a +1 morale bonus to AC, attack rolls, and saving throws. You can spend 1 Resolve Point when you cast summon monster to reduce the spell’s casting time to a standard action.

Boons Slotted this Adventure

Chronicle sheets

  • 1.1-18 Blackmoon Survey
  • 2. 3-01 Crashdown
  • 3. 3-03 Shimmerstone Gateway
  • 4. Intro 1 The First Test
  • 5. Intro 2 For the Factions
  • 6. 4-05 Waltz through Myriad Worlds
  • 7. 4-01 Year of the Data Scourege
  • 8. Junker's Delight (3xp)
  • 9. 1-09 Live Exploration Extreme!