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A perfect fit for the Wrath of the Righteous


These dice perfectly match the theme of the Wrath of the Righteous Adventure Path. The dice look fantastic, are easy to read, and have a great color scheme. I love using these dice while running the AP.

I think these dice look so good that they will be an ongoing part of my dice rotation as a GM.

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Awesome and Intimidating


The Shemhazian Demon is an awesome figure that will tower over your PCs on the battlemat. The detail on this miniature is excellent and the figure itself is rather hefty. I was very impressed when I pulled this guy out of the box.

Some of the Paizo gargantuan figures seem to be on the small side but the Shemhazian Demon is large and intimidating. I think he is worth every penny and I highly recommend picking him up for any game that will be using demons

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Another great addition to the dragon line.


Let me start by saying that this figure is gorgeous. The detail on the red dragon is fantastic and for those who also have the red dragon evolution set, it's a great addition to the red dragon family.

As great as this figure is though, I did not give it five stars for a couple of reasons. My number one reason for knocking it down a star is the dragon's wings. In looking at my figure, the wings are not proportionate in size. The left wing on the figure is much larger than the right. It's something that may not be noticed at first blush but once you see it, it is hard to ignore. I also don't care for the position of the left wing. It's draped around the body like a cloak. The picture of the figure on the box does not appear to have this issue but my figure and the open box dragon pictured in the production description has the same "problem".

My other complaint is more aesthetic. I would have preferred to have the dragon looking down. This would give it a more menacing appearance for the player characters.

All of that being said, I love the figure and can't wait to use it in my game.

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Simply not fun to play.


As the other reviewers have pointed out, this module is rather combat heavy. There is a story to be had but the adventurers will have to be at the top of their game to survive all the way through.

The real travesty in this module are the NPC betrayals. There is one scene in particular that can result in a very cheap total party kill if the players play their characters like real people rather than killing machines.

Some may enjoy this level of difficulty but my group felt that the module was not fun.