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A little build up to this idea. I was looking through the harrow based archetypes when I came across the Cartomancer. Being able to cast ranged touch spells is cool, as well as having a cool new ranged option, but it got me thinking. Could you possibly take one of these two abilities and make something truly glorious out of them?

My thoughts naturally went straight to Mystic Theurge. Since Witch has the same casting as wizard, it wouldn't be too much trouble to get it online. Alongside that, the ability to cast spells through the cards never specifies that it has to be a witch spell. Mixing this with a bad touch cleric, and it seems like it'd work out amazing.

The other way my thoughts went was Eldritch Knight. A level of fighter to help make the cards effective, heading into it to get more feats, a higher bab, and increase your spellcasting. Wind up turning into a weird hyrbid thrown weapon character and spellcaster. If not Eldritch Knight, maybe Evangalist to keep the hex progression.

My main question is this. Does any of this seem worth it? Is going into another class worth giving up the hex progression? I figured since you're probably going to be spending most of your standards chucking cards everywhere, you probably wouldn't need it too much. But I'm not great at the mechanics side, so I'm asking those who probably know better.

So, I decided to take a closer look and build something out of the Sister-in-Arms archetype, partly because I find the Gray Maidens cool. But as I looked at it I realized, I wasn't really sure how one would go about building it. It's kind of odd.

Thanks to the dual order ability, it gets a steady bonus to attack and AC, making it seem like it could function in a similar vein to a paladin in some ways. It gets Bodyguard for free, which leads me to think they'd want you to do something with that, but then you get the mixture of order ability that make it seem very 'martial support/tactician' kind of archetype. So honesty, it leaves me at a loss on how to build it. I know I could do your basic damage dealer build, but that seems almost wasting its potential. Anyone got any ideas for what a good build for it could possibly look like?

Sister in Arms link.

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Along the border of the Five Kings Mountains and Andoran, among the pine trees and settled along the Dragonfly river is a small village of dwarves and humans, known as Daggor. The around four hundred men and women who call Daggor home live simple lives, some herding goats and some chopping down trees, sending the lumber down river.

This small village is buzzing with activity at the moment though, as the local Founding Festival is just four days away. Everyone is preparing for the coming festivities, trying to forget the odd happenings that have sprouted in recent history. Strange fires have been seen coming from the hills nearby, and noises have resounded through the night. That’s all pushed aside for the moment, as it the Axe and Keg has a new bard there playing...


The inn has a lively atmosphere about it, even past the slightly smoke filled air. It's crowded both with residents and strangers, everyone rubbing elbows and bumping into each other as they take up the tables and bar. Built up along one wall, next to the door leading upstairs, is a small stage, currently home to the bard that has brought everyone into the tavern. He's a dark skinned half-elf, clad in a strange armor constructed out of a vibrant variety of green, yellow, and red leaves. He bangs on two drums seemingly built out of small logs, providing a background noise to his tale of an ancient wizard from a far away land, known as Old-Mage Jatembe.

Behind the counter sits a middle aged dwarven man, one eye covered with a patch and a slight smile covering his features as he goes about getting everyone their drinks. That is Barnorn Oldstone, a retired sailor who set up the Axe and Keg around five years ago. Thanks to a special drink he concocted, the Axeroot Grog, the inn's become a popular spot for the townsfolk to spend the night. Running around serving patron's drinks and meals are his two daughters, Grundi and Hromi, lively lasses who laugh and joke around with customers as they get the chance.

The crowd is mostly townsfolk, here to relax after a long day preparing for the festival. There's Fili Grindhammer and Harvey Stewart, the two resident blacksmiths, arguing away at corner table. Old Matilda, the town's healer, gossiping away at a table with a group of older ladies. There's even the towns sheriff, a quiet man named Derrick Logar, sat at the bar talking quietly to Barnorn when he gets the chance. Along with the usual's, there's a few out of the ordinary beyond the party. An elf, standing taller than the rest of the crowd, leans against a wall clad in chainmail, lightly tapping along with the drums. A woman with copper hair sits at a table, surrounded by younger men, nodding along with them and smiling politely. All in all, a lively night, about to get livelier...

Feel free to have your characters walk in and start roleplaying! If there's any questions, direct them into discussion.

Here's the OOC chat for you all to enjoy at your leisure! Feel free to chat and get a sense of what you all expect of each other, it may take a day or two to get everything sorted and honed in for this particular group!

This idea might have been done before and I simply haven't heard of it, but I decided to make an intimidation focused paladin of Sarenrae. I explained his unorthodox way of going about being a paladin by basically saying he got put through paladin military school. From a young age, he was raised in the temple of Sarenrae in Vigi. He refused to listen to the priests who tried treating him normally, so they let the paladins raise him, who got through to him. It took a more militaristic approach to get through to him, less diplomacy, more intimidation.

The reason I bring this up is that I've had people mention that they think that the character's methods, (I.E. shouting at people to "REPENT NOW, SEEK REDEMPTION FOR YOUR EVIL WAYS, OR BE DRAGGED BELOW INTO HELLFIRE!") would go against the religion's teachings. I personally think they wouldn't, as sometimes simply being nice and talking isn't going to be enough to get someone to realize their errors. But what do you all think? Do you think the church would disagree with using intimidation to start someone's road to redemption, or would they be fine with it?

Along the border of the Five Kings Mountains and Andoran, among the pine trees and settled along the Dragonfly river is a small village of dwarves and humans, known as Daggor. The around four hundred men and women who call Daggor home live simple lives, some herding goats and some chopping down trees, sending the lumber down river.

This small village is buzzing with activity at the moment though, as the local Founding Festival is just four days away. Everyone is preparing for the coming festivities, trying to forget the odd happenings that have sprouted in recent history. Strange fires have been seen coming from the hills nearby, and noises have resounded through the night. That’s all pushed aside for the moment, as it the Axe and Keg has a new bard there playing...

Greetings! I go by Brolof, and that’s a short introduction into a campaign idea I’ve had for a fair amount of time.

I’ve run several different games, the longest of which lasted until eleventh level. Almost all my experience is with online games, mostly using Roll20 in a regular session format, going back around four years. My experience with the Paizo Forums is not very abundant, but I’m currently a player in one campaign on here, and a few off the site, as well as GM two off site campaigns.

As for the campaign, it’s a homebrew story set in Golarion for simplicity's sake. It should last a long time, with the plan of it ending around 20th level hopefully. Starting from 1st level. Ambitious, I know, but I’m flexible, so if I can’t get it lasting that long I can wrap it up sooner.

Character Creation
25 Point Buy with no higher than 18 or lower than 8 after racial bonuses.
Races: All paizo races below 20 RP, within reason.
Classes: All classes allowed.
Two Traits of your choice, with the option of taking the drawback for a third.
Background skills will be a thing.
Flat starting gold of 200.
Basically, I allow all paizo content and a large degree of freedom. As long as you’re using the freedom to build something interesting, and not something broken, you’re good in my book.
In the same vein, my only real requirement for alignment is that it A) makes sense, and B) doesn’t harm the group overall/hurt anyone else’s enjoyment. Don’t derail things..

Give me a background. It doesn’t have to be very long or complicated, but the more I have to work with the better. The only prerequisite is that you have to have a reason for your character being in Daggor. The reason I leave up to you.
A few general plot hooks in the backstory would help me greatly with coming up with some interesting points to weave into the story. (Note: The campaign will mainly take place in, around, and under the Five Kings Mountains.)

The only and main piece of Homebrew that this campaign will be using is this feat tax document, to help interesting martial builds thrive. A friend built it about a year ago for something, and all credit goes to him.
If I decide to add anything else, I’ll let the players know ahead of time.

There is one rule, that should cover everything. Don’t be a d**k. We’re here for fun, and ruining that fun for everyone is probably the only thing that’ll make thing go poorly.

I'm going to be starting a campaign soon, with the party starting off investigating the disappearances of large amounts of grain and other crops from it's surrounding farms. I already got the main group of issue (a group of hired bandits), and a small side issue (an old mill infested with rats of varying sizes). I want one, maybe two extra side quest type of issues, but I'm having trouble coming up with what these could be. So, I'm looking for suggestions!

It's as the title says. If you had the ability to decide what kind of AP or Module Paizo would put out, what would you choose?

For me personally, I'd choose an AP based around dragons. Perhaps an great wyrm red dragon trying to create an unstoppable army of dragonoid creatures with vile experiments. Ala Nelfarion and Blackwing Lair from World of Warcraft. (I'm not very original.)

As the title says. I'm planning on making a Kineticist/Fighter for a mythic gestalt game. But now that I've thought about it... what paths actually work for Kinetcist? Most seem kind of just... meh, for them. So I'd like some input. (The GM is letting me use Blasts as for my Weapon Training, so there's that.)

It's right in the title. Why are Magi who use Two-Handed Weapons so rare? I can understand why base magus is best done the way it is, with the way it's set up requiring a free hand. But why aren't they used more with the archetypes? Many of them seem to favor this playstyle, and it still makes a good hybrid in a similar vein to Inquisitor or Warpriest, so why is it so rare?

I haven't found any guides for Unchained Summoner, and it has gotten a fair amount of material since it's release... What do you all think of it ATM? I know it isn't as powerful as the original summoner, but I think it's beginning to move towards being more powerful.

So, I was just trolling around the internet when I came across someone mentioning something from the Wrath of the Righteous on how a mythic tier is gained.

Noticula apparently kills Baphomet?
And it gave me an idea for an awesome way to start off a Mythic Campaign, and it spiraled from there.

So, the start of the campaign is simple. The party is in Absalom, when Dahak makes a dramatic entrance from stage right. He destroys half of Absalom during his flight over and his landing. And then proceeds to fly off to go deal with Apsu, who just emerged to fight him. The trial to get the Mythic Tier, is just surviving the destruction Dahak causes in that half of Absalom. From there, the campaign would revolve around the massive world shaking conflict between Dahak and Apsu, resulting in a climatic final showdown that involves Tiamat, the party, Dahak, and Apsu.

What do you all think of this? What CR/MR would you put Dahak (I'd put him on par with the most powerful Demon Lords, like Noticula and Pazuzu, but that's just me.) Would there be anything particularly interesting you think could be done?

Exactly what it says, I converted a Dragon Ogre Shaggoth to Pathfinder to use as a boss a while ago (Never got to use it sadly T_T). Opinions, Comments, or Concerns?

Stat Block:
CR 11
CN Huge Monstrous Humanoid
Init +0 Senses Darkvision 60ft, Perc +15
Aura Frightening Presence 30ft (DC 16)
AC 23, Touch 8, FF 23 (Armor +9, Nat Armor +6, Size -2)
HP; 126 (12d10+60)
Fort +12, Ref +4, Will +8
DR 5/- Immune; Electricty, Resist; Fire 10, Acid 10, Weakness; Cold Vulnerability
Speed; 60ft
Melee; Stormbringer's Axe +24/+19/+14 (3d6+13 plus 1d6 electrical/x3)
Space 15ft Reach 10ft
Special Attacks; Trample (2d6+13 DC 20), Lightning Strike
Str 28, Dex 10, Con 18, Int 7, Wis 10, Cha 10
Bab +12, CMB +21, CMD 31
Feats; Toughness, Improved Bullrush, Power Attack, Cleave, Great Cleave, Awesome Blow
Skills; Perc +15, Survival +15, Climb +18, Swim +18
Special Abilities

Lightning Strike: Once per 1d6 rounds, the Dragon Ogre can call down a lightning strike as a full round action, dealing 5d8 electricity damage and blinding them for 1d3 rounds. A successful reflex saves halves the damage and negates the blind. (DC 20) This DC is Con based.

Stormbringer's Axe; This +3 Shocking Burst Greataxe that allows the wielder to use Control Weather once per day, but only for the purpose of summoning a storm or making an existing storm more severe.

I'm using a Worm That Walks Cleric of Urgathoa for the final boss of a large dungeon, for a party that can range from anywhere from 10 to 12. I'm just concerned it's too weak or too strong, once I add in some enemies to fight along side it. So, what do you people think? I'm thinking maybe 4 or 5 CR 9 or 8 enemies to fight along side this guy, for the final fight.

Worm That Walks Cleric of Urgathoa:
CR 14
Human Worm That Walks Undead Lord (Cleric) of Urgathoa 12
NE Medium Vermin (Augmented)
Init +4; Senses Perception +25
AC 30, Touch 20, FF 27 (Armor +10, Dex +3, Deflection +2, Natural Armor +2, Insight +5)
HP: 120 (12d8+24)
Fort +14, Ref +12, Will +17
DR 15/-, Fast Healing 14; Immunities Disease, Paralysis, Poison, Sleep
Defensive Abilities: Worm That Walks Traits
Spd 20ft
Melee: +1 Unholy Scythe +16/+11 (1d10+9/x4), Slam +8 (1d4+2 plus grab)
Special Attacks: Channel Negative Energy 10/day (6d6, DC 22), Discorporate, Squirming Embrace (3d6+6, DC 16
Domain Spell-Like Abilities
8/day--Death's Kiss
Cleric Spell's Prepared (CL 12, Conc +17)
6th--Create Undead*, Harm x2 (DC 23)
5th--Slay the Living (DC 22)*, Wall of Stone x2 (DC 20), Boneshatter (DC 22), Major Curse (DC 22)
4th--Enervation (DC 21)*, Air Walk, Poison (DC 21), Blessing of Fervor, Greater Magic Weapon
3rd--Animate Dead*, Blindness x2 (DC 20), Bestow Curse (DC 20), Contagious Zeal
2nd--Ghoul Touch (DC 19), Grace, Unliving Rage, Desecrate x2
1st--Cause Fear (DC 18)*, Detect Good, Moment of Greatness, Obscuring Mist x2, Protection from Good
0--Detect Magic, Create Water, Mending, Read Magic
Domain: Undead
Str 18, Dex 19, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 20, Cha 18
Bab +9, CMB +11 (+15 on grabs), CMD 27
Feats: Command Undead*, Spell Focus (Necromancy), Extra Channel, Improved Channel, Channel Smite, Greater Spell Focus (Necromancy), Heighten Spell, Undead Master*, Extend Spell, Diehard*
Skills: Knowledge (Religion) +15, Perception +25, Sense Motive +28, Stealth +9
Languages; Common, Orisiani
SQ; Death's Embrace, Corpse Companion, Unlife Healer
Combat Gear; Headband of Mental Prowess +2 (Charisma/Wis) + Phylactery of Negative Energy, Belt of Giant Strength +4, +4 Breastplate, Ring of Protection +2, Amulet of Natural Protection +2, Cloak of Resistance +4, +3 Scythe

I've recently made a summoner with an Angel Eidolon that uses a spear, and my question is, do Eidolons start with Simple Weapon Proficiency? I will admit, this is a stupid question, and I think the answer is no, the main reason I ask is because of the main guide I read, only talked about the feat tax to pick up Martial Weapon Proficiency, and never mentioned the Weapon Training Evolution.

Would it threatening a creature count as interacting with it? And, for the answer, could you provide a link to where I can find it?

Like the title says, is it just me or is Smashing Style and Foehammer seemingly made for eachother? The synergy in between the two is amazing. If, it works how I think it does.

As stated above, I want some help for an idea I had for a Beast Rider. I was wondering, would it be viable to make one that used a Lance in one hand and a Pistol of some type in the other? And if so, how? The races I was thinking were either Nagaji or Suli. I've got 25 Point Buy to work with, but no dumping. Starting at lvl 1.

I've got CRB, APG, ARG, ACG, OA, UM, UC, UE PU, and the other UC to work with. I'm still kinda new to Pathfinder, so I'm still not sure about what I like in a PC. So, any ideas for a fun full caster?

Exactly as stated above. Would this build work? Could I make it better?

Half-Orc Bard 1
Str 15
Dex 14
Con 10
Int 11
Wis 10
Cha 14+2
20 point buy

Feat: Weapon Focus (Falchion)

That is all I got. I've got PFS allowed books to work with. Any suggestions?