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Has anyone had experience using RPGs as a method to teach curriculum? How was the experience?

Some time ago I stumbled across an episode of the Dragon Talk podcast that introduced me to the work a gentleman named Kade Wells was doing to incorporate D&D into his English classes. I was intrigued and a seed, although it lay dormant, was sown.

Recently, I happened upon an article extolling the benefits of RPGs that referenced the work of Mr Wells and Sarah Roman amongst others (and who just so happened to feature on a follow up episode of Dragon Talk) and that seed began to grow. The idea had now firm hold of my imagination and I began mulling over ways I might be able to try something similar.

One of the classes I'll be taking this year presents an opportunity to run a pilot. A lot of the examples I found have (understandably) involved English or literature. I'm looking at using RPGs (Starfinder in particular) within a Mathematics class of approximately 10 students.

Without bogging this post down with too much detail at this point, my plan is to run a slightly modified version of Starfinder for streamlining (if only the Beginner Box was out 6 months earlier!), built around the various SFS quest scenarios, with aspects of the game being called upon in lessons (collection/display of data for analysis, calculating probabilities, etc) and the completion of lessons/activities having an impact on the game (think extra credits, skill check bonuses, etc).

Would love to hear any experiences or input.

MotFF - Map

You are in a small, simply furnished waiting room within the Grand Lodge, the headquarters of the Pathfinder Society in Absalom. The room houses several sturdy wooden chairs, lining two opposing walls. The other two walls each have a door; the one through which you entered and the other leading to the office of Venture-Captain Adril Hestram.

A matter of hours have passed since the messenger arrived at your home or place of residence bearing an urgent missive from the venture-captain. It requested your immediate presentation at the Lodge for briefing on your first official mission as a Pathfinder agent. No further details were provided.

Hestram, one of the most prominent venture-captains operating out of the Lodge, is renowned as a confident fighter and veteran Pathfinder. He is considered an expert in the exploration of the siege castles outside Absalom and his annual expeditions - where he takes some of his favorite Pathfinder initiates out to see interesting sites around Absalom - are common knowledge.

Every so often, the door opens to admit a new arrival to the waiting room.

Introduce your character. Describe their appearance, how they would introduce themselves and how they would be likely to respond to others.

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MotFF - Map

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