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Great product


No suprises, this continues the tradition of a great product in the Pathfinder world by the Paizo staff. My only negative was for the few typos I found.

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Classic, but better!!


This is perhaps the best product I have seen in many a moons! Pathfinder is starting to lay a ground work for an outstanding RPG, with their flavor for description of their world, the nuances they interweave into things, and the products they create. This particular book revisits 10 classic monsters that many havbe glossed over. The Goblin, Kobold, Orc, Ogre, Troll, Hobgoblin, Bugbear, etc, are the classic monsters that we started out against when we played those low level campaigns. But, after a while, they lost their crunch. But no more!

Pathfinder revisions 10 classic monsters and has created truly interesting new versions of these creatures. No more do the Kobolds seems like fodder. No more do the Orcs seem just another monster to hack and slash. They have been revisioned with new sight. As a player, I would now be excited and scared to see theese new versions of past creatures.

Kudos, Paizo, for taking this project on. I highly recommend this product to all. Whether you choose to use the Pathfinder world, one of the numerous settings out there, or in your own home-brewed world, this is an essential product you should pick up and use.

I hope Paize chooses to do more with this line in the future.