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I'm going to actually try to wait patiently for the Tome of Greatness. Key word: Try. But on Thursday, I plan on being a selfish jerk. My wife has a volleyball game that night. Don't think I'm going to be making it...

And for what it's worth, my status still shows pending too.

Is it bad that I hope that I can't make her game?

Now that the release is less than 2 weeks away, we can start to really dream about what we're going to do with this wonderful game.

For all of you GM's out there, what is the first campaign/adventure path/adventure you plan on running?

Me, you ask? I plan on doing a knockoff of the "Heritage of Shannara" series by Mr. Terry Brooks. I imagine that it will take some customization to make it work, but in the end, I'm really excited about how it will shape up.

And you?