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Excellent addition to the flip-mat pantheon, but there are errors.


I love these flip-mats that go into large urban establishments - especially if the establishment is something other than a tavern, and something that would be found in a city. This flip-mat is also audacious and unique in that it covers a three-story building on two sides. I can see myself using this quite frequently, and not just for a museum. It can easily be used for any fancy-schmancy location where the characters have to meet with a dignitary or wealthy NPC. There is also ample opportunities for collateral damage on this map.

However, as stated below, if you run the map as written, the stairs do not make sense. This is because the black lines denoting walls would keep the various staircases isolated from each other, so that you have several staircases that just hang in mid-air and go in random direction, But, looking at it closely, it seems to be a post-production error, as those black lines are not part of the artwork of the map. If you simply remove those black lines and just assume that the staircases connect together, then it makes sense, You would have a main grand split staircase form the first floor to the second floor for most patrons, and then a skinny, steep, and winding staircase for employees and servants over in the corner.

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Excellent multi-functional miniature.


This is a really good miniature that can be used in dynamic ways.

This miniature is an excellent solution for when you know you need an elemental, but you don't know which one. Or, if you don't want to plunk down four times as much money to buy the same amount of each of the standard elementals. It also nicely fits the role of any ghost, spectre, banshee, etc.

The ones I received were dark purple translucent, with black and white painted highlights. Since these are not normal colors for miniatures, they always get a lot of attention when I bring them out and place them on the map.

The pose is threatening, the detail is really good - especially on the face, and despite being thick and imposing, it stays within the normal medium-sized one inch square. Personally, I really like this mini, and I use it often for many different purposes.

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This Scenario is Rated "Arrrr!"


I had so much fun running this scenario a couple days back, I'm still thinking about it. It immediately went into my top five favorite scenarios of all time.

It's got mental color, imagery, and texture. It's got the flair of an old pirate movie - or even a spaghetti western. Dirty Dozen. Kelly's Heroes. Big Trouble in Little China.

Interesting plots and settings that require role-play and creativity. Interesting enemies that you don't see in any other Pathfinder Society scenarios.

It was also a little nostalgic for me, as it also has the same flavor that a lot of home games have.

There is a mini-game in the middle that I tend to not like, but that only bumps the scenario down from six stars to five stars. :)

Anyway, excellent scenario.

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One of the most useful set of maps.


The GM sale was going on recently, and even though I already have a sizeable flip mat collection, I had $20 burning a hole in my pocket. I figured that any self-respecting GM should at least have the maps labeled "basic" in their collection.

I was very pleasantly surprised by what I received.

First off, I received it only two business days after I placed the order, and I placed the order later in the day. So, I was very satisfied with the delivery speed.

I do have to echo with the others that the printing of these flip mats is kind of dark. The flip mats don't have to glow neon, but a few shades lighter would do wonders to help accent the details.

There are details. Sure, for the most part, these flip mats are just repeated designs, but there are intricacies to the patterns that make them interesting.

Here is why these are useful:

* If you also have a collection of map packs, these flip mats make a very useful base to put all of the smaller map pack cards on top of. This helps complete the picture, and it gives the characters room to move around and up to the map pack objects. One of the drawbacks of using the map packs is that if you just use them on a gaming table, they are small, and seem to just be floating in space. Putting them on top of these maps helps ground them.

* These fold up just like the other flip mats and can be carried with your books in your backpack. Then just fold them out, and use markers on them. After the game, just wipe them off and fold them back up. Easy peasy. Very transportable.

* The four terrains are the main four terrains that characters will encounter, and in my opinion, they offer a variety of terrains that the rest of the library of flip mats just doesn't offer.

I would say that for newer GMs starting out, this should be one of the first accessories that they buy - along with a set of markers. And seasoned GMs will really appreciate the versatility of these flip maps.