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Awesome mini


I specifically bought him to use as a mini for a druid I play in a homebrew.
This mini has a great pose. It's wielding his staff and even has a scimitar slung on his back.
With its cloak billowing as if standing in a gale it perfectly justifies its name: master of the gales.

Oh, the paint job is very good and the chosen color scheme matches its role in the AP just fine, too.

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Great set!


The paper minis for KM #2 have been updated to offer all the monsters for this AP as do the other sets.
The new pdf is 14 pages including the front cover for a mere $6.
The artwork (cute owlbear cub!) and coloring is great. Especially the swarms and the plants are superb.
I am very happy with this set, as the paper minis are offering a real boon to my game and my players - as well as me - do like them a lot.

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One to rule them all...


Got mine today.
The sculpt is awesome, resulting in a cool, intimidating pose towering over my other minis, making the black dragon look rather tiny.
I also like that the paint job leaves the "mini" matt and I'm not bothered by the light-colored pants.
I was surprised though, that the blade of the sword was extra.