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The Concordance

No worries on the Campfire Wall/Hide Campsite mistake, as you said, we're all human. The lighting mishap played a role in the frustration, but it sounds like that is fixed now.

I suspect my frustration was different from the others, as I was trying to break in a new PC under not-ideal circumstances. Being a whiney b*tch because I was dog tired did not help. Mea Maxima Culpa for that.....

Few things moving forward:

*Hide Campsite is a "20ft cube" area. Does this mean 20' on a side? 20' total area inside the cube? Something else? If it is 20' on a side, then it should be sufficiently big enough for the whole party, including both Animal Companions to sleep inside. If it is 20' total area, then it would be a stretch for even just the PC's (forget about Cringer or Bounder) to sleep inside. If it is something else...could work but I have no idea how a 20' cube area could be anything else.

*Depending on the answer to the above, we may need to re-appraise the Hide Campsight spell in light of the mounts. Not saying we necessarily don't use it, but rather recognize that it does not really hide our presence when several tethered warhorses are nearby. It does prevent most/all foes from jumping us in the night, but they can jump our horses (frankly, Patrick pulled a punch here), which creates at a minimum an inconvenience. Additionally, from an RP perspective I am in a bit of bind with Akiros and his mount. He literally goes through a mourning period if it is killed. At a minimum I plan to have him do his watch outside the Hide Campsight spell on his mount. He might sleep out there too, just right by the spell perimeter.

*Completely fair that Hide Campsite no longer makes us "immune" to night time encounters. The enemies get tougher too. And it sounds like this encounter, especially the Boogie Man, were there as much to remind us of the "far enemy" aka fey as it was to be a legitimate combat threat. The party is tough, riding high, and almost preconfigured to be resistant to being scared by spooky things, but still a good reminder. It'll be interesting to see how things go if he shows back up when we have our proper line of sight range.....

The Concordance

I hope everyone is not too pissed off at the dude who knocked up the Healer.....

The Concordance

Akiros is now a LN Cavalier (Luring Cavalier Archetype - so a ranged weapon PC), Order of the Lion. I still plan to play him as a passionate, paladin-like defender of his sovereign's lands but without the moral high horse. That said, he DOES have a horse and will effectively be a mobile artillery piece in combat with some minor party buff abilities.

What Akiros does *NOT* have is healing. Recommend we buy up some CLW and/or Lesser Infernal Healing wands before we head out.....