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Full Name

Rownig Fleetfoot




Rogue 5, Init 5(7), P10(12traps), HP 35/35, AC 15(16), 13 T, 10 FF, Save F: 3(5 pos/sp), R: 7, W: 3




3ft 7in (meduim)



Special Abilities

Darkvision, +2 Appraise gems/metals, +4 AC giants, +1 goblins, Hardy +2 save on posion, spells and spell-like abilities, +4 CMB when resisting bull rush or trip, +2 Perception on stonework/doors, sneak att 3d6, trapfinding, +1 trapsense




Yillise - the goddess of creation


Dwarf, Common, Undercommon, Goblin



Strength 8
Dexterity 16
Constitution 15
Intelligence 15
Wisdom 15
Charisma 8

About Rownig Fleetfoot

Assumed a 18 pt buy, racial +2 Con, +2 Wis, -2 Chr

Rownig Fleetfoot is not your “typical” dwarf. Rather than being short and stocky like most dwarves, he is short and lean. Well, lean in dwarf terms being a svelte 119 pounds. He has a rusty red beard and he is balding early for hsi age. His eyes are coal black and seem to blend into the shadows.

Nimble fingers and an inquisitive mind have been Rownig’s redeeming feature throughout his early years. Most dwarves enjoy the music a hammer makes as it dances across an anvil but Rownig is not like most dwarves. He prefers to construct, assemble and disassemble small mechanical devices, such as locks, clocks, and boxes.

Rownig's father, Bognar Hammermill Fleetfoot, is the adopted brother of Lady Renarie Inarossa. Rownig's family tends to some of Lady Renarie Inarossa's land and resides in the main villa. Although not true family, Rowning has benefitted from the his family's relationship with Lady Knight. His father, and several older brothers work the land and serve in the militia, when needed. Rownig's talents of having a quick mind, delicate touch and deft movement have been fostered and promoted by Lady Knight.


Rogue 5
Speed: 20 ft
HP: 35 (+2con)

AC: 15(16), 13 T, 12 FF

Init: 5(7)

3 Dex +2 reactionary trait +2 if underground trait

F: 3(5 poison/spell), R: 7, W: 3

BAB : 3, CMB: 2, CMD: 15(19 Bull/Trip)
3d6 Sneak Att, trapfinding, evasion, +1 trapsense

Feats & Traits:

Two Weapon fighting (Lv1)
Rogue Talent: weapon finesse (Lv2)
Weapon focus, Hand Axe (Lv3)
Rogue Talent: combat trick (Combat Expertise feat)
Improved feint (Lv5)

Tunnel fighter +1 Dam underground, +2 Init underground
Reactionary: +2 Init.
Dirty Fighter: +1 Flanking Damage

8+2+Fav Class Rogue: +1 skill pt lv
Acro: 7
Appraise: 7 (9 gems/metal0
Bluff: 7
Dis Device: 12
Escape Art: 6
Know(Dungeon): 7
Know (local):7
Intimidate 7
Perception: 10 (12 traps)
Profession (Locksmith): 7
Sense Motive: 10
Sleight Hand: 5
Stealth: 7
Swim: 3
Use Magic Device: 6

Longknife (dagger) Att Bon: 6, crit 19-20x2, P/S, 1d4 (-1)

[dice=single Handaxe, magic]1d20+7+1[/dice];[dice=damage, magic]1d6-1+1[/dice]

AXe One:
[dice=TWF, 2 Handaxes, magic]1d20+5+1[/dice][dice=Damage, magic]1d6-1+1[/dice]
[dice=Sneak Damage]3d6[/dice]

Axe Two:
[dice=TWF, magic]1d20+5+1[/dice][dice=Damage, magic]1d6-1+1[/dice]
[dice=Sneak Damage]3d6[/dice]

Flanking and underground bonus
AXE One:
[dice=TWF, 2 Handaxes, magic]1d20+5+1[/dice][dice=Damage, magic]1d6-1+2+1[/dice]
[dice=Sneak Damage]3d6[/dice]

AXE Two:
[dice=TWF, magic,1d20+5+1[/dice][dice=Damage, magic]1d6-1+2+1[/dice]
[dice=Sneak Damage]3d6[/dice]

If flanking +1 damage due to dirty fighter trait.
If fighting underground +1 Dam

1 light silver warhammer [dice=warhammer]1d20+2[/dice];[dice=damage]1d6-1[/dice]

1 Lt Pick [dice=Lt Pick]1d20+2[/dice];[dice=damage]1d4-1[/dice]

Shortbow [dice=Shortbow]1d20+6[/dice][dice=Damage]1d6[/dice]
8 Arrows (gave 10 to Moralane)
(2) Extra string

Special Abilities:

Combat Expertise +/-1 Bonus to AC in exchange for an equal penalty to attack.

Darkvision (60 feet) You can see in the dark (black and white vision only).

Defensive Training +4 Gain a dodge bonus to AC vs monsters of the Giant subtype.

Dirty Fighter +1 damage when flanking.

Evasion (Ex) If you succeed at a Reflex save for half damage, you take none instead.

Greed +2 to Appraise to determine price of nonmagic goods with precious metals or gemstones.

Hatred +1 Gain a racial bonus to attacks vs Orcs.

Improved Feint You can make a Bluff check to feint in combat as a move action.

Sneak Attack +3d6 Attacks deal extra dam if flank foe or if foe is flat-footed.

Stonecunning +2 +2 bonus to Perception vs. unusual stonework. Free check within 10 feet.

Trap Sense +1 (Ex) +1 bonus on reflex saves and AC against traps.

Trapfinding +2 Gain a bonus to find or disable traps, including magical ones.

Tunnel Fighter +2 Initiative and +1 critical damage while underground.

Uncanny Dodge (Ex) Retain Dex bonus to AC when flat-footed.


A set of good quality clothes, boots, a hat, cloak, belt, and a leather shoulder bag (the shoulder bag will hold one square foot of goods weighing up to twenty pounds)

Leather Armor
2 (+1) Handaxes 250 cp
1 light silver warhammer 30CP
1 Lt Pick 150CP
Shortbow 750 CP
20 Arrows 100CP
(2) Extra string 200CP
2 handaxes

Thieves tools, masterwork

Backpack 300 CP
bedroll 50 CP
pouches/sacks heavy canvas(2) 20CP
rations (5days that can be stretched to 10) 25CP
waterskins (3) 75CP
whetsone (FREE), flint, steel 200CP
hammer/mallet 30CP
stakes, wood (3) yes for vampires - FREE
mirror, small 150CP
chalk FREE
marbles (4 bags) FREE
signal whistle 5CP
rope, Hemp 100FT - 100CP
grappling hook - 10CP
oil (5) pints - heavy duty 200CP
4 pints olive oil for lanterns - 60CP
2 1/2 pints holy water - 40SP
10 bundles of garlic

antitoxin (1) 10SP
Necklace returned to owner

Monster bag;
A pouch of rock salt
5 pouches of fine-ground flour
A jar of lamp oil
10 tindertwigs
A vial of anti-werewolf oil
2 vials of anti-vamp oil
10 silver slingbullets
10 iron sling bullets.
Silver mirror
5 sharpened stakes and a mallet

Total: 3745 Copper or 100CP to 1 SP ratio (37 SP, 45 CP)

250 Copper Pieces
Party Funds 600SP to start:
Here is an itemization of funds spent:

Azram 26 SP 10 CP
Rownig 87 SP 45CP
Helgen 25SP 15CP
Halister 157 SP
Mazrim 46 SP 20 CP
Party Gear 60SP, 60 CP
Party replenish oil/holy water


401 SP 150 CP


Dwarf in Mine sold and divided
large satchel with masterwork lock
- 5 copper rods
- 1 gold rod
small coin pouch
small knife (a dagger)
another small pouch, 4 stones (red garnet)
narrow steel key, with a large head that shows the symbol of a goose

Black Market Payment from Merchant for return of Property
22 SP

Goblin battle where concealed door was locatedsold, divided

seven small knives, six small spears, six small suits of “Brigand” armor (this is a combination of Studded Leather and pieces of Chain), one medium suit of chain mail armor, one medium scimitar, five silver rings, four silver earrings, eight copper rings, three copper bracelets, twenty eight silver pieces, sixty three copper pieces, one small short bow, eleven arrows, one small suit of leather armor, one wooden flask containing a powerful alcoholic beverage.

Loot from bugbear's group: divided
Thirty eight (38) silver pieces, and ninety two (92) copper pieces

chest with warped lid, undead goblins hoard sold, divided
500 gold coins, 400 silver coins, nine silver rings (worth from 1 to 6 gold pieces each) thirteen gold rings (worth 10 to 60 gold pieces each). Fourteen earrings (in four pairs and ten mixed) (worth 2-12 gp each) and the silver filigreed box (possibly a tobacco box) is worth 40 gold pieces

Chest Skeletons Guarded: Divided all but diamonds
The chest contained: 2500 gold coins, 6000 silver coins, and 70000 copper coins (plus three diamonds, each worth 500 gp)